The September Goonhammer Open UK Grows Larger

The Goonhammer Open returns September 7th to Leicester, for another glorious weekend of slamming hams. In addition to the Warhammer 40,000 tournament, we’ve just added a Horus Heresy doubles event – The Eye of the Storm Campaign.

Praetorians do what they do best – killing tactical marines

In the later years of the Great Crusade, the warp began to grow dark and the gaps between civilised worlds slowly increased.

Warp storms have covered the Holgothine Sector for the past three Solar decades, and this thriving sector has been cut off. No tithes have departed, no support has arrived, and there has been no news of the carnage of the galaxy-wide Civil War. Finally these raging tides have becalmed, and the Astropathic signals have alerted the lords of Holgothine to the chilling news of wide and mass revolt.

Lurking in the shadows of the Warp can be found the browbeaten and well-weathered veterans of a hundred campaigns: Istvaan. Vandia. Prospero. Marinus. Exacris. Survivors, scavengers, and raiders. And Holgothine is a ripe fruit on a low branch, ill-defended and resource rich. Allies of opportunity band together to sack the sector for all it is worth. Loyalists and traitors greedily eye the sector, alongside no shortage of bannerless pirates styling themselves as “Blackshields.” No matter how shattered thy Legion may appear or how desperate thy countenance, the glut of armaments, vessels, recruits and technology can return thy forces to their former glory, or render the brutal and mighty even more unassailable.

And so battle commences and planets burn! There will be no peace until Horus or the Emperor are dead!

Emperor’s Children make a beach assault at Goonhammer Open Horus Heresy 2022

Grab a buddy and lock in for a weekend of sweet Heresy action. Tickets for both events are available now on Eventbrite.

As always for latest information, check out the GHO event page.