The Goonhammer Review: The 10th Edition Adepta Sororitas Index

After their revival in late 8th edition, the Adepta Sororitas – better known as the Sisters of Battle – have become a mainstay of the 40k scene, with some very successful lists in both 8th and 9th editions. Today we’re taking a look at their 10th edition index to see how their unique playstyle has translated across to the new edition.

Before we begin we’d like to thank Games Workshop for providing us with a review copy of the Index for review purposes.

Army Rule

As an Army Rule, Sisters keep Acts of Faith. Gaining dice is simpler now; as standard, you get Miracle Dice at the beginning of every turn and when your units die. There are a couple more ways to gain Miracle Dice elsewhere in the index, but at its core you can expect one per turn pllus one per dead unit. Just like before, when you gain one you roll a D6 and set it to the side at whatever value you rolled; your options to use it later are now on an Advance, Battle-Shock Test, Charge, Damage, Hit, Save, or Wound roll. If that roll would use more than 1 dice, like a Charge/Battle-Shock, only 1 Miracle Dice can be used. Each unit can only use an Act of Faith once per phase, and to use a Miracle Dice, you have to decide to use it before you would perform a roll, effectively choosing the result beforehand. Your best use cases are going to be for hitting high target numbers on Wound rolls and for boosting Damage.

Detachment Rules

Detachment Ability

Hallowed Martyrs is the detachment rule, which grants +1 to hit if your Adepta Sororitas unit is below Starting Strength and +1 to wound if it is below Half Strength (below is important there – it kicks in when you have 4 Sisters left in a 10-model unit, not 5). This harkens back to the Order of the Martyred Lady subfaction rules, which is cool because OoML is the poster child for Adepta Sororitas. This detachment ability really forces your opponent to focus units and kill them, because if they don’t, they get stronger; the worst thing your opponent can do is get greedy and knock off a model or two in each unit and make them more dangerous rather than less.

Credit: Keewa


The Enhancements for Sisters are interesting. Saintly Example is the weakest; it makes it so when the bearer dies, they generate D3 Miracle dice instead of just 1. If you really want Miracle Dice in your life then it’s an option, but it relies on your character dying and it’s still only d3.

On the other hand, if you want to make a character more punchy, the Blade of Saint Ellynor is for you. The Blade gives +1 Attack, Strength, and Damage to the bearer#s melee weapons, or +2 if the bearer has lost any wounds. This could be very spicy on a Canoness for some 3/4D swings.

The Litanies of Faith makes a return, allowing you to reroll 1 Miracle Dice in your Command phase, 3 dice if the bearer has lost any wounds or is leading a unit below Half Strength. Has big potential, better dice is always good and unlike Saintly Example this is something your character can just do that gets better if damaged, instead of requiring them to be dead.

Finally, a Canoness or Palatine can take the Mantle of Ophelia, which changes the Damage characteristic of attacks allocated to the bearer to 1. The fridge returns, but it’s a lot less relevant when you can’t allocate wounds to the character generally – though it might have good potential if the meta ends up with a lot of multi-damage Precision weaponry around.


The 6 stratagems available to Adepta Sororitas in this Detachment look pretty strong, starting with Divine Intervention. When a character dies (except Celestine or characters that have already used this strat earlier), spend 1CP and 1-3 Miracle Dice and bring that character back to life at the end of the phase with as many wounds as the number of Miracle Dice you used. The slight downside here is that bringing back e.g. Morvenn Vahl sounds great – but she’ll presumably be on her own with her Bodyguard unit dead, so it’s not quite like doing the same thing in 9th would have been.

Also for 1CP, you can use Light of the Emperor on a unit that is below Starting Strength, allowing it to ignore modifiers. Paired with the +1 to Hit from the Detachment ability, this is potentially really strong – though you’ll want the unit you use it on to still be combat-effective.

Holy Rage gives a Adepta Sororitas unit +1 to Wound in the fight phase for 1CP. A straightforward stratagem, but very impactful, especially with vehicle/monster Toughness being increased across the game.

What if your opponent is going to punch out your melee unit before they get to swing? For 2CP using Spirit of the Matryr you can make any Adepta Sororitas unit fight on death if it has not fought yet this phase. Any fight on death mechanics are always very strong, but in Sisters it’s particularly good with the potential boosts you have for units below Starting Strength and the possibility of pulling off the fight on death & Divine Intervention combo.

Suffering and Sacrifice is a returning stratagem that for 1CP allows one Adepta Sororitas infantry or Walker unit to force enemy models within Engagment Range to fight them instead of any other target. With the changes to forcing base to base contact where possible this will be more tricky to use, but can be extremely impactful if for example you need to charge an enemy unit with fights first. Charge with a unit you plan to die with, base as many of the enemy models as possible while leaving space for your fighty unit to still charge in, then charge with fighty unit into base contact with an enemy model already in base contact. Pop this strat, enemy deletes sacrificial unit, then your fighty unit gets to go ham unimpeded.

The 6th and final stratagem is Rejoice the Fallen; as previewed on Warhammer Community, this 1CP stratagem allows a Adepta Sororitas unit to shoot back at an enemy unit that destroyed a model from this unit. Being able to shoot back with a Retributor or Warsuit unit can be very strong, and since you will be below Starting Strength enjoy your +1 to hit as well.

Credit: Keewa


Five Coolest Units

  • The Triumph of Saint Katherine
  • Morvenn Vahl
  • Dialogus
  • Repentia
  • Exorcist

Saint Celestine is first up, and she still is mostly the infantry melee bully she was. Her sword has DEVASTATING WOUNDS at 2D and 5 attacks, so can again spit mortals. She is a leader unit that brings along her Geminae and can join a Seraphim or Zephyrm unit. Ability wise, as long as Celestine is alive, she rezzes a dead model from the unit in your command phase, pretty neat. If any Geminae are alive Celestine has a 4+++, so I guess some anti-precision tech here. Lastly Celestine can rez still, the first time she dies, roll a D6 at the end of the phase, 2+ she stands back up with full wounds. I could see bringing her along with a brick of 10 Zephrym in deepstrike, to arrive via Rapid Insertion, to threaten an opponents squishy units trying to hide out of LoS. Seems good.

Also mostly unchanged is the leader of the Adepta Sororitas, Morvenn Vahl. No more reroll auras, which is unsurprising, but does give full rerolls to hit and wound if she is leading a unit. She can only lead a unit of Paragon Warsuits, which are still max 3 models. This functionally makes sense, because she is a Warsuit model herself, and it’s a good unit for her to be able to support – wound rerolls on Multi-meltas are extra important now since they are only S9, while many (or even most) vehicles/monsters are T10. Her ability from 9th to once per game fight twice has been changed to adding 3 attacks to both her spear (which is not quite as many as before, but still good) and to Fidelis the relic heavy bolter, which is unexpected and pretty funny. I think Morvenn leading a squad of Melta suits will be a staple of most armies.

The Triumph of Saint Katherine is a phenomenal model, that I don’t think many people have, because of how much detail and little bits are on it. In 9th edition it was a buff aura style model and this has mostly carried over to 10th. The relics now are 2 aura buffs that are chosen out of 6, at the start of the battle round, and some of these can be extremely impactful. Assuming you have enough Miracle Dice, the Simulacrum of the Ebon Chalice aura can be absolutely insane; it allows Adepta Sororitas units with 6″ to perform any number of Acts of Faith as you want vs one per phase. If you have enough dice to throw for something important, saves, damage etc, you can just chuck a whole glut of them. The Petals of the Bloody Rose aura grants LETHAL HITS to melee attacks from Adepta Sororitas units within 6″, which could be very important when most melee attack strength is S8 or less. Additionally the Icon of the Valorous Heart aura grants Adepta Sororitas units within 6″ a 6+++, which is funny to imagine a rhino with a 6+++ because it is close to blessed relics. The Triumph is a leader model that can only join Battle Sisters, which seems weird that it couldn’t join a unit of Celestian Sacresants since they are like the literal bodyguard/protector unit, but that’s how it goes. Battle Sisters are ok. Overall I think the Triumph adds a ton of utility to this army and will be a very important tech piece.

Next up on the Epic Hero train is Junith Eruita. She no longer has the OoML keyword, since subfactions are mostly gone. She also lost her reroll abilities, but gained some very interesting ones. Now if she is leading a unit, she grants that unit -1 to hit, which has some potential for neat combos, like hopping into a Celestian Sacresant unit to make it extra durable. Her other ability grants 1CP if she is on the table at the start of your command phase, which is just wild. Bring her and just get free CP, seems good. She can lead Battle Sisters or Celestian Sacresants, and doesn’t have anything that would stop her from getting into a transport now. So put her with some Sacresants in a rhino for extra funny pulpit popping out shenanigans.

Ephrael Stern and Kyganil’s unit has been named Daemonifuge now. They are a Lone Operative duo with Deep Strike and Fights First. Stern’s melee weapon has Anti-Chaos 2+ and Precision, which is pretty cool. Her “smite” ability has changed to an ability used in your shooting phase, choose a visible enemy unit within 12″ and it takes a leadership test (-2 to the result if CHAOS), if it fails the test it takes 3 mortals. Additionally this unit can use the Heroic Intervention stratagem for 0CP and even if you have already used it on a different unit that phase. Their attacks are still mostly infantry focused with a lower strength, but using this unit to Heroic into combats could be amusing at least.

2 models that almost never saw the table in 9th return as another Leader unit, Aestred Thurga and Agathae Dolan. You may remember them as the new Banner Lady and the named Dialogus. They are basically entirely reworked from what they did before. Now while Aestred Thurga (Banner) is leading a unit, that unit’s melee weapons gain DEVASTATING WOUNDS, which is cool. If Agathae Dolan is alive, when the unit performs an Act of Faith, the result of the Miracle Dice is improved by 1 to a max of 6. This has some crazy synergy with making saves for say a Celestian Sacresant unit or using a Miracle Dice of 5 to proc DEVASTATING WOUNDS. They can join Battle Sisters, Celestian Sacresants, Dominions, or Retributors. Another more niche tech piece, could have some cool builds here.

The Canoness returns with a built in ability that when leading a unit, she gives that unit hit rerolls. Hit rerolls are always pretty good. Once per game, at the start of a phase you can give this model a 2++ till the end of the phase. This could be potentially big if you know your opponent is going to try and clear her off an objective you own. A Canoness’ weapon loadout is still maleable, but if you bring a Blessed Blade, no brazier/null rod/rod of office for you. The Brazier is a one use torrent weapon, the Null rod gives the bearers unit a 4+++ vs Psychic Attacks, and the Rod of Office grants 1CP on a 4+ when you use a stratagem on the bearers unit. She can only join Battle Sisters and Celestian Sacresants, so no giving Retributors full hit rerolls here, but both of the units she can join will get a decent lift from it.

The Palatine has some slight changes, she is a Leader model with 6″ Scout, so seems designed to go along with Dominions (who also have the Scout rule). While leading a unit, that unit’s weapons gain LETHAL HITS. Each time this unit is selected to Fight, you can discard 1 Miracle Dice, if you do, each time the Palatine scores a wound (she has 4 attacks at S4, so really relying on LETHAL HITS or a Miracle Dice) the target of that attack takes 1 mortal in addition to normal damage. Dealing extra mortals on top of normal damage seems rare now, so this is pretty good, granted you won’t deal a lot, but extra is extra my friend. She can lead Battle Sisters, Celestian Sacresants, Dominons, and Sisters Novitiates. I am not sure which of these units benefits from LETHAL HITS the most, since it is for both shooting and melee, either way the Palatine looks good.

On to more buff characters, the Imagifier has also had a rework. First is if a Adepta Sororitas unit dies within 12″ of this model, you can reroll the Miracle Dice you gain, which is decent. The big ability is that while an Imagifier is leading a unit, models in that unit have a 4++, and if that unit is Celestian Sacresants it gains a 2+ save instead. She can lead Battle Sisters, Celestian Sacresants, Dominions, and Retributors. Additionally she can join a Battle Sisters unit that is already lead by a Canoness, Palatine, or Junith Eruita.

Credit: Greg Narro

Here is the real money of buff characters, the Dialogus. While leading a unit, each time it performs an Act of Faith the Miracle Dice used is changed to a 6. This is huge, especially if you remember, that the Triumph has an aura to allow units within 6″ to use as many Acts of Faith as you like. So if the unit a Dialogus leads is within 6″ of the Triumph with that aura up, prepare to shotgun all your miracle dice as 6s, check please. Additionally while the Dialogus is leading a unit, that unit can use stratagems even if Battle-shocked. The Dialogus can lead Battle Sisters, Celestian Sacresants, Dominions, Retributors, and Sister Novitiate units, and like the Imagifier can join Battle Sisters lead by a Canoness, Palatine, or Junith Eruita. The Dialogus is just bananas, and looks like an auto include in any Retributor unit, slow roll saves on the non multi-melta toting model until it dies (for that sweet +1 to hit) and then burn miracle dice saving the rest (if needed), because wow, this is gonna be crazy. Oh and then once a model dies, feel free to use Rejoice the Fallen, to immediately shoot back with that Retributor unit. Ugh, this is just so wrong.

The Hospitaller, while leading a unit, gives it a 5+++, which is pretty good. Additionally once per turn at the end of your movement phase she can heal a Adepta Sororitas Infantry Character unit within 3″ for up to 3 wounds. Still no healing Morvenn Vahl, but still can patch up Celestine or the Triumph etc. A Hospitaller can join Battle Sisters, Celestian Sacresants, Dominions, Retributors, and Sisters Novitiates. Also has the join extra ability like the Imagifier/Dialogus. Pretty good.

The Dogmata used to be a pretty good beatstick character in 9th ed, but now that is changed. While an enemy unit is within 6″ of this model, when it takes a Battle-shock or Leadership test, subtract 1 from the result, sure I guess hah. While she is leading a unit, add 1 to the OC of models in that unit. She can join Battle Sisters, Celestian Sacresants, Dominions, and Retributors. Same extra leader rule as Imagifier etc. Extra OC is good, but hard to pass up other leader units for this imo, especially since Battle Sisters are already OC2.

Speaking of Battle Sisters, let’s talk about them. They are the only Battleline unit, which isn’t too surprising. They are locked to 10 model units only, so no more 5 or 20 model units which is weird, but I guess based on box size. The unit can take 1 “special weapon” (storm bolter, meltagun, flamer) and 1 “special weapon” or “heavy weapon (heavy flamer, heavy bolter, multi-melta). So you can take 1 of each or 2 special weapons. One Battle Sister can take a Simulacrum Imperalis, which means if this Battle Sister unit destroys an enemy unit, you generate a Miracle Dice, which harkens back to how 9th ed worked, and is cool, so do it. Additionally you can still play with the Sister Superior’s loadout. Ability wise, Battle Sister units once per game can use a Cherub, when they perform an Act of Faith, they generate a Miracle Dice, so use 1, get 1, pretty good. Also at the end of your Command Phase, each objective you control that has a Battle Sisters unit within range of it, generates a Miracle Dice. So you really want a few units of these. Having a Battle Sisters unit on an objective is what you already want, so generating extra Miracle Dice with that is huge.

Sisters Novitiates return with mostly the same plan, hit the enemy with melee attacks. Giving the unit a Simulacrum or Sacred Banner (reroll advance and charges) replaces the autogun of the model, preventing it from taking Novitiate melee weapons (which you really want, 2A a model at S4 vs 1 at S3), so these might not be worth bringing. Ability wise they have Impetuour Fervour, which allows them to reroll hit rolls of 1, full hit rerolls if targeting an enemy unit on an objective. They are OC2 just like Battle Sisters. These are a hard unit to justify over more Battle Sisters if not just from a Miracle Dice generation perspective, but if you really want them, I’d recommend putting a Palatine in the unit for LETHAL HITS, since they are a low strength melee based unit.

The most durable infantry unit in the Adepta Sororitas is the Celestian Sacresants. They are down to 3+ save, and all the melee weapons lost a point of Strength and AP. Their ability Sworn Protectors, gives the unit -1 to be wounded if it is led by a Canoness, Palatine, or Junith Eruita. There are a couple ways to go with this unit, you definitely want one of those 3 characters in this unit, because -1 to wound is strong on a unit that generally is wounded on 2s and 3s. So that is a durability boost which means you either want to lean more into durability with a leader (Junith) or add some damage potential with the other 2 choices. Imo the play is to put a Palatine in this unit, to give it LETHAL HITS, which greatly helps the chances of wounding everything, especially T10+ models. An interesting side note here is that the regular “Celestians” unit is just completely gone – which makes sense since they struggled to have much of a role between Battle Sisters as line infantry and Sacresants as elites which did something genuinely different, but is pretty weird nonetheless.

Moving on from the ex-units, it’s Repentia time. The most angry ladies are here, and I have good news, they are good. They are mostly unchanged, but move 7″ now, which is awesome. The eviscerator lost one point of AP but is otherwise the same at S6 AP-2 2D. The Repentia Superior is now baked into the squad which is different, but if she is alive, the squad rerolls hit rolls in melee, and if they charged, the also reroll wound rolls, which is apeshit (combo with the Holy Rage stratagem to make wounding even easier). So I definitely would want to run at least 2 squads in Rhinos at this point. Can’t wait.

The Dominion squad retains its Scout ability for 6″ and is locked to 10 model units for some reason. Up to 4 can take “special” weapons just like 9th, and Artificer-crafted storm bolters are still a cool 2D (they also are RAPID FIRE 2 and ASSAULT, neat). They can bring a Simulacrum Imperalis (get a Miracle Dice when this unit kills a unit), and you should because you have the bodies anyway. Ability wise, they come with 1 Cherub, and can reroll advance rolls. Rerolling an advance roll is pretty strong when all 4 of the special weapons in this unit will be ASSAULT. This is cool unit and you should take it, because it’s cool. Stick a Palatine in the unit who also has the Scout rule, because you can. (This is my third Palatine suggestion, hrm).

If you liked Dominions, I’d like to introduce you to Retributors. They are locked to 5 model units now and are BS4+ with both Heavy Bolters and Multi-meltas. They come stock with 2 Cherubs and an ability to reroll 1s to wound with ranged attacks. I have mostly talked about combos with them already, but to re-iterate: Take Retributors, probably with Multi-meltas, maybe with Heavy Bolters, with a Dialogus leading them. Run them in a rhino near the Triumph, profit.

Next up is Seraphim. 5-10 model units, for every 5 models, 2 can take special pistols, so a 10 brick has 4 models with special pistols which is cool. They come stock with Deep Strike as you would expect and get an interesting ability to make a Mormal move of 6″ in your shooting phase, after this unit as shot, as long as it wasn’t in engagement range. If you do the move, you can’t charge. Being able to pop out, shoot, and hide, is simple but strong. The only real dampener here is the extreme short range.

Seraphim. Credit: Corrode

The Melee Jump Pack variant, Zephyrim is here. The lost a point of AP on their melee weapons, and their old ability. They can Deep Strike and if they made a Charge move, they add 1 to the Strength of their melee attacks. The Sacred Banner gives the unit a reroll to advance and charge rolls, so basically an auto take. Add Celestine into a unit, put them into Deep Strike, Rapid Insertion them on your opponents turn, and get ready to reliably digging into something that your opponent doesn’t want.

Paragon Warsuits are back with some interesting changes, not sure how I feel about it, but Morvenn Vahl needs bodyguard, so you are probably taking at least 1 unit. They are T6, so still get wounded fairly easily and lost the old 9th ed -1D, but they gained a flat 4++, which is really cool. Paragon grenade launchers are now S9 which is wilddddd, but twin linked Paragon storm bolters are still really cool. The maces lost a point of AP, but are now S12, so this is one of the few units that can actually crack high toughness units in melee. Their ability is that they can fall back, shoot and charge! All around some really interesting changes for this unit, with the change to a 4++, and running with Morvenn, I am looking forward to trying them on the table.

Mortifiers return with some sad news they are a max unit size of 2 now. So if you have more than 6, you have too many. They are stock with a 5+++ and when they make a charge move, their melee weapons have SUSTAINED HITS 1. They still have a boatload of shots and attacks, so dealers choice on loadout.

Next up is the Exorcist, which has gotten a big glow up. Both of the Giant Pipe Organ of Doom profiles are INDIRECT all the time now, which is mega cool. I think you’ll probably want the Exorcist missile launcher over the conflagration rockets, simply for more attacks at S10. Also comes with a Hunter-killer missile, for those times when you actually draw LoS to something big and nasty. Ability wise it has a 6″ aura that improves the Leadership of Adepta Sororita Infantry by 1, which isn’t huge, but is a nice add.

The Castigator is the battle tank of the faction, which saw its release in 9th and some play in competitive events. It is T10 to be a little more beefy than rhinos, which is nice. Both of the turret weapons offer some interesting choices. The autocannons are twin linked, 4 shots with RAPID FIRE 4 (so 8 shots at 24″ or less), at S9 AP-1 3D, and via ability reroll hit rolls if it targets an INFANTRY unit. The battle cannon is D6+3 shots with BLAST and IGNORES COVER, at S10 AP-1 3D, and rerolls hits vs MONSTER/VEHICLE units. Both of these profiles are very competitive at shoot both types of targets, BLAST and IGNORES COVER are very good into infantry units, and twin linked is very good at picking up extra wounds on MONSTER/VEHICLE units. With being the same range, I think this will end up being dealers choice of which turret to run. Either way, whatever unit you hit with the turret has to take a Battle-shock test, so there! Still comes stock with 3 Heavy Bolters too, so it brings the dakka either way.

Well while we are on the subject of T10, we have the Rhino with a humble T9 and Firing Deck 2. Can take a Hunter-Killer missile, oh btw I don’t think I have mentioned, these are one shot S14 AP-3 D6 damage, so a cheeky shot against something that is hard to crack, from a rhino, seems good hah. The special ability is that it heals 1 wound at the start of your Command Phase, which is decent. It can transport 12 Infantry models, with no Jump Pack of the Triumph allowed. Note the Rhino does not degrade, so if it manages to survive someone taking a crack at it, you can fling back your missile at +1 to hit (assuming you are missing any wounds of course), 2+ to hit with S14 feels pretty good.

Sisters of Battle Imagifier. Credit: Corrode

Onto the Immolator, it managed to get the bump to T10 too, which is cool. All the turret weapons are mostly the same as before besides being twin linked for the heavy bolter and multi-melta. This puppy comes with the Fire Support special rule, so in your shooting phase after this model has shot you can pick an enemy hit by one of those attacks, and until the end of the phase any models that disembarked from the Immolator this turn can reroll the wound roll. This could be extremely potent on a Retributor squad or Dominions (wait Dominions have to be in squads of 10? hold one we’ll get there), wound rerolls are a huge benefit to meltas/multi-meltas shooting at T10+ units. It has a transport capacity of 6, which again cannot transport Jump Pack or the Triumph. Additionally when you bring an Immolator, you can select a Battle Sister, Dominion, or Sisters Novitiate squad, and split it into 2 squads of 5, one of which must be embarked in the Immolator. This is pretty cool, and when combined with the Fire Support rule, makes Dominions looking extra cool.

Onto the Priesthood section of the index, first up we have the Missionary. While leading a unit, that unit gains SUSTAINED HITS 1 to its melee weapons. Also the Missionary itself rerolls hits with melee attacks unless the unit is Battle-shocked. It can lead Arco-Flagellants, Battle Sisters, Crusaders, and Sisters Novitiate units. Arcos already have SUSTAINED HITS 1 on their melee attacks, so that is kind of a waste of points to add a Missionary I suppose, so I guess the only real unit that benefits is the Sisters Novitiates, which is hard to compete with other options. Ugh.

The Preacher is more a variant of the Missionary now instead of being army slot adjacent like in 9th. It’s ability is while it is leading a unit, that unit gets +1 to wound with melee. Once per game in the Fight Phase the Missionary can increase the Strength and Attacks of itself by 2, which is ok. It can lead Arco-Flagellants, Crusaders, and Sisters Novitiate units. +1 to wound in melee is drastically needed for Novitiates, so here is a real contender with the Palatine for leading them.

Some guards for the Priesthood, Crusaders are back in units of 2-6. They are almost entirely unchanged from before, except now they have the ability that if a Missionary or Preacher is leading them, they get a 4+++ vs mortal wounds. Cheeky, but ok.

Next is Death Cult Assassins, they are also coming in units of 2-6. Again mostly unchanged, but their melee weapons have PRECISION which is kind of funny. Also each time a model in this unit attacks a Character, they reroll 1s to wound and they have Fights First. Could be some decent anti-charge tech vs heavy melee builds, but otherwise, shrug hah.

The last infantry choice for the priesthood, Arco-Flagellants are here to throw a bunch of dice in melee. They have 4 attacks each with SUSTAINED HITS 1 and TWIN LINKED at S5 AP0 1D, so definitely a tech piece to pick up mass infantry. Everytime they fight in melee, you can choose to bump them up to 6 attacks each, but they will be HAZARDOUS. Also they are rocking a 4+++ which is pretty good, but no save otherwise like before. 

Penitent Engines return with max unit sizes of 2, much like Mortifiers. They have a 5+++ and a 4+ save, still with 5 wounds like 9th. They must have Penitent flamers, no heavy bolters here and the buzz-blade and flails are the same as Mortifiers. They can still advance and charge, which is always great on a unit that moves 8″. These still look dangerous.

Credit: Colin Ward

Five Biggest changes from 9th

  • Zephyrim are more of a Surgical unit now, then just a hammer.
  • More character diversity with the rise of leader bonuses
  • Actually wanting to bring Battle Sisters, because they generate Miracle Dice
  • Much smaller amount of Mortifiers/Pen Engines
  • Exorcists that actually do something with Indirect Fire

General Unit Thoughts

With the boosts to Miracle Dice generation, some crazy combos, and just really good units, this army looks primed to actually do some damage in 10th edition. One of the problems I forsee is trying to figure out what Leaders to attach to what units, there is so many options that it can be a little daunting. I will say though, that is a good problem to have, that means this army has a bunch of good options.

Wrap Up

That’s it for the Sisters – overall, we’re pretty happy with where they are in 10th, with some straightforwardly good and useful abilities plus a range of helpful tricks which add a little more.

Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at