The GW Finale New Mexico Kill Team Expedition, Part 1

Attention troopers - this week we're bringing you a new tournament recap! It's been two weeks since GW's Invitational Kill Team championship concluded, and it's past time to talk about it. This recap will be divided into two parts:...

Kill Team Event Report: Jingle Bells, ’tis the biggest Spanish Event of the Year (So Far)

Good day everyone, my name is Ace! And I'm happy to report that I have finally been set loose to write on this huge amazing site and bring you all the strategies, tactics, and news from the Spanish community,...

About Me

Supreme leader of the black company, mercenary at heart, playing Kill team for a couple of years now, I have managed to reach the number 1 in the world for the second year in a row. Kill team is my passion and I actively participate as a Spanish content creator and tournament organizer in the community of Madrid, now I can finally combine my passion for the hobby with my passion for writing. Beware of the spanish inquisition!
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Boon’s US Open Grand Finale – A Best Overall Finish

During the period of November 17th to the 19th, the Games Workshop US Open Grand Finale was held at...
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