April Battletome FAQs – The Goonhammer Hot Take

FAQs for Fyreslayers and Idoneth Deepkin are finally out, as are some minor updates to the Seraphon and Slaves to Darkness (and believe us they are minor). Let’s get to it.

If you want to find the latest FAQs, you can find them here.



  • Multiple Auric Flamekeepers in range of a death will all have their dice increased by one.
  • Improved Rally from Battlesmith only works on Fyreslayers units now



The former is a nice clarification that doesn’t really move the needle that much on Flamekeepers, who weren’t seeing much play as it is due to the better options within the roster. The latter is an expected change considering the powerful abuse that was unlocked by the interaction – it was not designed with units like Fulminators or Stormdrake Guard in mind.


Idoneth Deepkin


  • Eidolon’s Tsunami of Terror spell confirmed to be stackable on same unit – up to -3 save to a unit!
  • Multiple Akhelian Kings does not mean multiple uses of Lord of Tides – limited to once per battle regardless.
  • Gloomtide Shipwreck from Rune of the Surging Tide is still treated as normal – two pieces or one.
  • Dhom-hain subfaction trait changed to clarify that the second and third redeploys do not cost a command point.
  • Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Sea gained the totem keyword.
  • Akhelian King and Volturnos gained the Deepmare keyword, as expected.
  • Lotann’s wording on his ritual ability has been tidied up to clarify that you benefit from the effect of the ritual, even if the tide itself is not active.



A big nerf to people expecting to spend all game in high tide by stacking Akhelian Kings, but it wasn’t a tactic that was really getting used at tournaments anyway so won’t have much impact on their tournament success. Tsunami of Terror is confirmed to be just as good as people hoped, making the sea Eidolon a compelling choice. This is further improved by them gaining the Totem keyword.

Otherwise it’s a couple of clarifications in terms of wording to make their functionality more clear – Lotann giving the ritual effect even if the tide in question is not active is a nice quality of life change.

Silks Aspect of the Sea
Credit: Silks

Slaves to Darkness


Archaon is now no longer missing ‘15’ in his Wounds Suffered chart, it now being folded into ‘12-15’. This had already been updated in the app, and there’s nothing else to talk about. Move along, citizen.




An update to the Path to Glory rules from White Dwarf 469. Astromatrix points are now arbitrarily renamed ‘Astromatrix Arcane points’ and are now gained additional to the effects of standard territories, not instead of. Given there aren’t really Path to Glory events to pull stats on this from, this feels like someone in the AoS Studio Path to Glory campaign was having a bad time.


Closing Thoughts

Nothing earth shattering here – mostly some clarifications of what was already widely accepted within the community. Idoneth got a little stronger and Fyreslayers a smidge weaker.

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