Horus Heresy Faction Focus: Imperialis Militia

Welcome, scrubs, to the Imperialis Militia Faction Focus. Power armour and boltguns? Nonsense! Lasrifles and carapace armour? Much too expensive! For us, its lasguns and flak armour and the endless unwashed hordes of 4 point per model infantry, and...

Horus Heresy Tactica: Legion Dreadnoughts Redux

It’s time to revisit our last article on Dreadnoughts that Lupe wrote 18 months ago! In this article, we’re going to overcome our dread of dreads, and unlock some methods of dealing with those clanky metal battle coffins. Lupe...

Horus Heresy Faction Focus: Ruinstorm Daemons

The Demons of the Ruinstorm army list came out last summer, and it’s time to talk about it. We spent a while waiting for this one, and while some considered it an ‘uninspiring’ document, I thought it was worth...

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Content We Liked: 19th May, 2024

Two Big Marines and a Gunslinging Raptor. Set up for a bad joke, or this week's Content We Liked? You make the call.
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