Terrain 101: Making good competitive tables for Kill Team

Attention, company! Welcome back to our weekly Kill Team coverage. Today we're covering one of the most basic aspects of the game: How to set up a good terrain layout. Whether you're a casual dicechucker or a competitive die-hard,...

The GW Finale New Mexico Kill Team Expedition, Part 2

Attention Troopers! Officer on deck! We are back with the second part of the article, today we interviewed the rest of the qualifiers, so you can't miss it. First a world of appreciation to our Awesome TO, Ben, who was...

The GW Finale New Mexico Kill Team Expedition, Part 1

Attention troopers - this week we're bringing you a new tournament recap! It's been two weeks since GW's Invitational Kill Team championship concluded, and it's past time to talk about it. This recap will be divided into two parts:...

Kill Team Event Report: Jingle Bells, ’tis the biggest Spanish Event of the Year (So Far)

Good day everyone, my name is Ace! And I'm happy to report that I have finally been set loose to write on this huge amazing site and bring you all the strategies, tactics, and news from the Spanish community,...

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Supreme leader of the black company, mercenary at heart, playing Kill team for a couple of years now, I have managed to reach the number 1 in the world for the second year in a row. Kill team is my passion and I actively participate as a Spanish content creator and tournament organizer in the community of Madrid, now I can finally combine my passion for the hobby with my passion for writing. Beware of the spanish inquisition!
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How to Paint The Void Dragon: Rockfish’s Method

This article is part of a larger series on How to Paint Necrons. To return to that series, click...
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