Age of Sigmar Skirmish: Wanderers Warband (250 Renown)

For an upcoming game of Age of Sigmar Skirmish I converted and painted up a 250 Renown warband of Wanderers, Swifthawk Agents and Sylvaneth for the Grand Alliance Order (the sooner we get a unified Aelf system the better)

The Warband consists of 5 Sylvaneth Dryads, 3 Sisters of the Watch (nee Sisters of Avelorn), 3 Shadow Warriors, and led by their general, a Spellweaver who is actually on loan from the Idoneth Deepkin’s Tidecaster academy.

3 Sisters of the Watch and 3 Shadow Warriors

The Dryads and Tidecaster/Spellweaver prior to some OSL.

I went with a winter theme as an excuse to do some blues and white which contrast well with the desaturated greens and browns.

The scheme is quite simple to replicate:

Prime the miniature in Wraithbone
Paint green areas in Death Guard Green
Paint metallic areas in Silver (VMA Steel is what I used, but Runefang would work)
Paint the brown areas in Wyldwood and the lighter brown areas in Wyldwood + Contrast medium 1:3
Wash all the painted areas in Athonian Camoshade.
Now paint the blue areas in Aehtermatic blue, the hair in Skeleton Horde, and skin in Darkoath Flesh. Apply Ultramarine Blue to the darker blue areas to give the effect of the glow, and highlight the skin with Kislev Flesh.
Finally highlight everything besides the blue in Krieg Khaki to tie the scheme together.
Bonus points for highlighting the blue with Ulthuan Grey.