Necromunday Weekender at the Goonhammer Open Baltimore 2024

Howdy, scummers! This week on Necromunday, we are talking about our upcoming Necromunda event at the GHO. While colossal armies rage across the planet, the gangs of the hive world Lenk fight for control of the underhive. The 40k Narrative and the Necromunda campaigns will have effects on each other, especially as the larger conflict approaches the hive city.

Tickets are available now! Join us on July 6th and 7th at the Sheraton Baltimore Washington Airport in Linthicum Heights, MD. Necromunda has its own little grimdark boardroom to play in. The plan is to have 4 or 5 regular games, a downtime event, and a capstone mega-battle. The weekend schedule will be down to the attendees’ call! We can have extra optional games, Gang Raids, more multiplayer battles, or even swap regular games if players would like to get in a game of Necromunda Rocket League. Our arbitrator will regularly check in with gang leaders and get input on what we want to do next! We’ll start throwing dice at 9am.

The Necromunday Weekender Campaign Rules

You have 1,250 credits to start your gang. Gangs have an additional 400 credits to be used for vehicles or wargear that provides the “Mounted” condition for Ash Wastes battles. We’re targeting 4 or 5 regular games, with one downtime event and a mega-battle at the end – so plan ahead for some gang advancement (especially as XP will be doubled). Extra vehicles and dramatis personae will be available to borrow. We’re likely to drop the rep requirements for hangers-on and brutes, so bring your beautiful weirdos.

The campaign will be using a modified Dominion ruleset, with ganger progression from the latest rulebook, and a Lost Zone style limited trading post, available after each game. Gangs will always have access to their house equipment list as well as a “Credit General” store of common items. Scenarios will come from many sources, and there will be asymmetrical battles at key narrative points.

Tactics Cards

The use of tactics cards is completely optional – if both players agree to use cards, go right ahead! We will use the following rules: Before each game, generate a list of 12 Tactics cards from any available source, and assign them a number between 1 and 12. In missions where it says to draw (x) tactics cards at random, roll a D12 (x) number of times, re-rolling doubles, and use the cards that correspond with those numbers from your list. In games where you can choose tactics cards, randomly generate (x +1) cards from your list and discard one.

The Tactics Cards History of Violence, Dangerous Footing, Hive Tremor, Tainted Meat, Unnerving Whispers, and A Present For You are banned from use.

If you need guidance with the use of tactics cards, feel free to ask, and check out this article. We will utilize underdog cards for larger gang mismatches.

Wonderful Prizes

The main prizes for the campaign will be: most territories / wins, best painted, best kitbash. There will be additional prizes given for success / failure / humorous happenings.

Sector Mechanicus in progress. Credit: Fowler

House Rules

Here are the base house rules we plan to use. We can chat about additional house rules when we are getting ready to start!

Recovery and Death

In a compressed weekend campaign, losing gangers make a huge impact. The plan is for there to be no recovery, being replaced by convalescence or a similar mechanic. We can leave the call up to the participating gangs in our pre-campaign huddle – do gangers just rack up lasting injuries and keep coming back, or does god more turn off after the second game?

Lasting Injury Rolls

Regardless of the total damage done to a ganger when they go out of action, there is only one roll on the lasting injury table. Stacked damage does not result in additional rolls.


Wronged by a rival gang leader? Champ got shanked by a rookie? Just feeling feisty? At the arbitrator’s discretion (and keeping things fair & fun), you may be able to place a bounty on them! This bounty will give other gangs some credits they can use towards hiring a Hive Scum or Bounty Hunter. Mysterious benefactors may add more credits to the bounties.

Power Crazed

Necromunda fighters are not known for subtlety or restraint. If they are using a Plasma weapon and want to fire it on ‘low’ power mode, they must take an Intelligence test. If the test is failed they must fire on ‘maximal’ instead.


Custom vehicles will not have their repair costs doubled. Enjoy making whatever ride your heart desires.

Psychic Powers

Psykers (aside from Delaque) can choose from any psychic discipline they have access to, as well as the disciplines available in the Book of the Outcast. Delaque must take one of their own first – additional psychic powers can be from the BotO.

Captured Gangers

Sorting out captured gangers tends to be unfun in a short campaign. It requires an immediate rematch if you want to mount a rescue – occasionally pitting a depleted gang right back against the one that just swiped one of theirs! Fighters will only be captured for one game and automatically returned. The capturing gang can immediately put that ganger to work unless a quicker return is negotiated (credits, stash gear, campaign currency).

Banned Items

When a gang has free access to the Trading Post and Black Market, Falsehoods and Master-Crafted Weapons may not be purchased. These items are permissible only if they are included equipment on a Dramatis Personae.

And that’s it! Got any feedback for our weekender rules? Email your arbitrator at