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Battletech Mech Overview: Crusader

What happens when you really like missiles, but also like bad choices like putting them in your legs? The Crusader is this week's mech overview.

Battletech Mech Overview: Wolfhound

This week our Mech Overview looks at the wolfhound, a heavy light mech and star of some of the Clan Invasion novels.

Battletech Mech Overview: Nightsky

What happens if we make a hatchetman that isn't bad? We explore this in this week's Mech Overview: the Nightsky.

Battletech Mech Overview: Enforcer

Delving into a medium mech this week, the Mech Overview looks at the Enforcer.

Goonhammer Model Review: Kroot Hound and Lonespear

The second wave of new Kroot releases is going up for preorder today, and Rockfish has been grinding away on a few of the new ones. As always, we'd like to thank Games Workshop for sending us free preview...

Hextech Terrain for Battletech Wave 3: The Goonhammer Review

The Hextech line of pre-painted 6mm terrain from Gale Force 9 is expanding, and we're reviewing the most recent releases.

Battletech Mech Overview: Penetrator

This week's Battletech Mech Overview looks at the Penetrator, a Clan-Invasion era heavy mech from the Hansen's Roughriders box.

T’au Empire 10th Edition Model Review: Kroot Hunting Pack

It's finally time for the Kroot to get an update to their model range, and the Kroot Hunting Pack army box brings five new/updated units - updated Kroot carnivores, two new shapers, new Krootox rampagers, and an updated Krootox...

Belial and Deathwing Knights: Goonhammer Model Review

The Deathwing Assault box contains 16 whole terminators, and we're reviewing the 6 of them that are totally new! (The other 10 are cool too, I guess, but they're old news).

Battletech Mech Overview: Axman

This week our Battletech Mech Overview wraps up the Inner Sphere Heavy Battle Lance with the Axman, a 65 ton mech that wants to axe you a question.

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