Getting Started with Photogrammetry

Turn your physical models into digital 3D models in this guide to photogrammetry.

Photogrammetry is the cool thing all the hip people are into these days. Turning your great looking miniatures into digital 3D models and using them in Tabletop Simulator? Why, I heard that person you like uses photogrammetry, what a motivation for you to get started with it!

Here is the collection of all our articles to help you on your path to learning photogrammetry. Follow along as I build the 3D model for my Umbra Legates, which you can see in all its glory right here.

Getting Started with Photogrammetry – Part 1 – Taking Photos

It all starts with high quality pictures, so learn how I take pictures that give me great results, every time.

Photogrammetry - Camera Setup Labeled
Learn to take great looking pictures

Getting Started with Photogrammetry – Part 2 – Cleaning Photos

Ever wish you knew the basics of Photoshop and how to do some quick steps to isolate your model from it’s background, well this is the article for you!

Photogrammetry - Black levels
Clean your pictures in Photoshop for that :chefkiss: quality image

Getting Started with Photogrammetry – Part 3 – Creating Models

Using 3DF Zephyr, we’ll turn those cleaned photos into a 3D model in this exhaustive step-by-step guide.

Photogrammetry - Sparse Point Cloud
Get ready for clouds. Sparse point clouds, dense point clouds, cumulonimbus clouds, etc.

Getting Started with Photogrammetry – Part 4 – Cleaning Models

Watch as I hilariously misuse Blender and brute force it to get it to do what I want: putting a final level of polish on a 3D model and getting it ready for Tabletop Simulator.

Photogrammetry - Ankle up
Orange you glad I wrote a guide on how to get started with Blender?

Getting Started with Photogrammetry – Part 5 – Tabletop Simulator

Importing the final model into Tabletop Simulator. Aligning, linking, and getting it ready for multiplayer games. It all ends here!

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