Faction Pack Overview: Sons Of Behemat- Age of Sigmar Fourth Edition

Goonhammer has received some of the launch content, via Games Workshop, to create this review and overview. Over the coming weeks, and with the benefit of having played dozens of games, we will be having faction experts provide insight into how they are building and running lists with these factions. For this overview we’re looking at what stands out for the faction, how much has changed, and how we would approach dealing with some of the common threats that are present in all wargames.

The big boys are back and continue to feel like they have since release with a focus on board control, a mix of big big and little big lads, and rampages to impact the board state in combat. Warstompas still want to fight large groups of infantry, Kraken Eaters can still kick points around, and Gatebreakers still swing the Fortcrusha Fail. Mancrushers have a 5+ save and want to keep up with their big brothers. Megas have a wide range of abilities and artifacts that, despite the limited number of warscrolls, allow you to build into a specific goal beyond “Stand on points”. In particular, because of the way that armies are built and the rules of the GHB, the ability to give +1 to hit and wound against a large part of your opponents army works particularly well with this faction.

On the surface the lack of Rend 3 on main weapons unless you fight a particular target is worrying to some but most problems can be solved/mitigated by the allegiance abilities, artefacts, and King Brodd. Without mystic shield in the game cracking saves shouldn’t be so hard but there are still plenty of base 3 saves in the game. If there was one thing that feels like a bit of a downside it’s that King Brodd’s prayer is so essential that it almost feels like you need to include him in a list.

Gorlagg Knight-Kicker, Gatebreaker Gargant. Credit: Raf Cordero

Allegiance Abilities

TIMBERRRRR!: This ability, moved from the warscrolls, forces a roll-off whenever a one of your big or little gargants dies. The winner picks a point within 3” of that model and D3 mortal damage is inflicted to each unit within 3” that has a lower Health characteristic than that model.

Gargant Charge (Any Charge Phase): Select a Mega-Gargant or Gargant that charged this turn. Roll a D3 – on a 2+ inflict that much mortal damage on the target. You cannot have used a rampage ability this turn.

The next three abilities are once per (army) meaning that you can only use them once in the phase. They are all accessible in any combat phase.

Earthshaking Roar: Roll a dice, on a 3+ the target cannot use commands for the rest of the turn.

Colossal Slam: Pick a Mega-Gargant that has a Monster or War Machine within 1” to be a target. On a 3+ remove the target from the battlefield and set it up again within 1” of the unit and inflict D3 damage.

Jump Up and Down: Pick a friendly unit in combat and an enemy Infantry unit. Roll a dice and on a 3+ roll a dice for every model in the unit. For each 6+ inflict a mortal damage.If a Mega Gargant used this ability inflice damage on a 5+.

Most times, in your turn, you’re going to inflict mortal damage on the charge if possible and use a roar. What is notable is the timing of the rampages means you can complete all of your charges before deciding who to inflict mortal damage on and who is going to attempt to use other rampages in the combat phase. 

Battle Formations

Taker Tribe: During deployment pick a friendly non-unique Sons of Behemat Hero that does not have an Artefact of Power. Give them an artifact.

Boss Tribe: Once per turn you declare a fight ability with a Mega-Gargant. Pick a friendly Gargant that has not used a fight wholly within 12” to be the target to fight immediately after this ability is resolved.

Breaker Tribe: Friendly Mega-Gargants have Ward (6+) while they are within the combat ranges of any other friendly Mega-Gargants.

Stomper Tribe: You can pick two friendly Mega-Gargants or Gargant units that have not used a Rampage ability to use the “Jump Up and Down” ability.

None of these are bad, and the Stomper Tribe is clearly intended for a meta that is full of reinforced blocks of infantry. For an event the flexibility of the Taker Tribes ability is a very attractive way to counter your opponents list. However, the easiest pick is the Breaker Tribe giving a 6+ ward to your high health units. Megas have traditionally roamed in pairs and we often a single Mega take the Amulet of Destiny for a 6+ ward last edition. 

Heroic Traits

Furious Temper (Once Per Battle, Any Combat Phase): Add 2 to the attacks characteristic of this units melee weapons. Subtract 1 from save rolls for this unit.

Monstrously Tough (Passive): This unit has a Health characteristic of 40 instead of 35.

Rabble Rouser (Passive): Add 1 to charge rolls for friendly Sons of Behemat units while they are wholly within 12” of this unit.

I like all of these abilities, and you can combine them with the other traits (like Breaker Tribe and Monstrously Tough or Amberstone Totem and Rabble Rouser/Keep Up ability) for some additional synergy. I think that Furious Temper is a clear stand out since all of the Mega-Gargants have three melee weapon profiles so you’re getting an additional six attacks. Additional synergy from The Kingslaughter Cowl or Extra-Calloused Feet just adds additional attacks.  Combine that with a roar to eliminate all out defense and all out attack (hitting on 3/2) you should be able to pick a target you want removed from play and not worry too much about the lowered save.

Mancrusher Gargants (of the slightly more… Chaotic variety). Credit: Fowler

Artefacts of Power

Amberbone Totem (Once Per Battle, Your Charge Phase): You can use Charge Abilities even if you used a run ability in the same turn.

Glowy Lantern (Once Per Battle, Deployment Phase): Finally a reason to carry around all your endless spells. You can pick 1 Manifestation Lore  and use summon abilities as if you had Wizard (1). Basically, you’re able to pick a specific manifestation lore during deployment.

Extra-Calloused Feet (Passive): Add 1 to the Attacks, Rend, and Damage of this units Stomp. 

Glowy Shield of Protectiness (Passive): Each time you make an unmodified save of a 6 for a combat attack inflict 1 mortal damage on the attacking unit after the fight ability has been resolved.

Mantle of Tusk and Horns (Once per battle, your combat phase): Add 1 to hit rolls for combat attacks for Sons of Behemat while they are wholly within 12” of this unit.

Kingslaughter Cowl (Passive): Add 1 to the attack of this units melee weapons while this unit is in combat with an enemy hero.

All six of these have a place depending on the meta and what you’re trying to accomplish. I really like the Kingslaughter Cowl as you don’t have to target the hero you are in combat with to get the extra attacks so you can lay waste to another unit and keep a pointy-headed support nerd in combat buffing you. I think that in this GHB, with the honor guard rule giving an entire regiment +1 to hit and wound against the Generals regiment the Mantle of Tusk and Horns might not be the best way to get an additional hit bonus. However, -1 to hit for sons is so devastating that being able to stack bonuses might be worthwhile.

Battle Tactics

I think that Sons are going to have some advantages playing the battle tactic game. If you go first you can score seize the center without any issues and on certain plans you can hold points while scoring Take the Flanks with a mega gargant. Almost any terrain is going to be vulnerable to Take Their Land and a eight of the battleplans don’t have a neutral zone. Time to Get Stuck In can be difficult to manage if you start losing units early but if you run with a few mancrushers it could be a second turn tactic. Later in the game tactics really open up with Do Not Waver and The Kunnin’ Approach.

Credit- Instagram: goremaw

Key Warscrolls

It should be noted that Mega-Gargants now have 20 control while Mancrushers have 10 control. Every Mega-Gargant gets the Almighty Stomp and Death Grip. These are (2 Attacks 4/2/D3 (anti-infantry +1 Rend)) and (1 Attack 4/2/2/D6 (anti-hero +1 Rend).

Beast-Smasher: This big boy has the Menhir Club (4 Attacks 4/2/2/5 (Anti-Monster +1 Rend) and reduces the Attacks Characteristic of enemy monsters by 1 that they are in combat with. They also have a special core fight ability that allows them to target a monster and on a 4+ inflict 5D6 mortal damage on the target. While this is similar to what they had in the prior edition you can pick it to set up a group of gargants in the Boss Tribe.

Kraken-Eater: This unit retains the “Get ORF ME LAND” to move objectives in your hero phase making it more difficult for your opponent to hold an objective and could (pending an FAQ/Clarification) reduce the primary points available to your opponent on Battle For The Pass and Border War. He has the longest range attack with his Hurled Debris at 24″ with (3 Attacks 4/3/1/D3). The Shipwrecka Warclub is still the weakest weapon with (4 Attacks 4/2/2/4).

Final Thoughts

Sons of Behemat is an army that sometimes comes to the forefront in the Meta and there are A LOT of megas out there. With lower production requirements and straightforward abilities I’d anticipate them to come out of the gate pretty strong and perform well at events. Longer term most factions have some anti-monster abilities and the idea that you should be able to take down a Mega a turn is going to be a good barometer going forward.

The GHB seems like a strong boost with the ability to give a single unit +1 to hit and wound against every unit in your opponents General’s regiment or additional rend against a unit type that is featured. Now that you can’t double reinforce a battelline there is typically an upper limit on how much you can buff a single unit but Mega’s are almost an entire regiment onto themselves.

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