Go On, Hammer – How to Build a Game Table for Warhammer

Whether you’re flopping cards, chucking dice, or slamming hams, the most important part of the game space is the game table – the surface you’ll be playing on with friends. Over the past five years we’ve written a number of articles on putting together a space and physically building a table, and today we’re revisiting our favorite articles in that series.

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Dylan’s Underhive Table

Let’s start with Dylan’s amazing underhive table. Built form a series of 12×12 tile sections, this massive table incorporates a number of amazing elements and incorporates a lot of modular sections and bridges. In this article – set up as an interview before Dylan formally joined the Goonhammer team – Campbell “SRM” McLaughlin talks to Dylan about the table and our interactive graphic presents some of its best features.

Dylan’s Gallowdark Tiles

If you’re not invested in playing Boarding Actions or Kill Team with the Gallowdark Terrain, this is the project for you. Dylan used his set to put together a set of custom tiles, creating more fixed layouts but adding a ton of character. Although originally the terrain review for Into the Dark terrain, it’s worth revisiting Dylan’s tutorial on how to assemble the tiles and paint the terrain.

Apartment Solutions

As part of our three-part Fabricator General series on building a gaming space, I wrote this article about how to set up a table for an apartment with limited space, often using pieces of plywood you can stow somewhere while you’re not playing a game.

TheChirurgeon’s Table (2013)

The first of two hobby tables I built, this 2013 effort was designed to be modular and stowable – it’s a frame designed to sit on another surface, and splits into two halves which can be locked together via a pair of hinge locks. It’s also designed to hold a series of 24″x24″ tiles, and I go into how to build those.

TheChirurgeon’s Table (2020)

My current table is a larger, standalone table I built for the gaming room in my house. The original article has been updated with some of the later work I did on the table – staining it a darker color, adding corner covers, and a dice tray. It’s a project I’m still very proud of.


That wraps up our look back at table building projects but if you have one of your own we’d love to see it – drop us a note in the comments below, share your photos on our Patron Discord, or email us at contact@goonhammer.comAnd for more great content and updates to your inbox, check out our weekly newsletter.