Brood Brother Tactics with Just Another Killteam Podcast!

Today we’ve got a quick little teaser article with a couple Kill Team tactics for the new Brood Brothers team! With 4 shorts hosted on youtube, from Just Another Killteam Podcast in conjunction with Mobhammer40k (Mobhammer40k youtube)! Filmed over at the Brooklyn Strategist!

We’ll do a text breakdown of each short, and drop a link to each!

Tactic 4: Iconward, and the Sapper

In this one we have the Brood Brother Iconward and the Sapper facing off against a single Marine. After the Sapper drops its explosives, and gets incapacitated by the marine. The Iconward’s ability, or the Sapper itself can cause the Explosives to go off and deal 2D6 wounds to the marine!

Tactic 3: Pervasive Knife Fighting

The strategic ploy Pervasive sees play here enabling our Brood Brother Knife Fighter to finish a charge on a marine. While the Knife Fighter’s 7 wounds means he’ll not beat the 5 attacks of the opposing Reiver. His counter attack ability guarantees a few mortal wounds for his sacrifice!

Tactic 2: Ruthless Coordination and Familiars

A gunner wants to blow a concealed marine to smithereens, but with another marine on guard, there isn’t a line of sight! However using the Psychic Familiar’s elusive ability to move through engagement range, and the Ruthless Coordination ploy. The Brood Brothers can find a shot, and melt straight through that ceramite!

Tactic 1: Patriarch throws Veteran into Explosion

A Patriarch springs out of cover to charge an Incusor Minelayer, only to interrupted by a Haywire Mine. Luckily the Brood Brother Veteran is nearby to switch the Mine’s single target to itself, being reduced to 0 wounds in the process. With a Medic nearby, the Veteran is under no risk of being slain, and the Patriarch finishes his terrible work!

One of our more contentious rules interactions, however this play would be perfectly valid if we had skipped over using a proximity mine, and used something like Track Target instead!