How to Paint Everything: Nagash, Lord of the Undead

Nagash is a wonderful model, one of the finest GW have ever produced, however due to his high price tag it may be easier to find a second hand version of the model, these can be had for as little as 10% of the RRP. Ebay is a good place to look for him. In this case I, being the savvy shopper that I am, was able to snag a brand new OFFICIAL GW NAGASH for a fraction of retail price.


Painting The Model

First things first, once you have your Nagash, you will need to strip and re-prime him, since he’ll be covered with caked on paint. Don’t worry about any left over bits of paint, as long as you get the majority of the detailed areas clean you won’t be able to tell once he’s sprayed.

Now colour the majority of the model using a dark purple colour – I used Citadel Xereus Purple – and apply a more pinkish highlight colour such as Vallejo Game Colour Warlord Purple before glazing in a desaturated final highlight such as Citadel Genestealer Purple and Vallejo Game Colour Glacier Blue.

Once this main block of colour is done we can start blocking in the rest of the colours and apply some washes, after doing this and beginning to highlight the model you may become frustrated with your attempts to get through the model too quickly. At this point I recommend going over to your shelf and taking down your old Nagash that you painted a while ago and just use him instead.

The rest of the Nagash painting process has been left as an exercise to the reader.

Credit: Brin

The Base

Bafflingly, despite his size GW have officially recommended a base size of 130mm Round, instead of the much more reasonable 40mm square that he comes bundled with, as such I had to create a large hill base on which to mount him. I constructed this with stacked layers of foamboard, smoothed over with a little bit of all purpose filler. Once this was done I added some sand, cork rocks, skulls and texture paints before painting it and adding tufts. 

Credit: Brin

Then just stick Nagash on top and your God of Undeath is complete.

Credit: Brin


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