Carter "Saffgor" Kachmarik

A History of Miniature Violence: Age of Sigmar’s Growth

As Sigmar's great work neared completion, he turned back to the realms and saw that the dominion of Chaos was almost complete. The hour for vengeance had come. Since my last dive into the history of the Mortal Realms' 1st...

A History of Miniature Violence: Age of Sigmar’s Launch

In the beginning, there was the End Times, and nothing was ever going to be the same. This is the time of turmoil. This is the era of war. This is the Age of Sigmar. When you ask someone about...

About Me

Carter is a lifelong wargame fan, having played since his 4th grade book report on Island of Blood's novella. This passion has continued into his professional life, where he works as a Product Development Coordinator for a tabletop company, writing about the games he loves on the side. If a model has hooves & horns, he'll try it in a list.
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Latest News

Hypersteel Nightmare: The Goonhammer Review

In the endless expanse of the far future multiverse, there is only one constant. On a billion planets in...
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