Kill Team

JAKTP Episode 59: Thousand Sons March on! Alvaro Talks Warp Coven

Join us for a spellbinding episode of 'Just Another Kill Team Podcast' as we sit down with Alvaro to unravel the mysteries of the Warp Coven. Delve into the dark and twisted tactics of these enigmatic forces as we...

CYRAC: Winners and Losers from the March Balance Dataslate

John from Can You Roll a Crit? returns with a new video covering all the winners and losers from the latest Balance Dataslate for Kill Team. He goes over which factions are now suffering or dominating and how the...

The Q1 2024 Kill Team Balance Dataslate – The Goonhammer Hot Take

Coming less than a week from the conclusion of Adepticon, we have in our hands the latest and greatest changes to Kill Team. The end of 2023 saw some massive changes to the game, but even in that short...

Kill Team UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: March 12-18, 2024

Welcome back, Kill Teamers, to our look at the weekly metagame as a whole. We’ve got some extremely unexpected win rates but a mostly-healthy looking metagame. Unfortunately for elites, it seems that Imperial Marines continue their week to week...

The Best Year in Gaming: 2018

We take a deep look into the games of 2018 - a great year for board games! - and talk about why it was the best year in gaming.

Killteam UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: Mar 05-Mar 11, 2024

Welcome back to the weekly metagame update and UTC recap! We’ve got some fast fallers, and some melee dominance as per usual. With our beloved Space Marines remaining down in the 45% win rate, it seems that it remains...

The Q1 2024 Kill Team Meta

Ace takes a look at the Kill Team meta since the Q4 balance dataslate - who's doing well, who's struggling, and what to expect moving forward.

Killteam UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: February 27-March 04, 2024

In our second week of BCP we’ve got a couple of events in the Northeast, and in Texas to cover. Along with a continued streak of some unexpected overperformers! As usual, Just Another Killteam Podcast covered the weekly stats...

CYRAC: Kill Team Balance Changes I’d like to See for Q1 2024

John from Can You Roll a Crit? returns with a new Kill Team video! Watch on as he covers the competitive buffs and nerfs for Kill Team based on the recent tournament stats and results!  

UTC ANNOUNCEMENT: 2024 Conference Expansion!

We're making some big changes to the UTC, expanding the circuit to include a greater portion of North America.