Kill Team UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: Apr 23- Apr 29, 2024

Welcome back Killteamers to a short UTC recap weekend! We’ve got some interesting results and plenty of losers in this weeks stats recap. With smaller teams finally taking a big hit, and an unsurprising victor if you’ve been following us as we review the week to week meta.

Additionally this week we begin to track the Mandrake and Night Lords in the stats. With their respective stats showing 53% and 49% coming in relatively balanced. Blooded did extremely well in a Spanish Major, Primera Cruzada del Sur, clocking in with a near 80% win rate within the tournament, and 64+% across the world wide meta.

We’ve also got multiple weeks of data watching now, and no appreciable changes to Fellgor win rate, perhaps its time to give the dreaded goats just one more small tap? While Void-Dancers remain at a reasonably high worldwide win rate, though their play rate has fallen off a cliff. This week was truly a week of feast or famine with a large chunk of the meta cratering in win rate. It seems that the days of Navy Breachers dominating has come and gone, with the team struggling week to week.

If ya’ll have been having success with Kasrkin, Breachers, or Elites drop us a comment on how you’ve done it! As far as the UTC goes we had a small week with a midwest tournament.

Titan CU Warhammer 40k Kill Team ITC/UTC Tournament, IL (BCP link)

From left to right, Rob P – Best Painted, Jacky L – 1st Place, Jon R – Best Sport Credit: Daniel R

Illionois had the Titan CU Tournament with a 18-person 4-rounder, with my fellow Goonhammer contributer ArmorOfContempt in attendance. Here’s what TO Daniel R had to say about the event:

“As a player and first time TO, I’m excited with how lively Kill Team is in the Midwest. This was Champaign, Illinois’ first ever Kill Team event and it was a complete banger of a time. We got some great players from all around since we’re only a couple hours away from larger cities like Chicago, Indianapolis and Springfield. We had 18 players at our first event which included some of the best players in our region. We had 10 different boards split between the 3 types and we were housed inside an excellent venue. Shout out to Titan Games Champaign for hosting us! We will host more in the future, so please keep an eye out for more info online!”
  1. Jacky Lei – CU Kill Teamers- Kommandos
  2. Jonathon Reynolds – Railsplitter Ruffians- Wyrmblade
  3. Rob Poirier – Dice Dojo- Hierotek Circle

Its too bad we didn’t get to see a 5th round as the top 3 all had a 3-0-1 record! I’m sure JD has some curiosity on whether or not he could crack the Kommando’s in a second go around!

Upcoming Events

May 04

Notably, we are still looking to get more Kill Team events up on the UTC calendar. If you’d like to be featured, reach out and we’ll get you set up asap!