Kill Team UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: June 25 to July 1

Welcome everyone to the first week of data after the dataslate. It’s week two of standardized Termination play, and a small weekend of tournament data; with only 187 players involved in Kill Team this weekend, we’ve got some interesting results and 2 UTC tournaments. Lets hop to it!

The specter of Mandrakes, Wrymblade, and Inquisition Agents have hit the meta hard this weekend. Which seems to mirror some of the fears of the Mandrakes being very strong in the meta. Scout Squad and their new Combat Blade profiles have finally boosted the beleaguered team from their 20% win rate to a might 40%. Maybe not the huge meta shift some players were thinking, but a noticeable improvement. It is cool to see that both votann teams snagged solid win rates and it may finally be time for players to try out both teams. With that note lets peek into one of those Hearthkyn performances with the first of the UTC recaps!

Fantasy Books and Games Kill Team Competitive Tournament (BCP)

Illinois saw Goonhammer contributor ArmorofContempt and his 15 other players duke it out over 4-rounds! Not the first time we’ve seen Fantasy Books on the UTC and we’re looking forward to more in the future.

  1. Dylan G, FishandFungus, Hearthkyn Salvagers, 4-0
  2. Jonathon R, Railsplitter Ruffians, Wrymblade, 3-0-1
  3. Brett R, Railsplitter Ruffians, Hand of the Archon, 3-1

Check out those Bandua terrain sets in the photos! We’re quite pleased to see Dylan and John rocking out with their respective specialist teams. Wrymblade and Hearthkyn win rate spikes were definitely in part due to these titans of the Illinois crushing their opponents this weekend. Perhaps those buffs to Hearthkyn should pull players back onto the team!

Grill Team Open (BCP)

Philadelphia TO Steve, returns to host a novel BBQxPotluck event centered around getting players out for some Kill Team, and grilling. 10-players, over 3-rounds, with some delicious links, not a bad deal.

  1. Sean L, Kill Team Jawn, Kommandos, 3-0
  2. Karl S, Kill Team Jawn, Phobos Strike Team, 3-0
  3. Joseph R, Nemesis Claw, 2-1

Here what TO Steve had to say:

“Celebrating the first Grill Team Open in the beautiful countryside of rural PA. Hot day, grilled meats, chill beverages, and lots of Kill Team were served up by the Kill Team Jawn to kick off this new summer event. Everyone had a great time even though it got sweaty…. actually.”

Sean and Karl are both local sweethearts, and I’d love to have seen the results of the fourth round sneak off from the stealth specialists. However it seems a couple nerfs won’t keep Sean from his krumping, and we’re excited to see his run at this weekends Goonhammer Open!

Upcoming Events

July 06

  • B.Strat July Monthly KT 2024 (
    • My home shop, sees a small kill team event run by some of the shop veterans!
  • Goonhammer Open (
    • Goonhammer’s very own open returns for a second run!

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