Goonhammer’s Player Motivations Survey

Every now and then we run surveys of our readers. Most of the time these are to collect information on how’s reading the site and why, stuff that lets us better understand the kinds of content we should be making. This time around we’re doing something a bit different – we want to know about what motivates you to play when you’re playing 40k, or Age of Sigmar, or your tabletop game of choice.

So if you have five minutes, click on the link below and answer our survey about when, where, how, and why you play. We won’t share any responses except in aggregate, and we’ll be using the data to put together a future article.


So whether you’re a competitive grinder or an ultracasual beer-and-pretzels type player, stop in for a minute and tell us about what your gaming motivations. We really appreciate it.


– The Goonhammer Staff