Killteam UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: May 28 to Jun 03

Welcome back readers to the UTC recap for Kill Team, and the weekly stats recap! We’d normally go a little bit more indepth with the weekly coverage. However Ace has the Q2 meta recap which you should check out, so we’ll just leave you with the image!

This week had three regional tournament organizers fire off their weekly, and larger events. Covering an overall player base of 50+ players in three regions! We’ve even got a TO traveling between events to both organize and attend.

Brooklyn Strategist June Monthly 2024 (Best Coast Pairings)

Brooklyn Strategist players deep in thought Credit: HappyRaccoon

Yours truly hosts my monthly scheduled 3-round 13-person tournament. A lower turnout with the summer looming, however the Strategist is seeing many new faces in the Kill Team community!

  1. Adrian B, Brooklyn rats- Mandrakes
  2. Rob G- Nemesis Claw
  3. Matt O, The Board Authority- Compendium Daemons (Plaguebearers, Horrors, Daemonettes)

While the community is still waiting on the final match between Rob and Adrian for final bragging rights, it’s great to see the next wave of Kill Team players come out to play at their local tournament. This week we used the UTC map packs for the Bandua terrain found Players seemed to really enjoy the terrain, and the new shooting lanes the windows provided to players. Especially giving them time away from the standard Octarius load outs!

Q2 Atomic Empire Kill Team Tournament (Best Coast Pairings)

George P is a swell guy, and runs a tight ship with his region’s quarterly tournament. 3-rounds with 20-players is quite the turn out!

  1. Nicholas S, the Emperor’s Claw- Nemesis Claw
  2. Mark M, Citizens of the Empire- Gellerpox Infected
  3. Mark F, Citizens of the Empire- Pathfinders

Here’s what George had to say about the event:

“The second quarterly tournament at Atomic Empire in Durham for this year was a relatively casual affair. 18 players and only 3 rounds, as the local scene has been recovering from the Triangle Open, the introduction of Bheta-Dhecima, and my son being born less than a month earlier in May. Still we managed to make it very competitive and even got a dark horse winner.”

It seems that the Atomic Empire is no stranger to the beat of the meta drums. With many of the meta’s top dogs dotting their top slots! The top 3 are all big dawgs in the meta, and I’m sure everyone is curious if the Gellerpox could muscle their way to first with a last round. Additionally fourth place was Heirotek Circle in a loss to the Nemesis Claw, so a fourth round would have allowed 3rd place Pathfinders a chance at 2nd.

Victory Gamers Teams Tournament (Best Coast Pairings)

Veteran of the first WCW Adrian M, joins the UTC this weekend with the Victory Gamers three player teams tournament! 3-rounds, 6-teams, and 18-players duked it out for guts and glory!

  1. Plasma Spamwich
    1. Jeremy C, Hive Fleet
    2. Nick C, Kasrkin
    3. Orion W, Gellerpox Infected
  2. Citizens of the Empire
    1. Eddie L, Corsair Voidscarred
    2. George P (yes Atomic Empire’s George P, the mad lad), Hive Fleet
    3. Joseph G, Blades of Khaine
  3. Woodley Warriors
    1. Gregory F, Kommandos
    2. Marc G, Nemesis Claw
    3. Matthew H, Mandrakes

The top slot being a steaming Plasma Spamwich is no surprise with two veterans of the World Champs in attendance. The balanced team of Kasrkin, Hive Fleet, and Gellerpox seem tailor made to cover each other’s weaknesses. Of note is that third place was the team against this terrifying mix in the finals, and it seems that Kill Team Nightmare + Kommandos were not enough to beat back the tide of monsters.

Upcoming Events

July 06-07

The US Goonhammer Open is coming up soon! A 32-person 5-rounder with all the stakes!. We’ve got a Golden Ticket with $300 for first place!! Prizes for Second, Third, and Best Painted all set in the Sheraton Baltimore Washington Airport!

Sign up and bring your friends! It’s going to be a wild one!

Notably, we are still looking to get more Kill Team events up on the UTC calendar. If you’d like to be featured, reach out and we’ll get you set up ASAP!

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