Mikey Mouse Club #9 – Robin Hood!

Into the Inklands launched yesterday and it looks like anybody that wants to buy is going to be able to do so at reasonable prices. Folks, don’t buy from scalpers and if your FLGS is charging over retail (as mine is), patronize another shop that isn’t. It feels like this set is going to be where it all comes together, with strong organized play support and a new tournament offering from Ravensburger on the way. The game is going to get deeper and broader, and all signs point to good times ahead for Lorcana.

Having gotten the lay of the Inklands from the many spoilers that out there, going back to that weird leak last year and including all of Ravensburger’s info drops across Discord and picked up by various content outlets across the world, I believe this stands to be a more compelling, forward-thinking set than Rise of the Floodborn has turned out to be. The value of that set has emerged as a sort of completion of the first, but Into the Inklands looks to be staking out new territory while also expanding concepts that were present day one.And having been a player since day one, what I’m most excited about other than the new strategic layer added by Locations is that thematic decks are becoming much more viable as more cards become available.

Initially I had thought to write a piece this week about the cards I’m most interested in seeing, but then I realized that what was firing me up was that specific characters, keywords, and concepts are being further fleshed out. So over the next few weeks I’ll have a look at some of the fun themes and deck concepts that will be opened up with the new set.


The very first rare I pulled out of a Lorcana pack was a foil Robin Hood, Unrivaled Archer. I was thrilled, because my love for Disney’s Robin Hood goes back over 40 years- I had a book and record of it that I listened to ad infinitum at my grandma’s house when I was very small. I was pleased to see that Robin Hood features on deckboxes and sleeves this release, but I was not prepared for the salvo of other cards from this classic that would be presented- and that my deckbuilding imagination would be so fired by them.The legendary Champion of Sherwood, is a Floodborn delight, gaining 2 Lore when he banishes another character and effecting a card draw when he is banished. There’s a stock 1/2/2/1 Beloved Outlaw that makes for a great shift target, but there’s also a 6/4/5/4 Daydreamer that packs a massive Lore punch to rival the Brave Little Tailor. Robin Hood, Capable Fighter from ROTF will I think see a lot of refreshed viability with his exert to deal one damage helping out the Champion of Sherwood or setting up plays with Pack Tactics or Ring the Bell for Emerald/Steel removal.


Robin’s Bow is a tremendous item specifically tooled for all of the above, dealing 1 damage on exertion and readying whenever a Robin Hood quests. The combos write themselves, folks.But that’s not all to this theme. There’s an absolutely killer combo with A Whole New World from The First Chapter, Prince John from ROTF, and the new Sheriff of Nottingham, corrupt official. Pop off AWNW, deal 1 damage for every card you discard, and you get to draw a card for every card your opponent lost. It’s wild. The Sheriff is also an excellent counter to everybody’s least favorite wheel, because if you are forced to dump 5 cards you will be reciprocating that to opposing characters.


Robin Hood’s best buddy Little John appears a couple of times, and in better form than his ROTF draft chaff debut. Resourceful Outlaw is a 6 ink Floodborn shifting at 4 that gives characters with Bodyguard +1 resist and +1 Lore. That is a potentially great utility piece as he not only supports the Bodyguard function, he also improves the questing ability of cards that tend to have 1 or 2 Lore. For example, Little John’s other version in this set, Robin’s Companion, is a 3/2/4/1 Bodyguard that benefits from his own upgraded version if both are on the field. And this Storyborn ally is Evasive to boot. I’m especially glad to see all of this synergy because I think having Bodyguards to keep the Sheriff, Champion of Sherwood, and Capable Fighter on the table will be key.


Skippy, Energetic Rabbit offers a solid 2/2/2/1 option with Ward and Sir Hiss, Aggravating Asp comes in at 2/3/1/1 and Evades so if Robin’s Companion doesn’t takeout that Pascal he can. Nutsy, Vulture Henchman also shows up and he’s pretty boring card but you’re not going to run him with all of this because – get this – those Merry Folks at Ravensburger thoughtfully made all of the cards named above, with the exception of the Sapphire Unrivaled Archer, Emerald and Steel. As an Emerald/Steel player, my heart skipped a beat. And I can finally use my four Steal from The Rich cards from The First Chapter and stay in theme. That’s right- my first deck for Into the Inklands is going to be as much Robin Hood as possible. Don’t care if it’s not “meta”. Because it will be awesome, and I’m making a custom playmat for it.We haven’t seen everything yet, but I’m still hoping to see Maid Marian, Rooster, and a Robin Hood location at the least. Hopefully in the Emerald/Steel livery, right and proper.

I am a little concerned about the amount of uninkables I’m going to be running and without Sapphire support like detective Mickey and Fishbone Quill to mitigate dead hands and dead draws, I’m going to have to rely on some card draw features to keep inkables in hand. Prince John will help, and an off-theme AWNW or two may be a necessity. I’m also considering having Flynn Rider guest star in the deck- I mean, he’s a forest-y rogue too and His Own Biggest Fan is such a great Emerald card. I’m also considering The Queen, Disguised Peddler as a guest star, thinking that her ability to discard a card for Lore might be useful if Champion of Sherwood is sitting in my hand.

Next week – Puppies or Pirates?

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