Goonhammer Historicals: Bolt Action 3rd Edition Pre-Order Date Announced

Goonhammer Historicals is here with some news you can use – the pre-order date for 3rd Edition Bolt Action is nearly upon us! Here’s the news release from Warlord Games:


Nottingham, UK, 01/07/2024 – Warlord Games are delighted to announce that pre-orders will begin on Friday for Bolt Action: Third Edition!

The first wave of pre-orders includes a hardback rulebook published by Osprey Games and a brand-new starter set. In addition, three new plastic kits will soon be announced. More
information about the new edition of the world’s greatest World War II wargame is being
released weekly, and the countdown has officially begun to the release day – 26th  September 2024!

Bolt Action 3rd Edition cover. Credit: Warlord Games

This mighty tome will contain all the information required to play games of Bolt Action!
Published by Osprey Games, and packed with awesome illustrations and background
information to accompany the rules, this 320-page hardback rulebook also contains a full index, quick reference tables, and army lists for the USA, Great Britain, Japan, the Soviet Union, and Germany.

For a limited time only, pre-orders containing the rulebook from the Warlord Games webstore will be signed by the author, Alessio Cavatore!!

Exclusively for orders placed through the Warlord Games webstore, the Bolt Action: Third
Edition rulebook also comes with a special edition figure – Medal of Honor recipient Francis S Currey!

Warlord Games have now begun to release more information about Bolt Action: Third Edition in their twice-weekly newsletter, community website, and on their social media! This will continue until the 26th September launch date, and Bolt Action fans can expect to see rules reveals, sneak previews of new miniatures, discussions of what the new edition means for the competitive scene, and much much more!

There you have it folks – Warlord has announced the pre-order date this week, so we’re sure to get a better look at the new rules, how the game works, and what those new plastic kits are in the very near future.

What could the three plastic kits be? We’d love to see plastics for some of the minor powers – it seems that pretty much all the major countries are represented in plastic now. Hungarians would go over super well. As one of the countries that sacrificed a huge amount during WW2 and doesn’t get much historical note about it, Chinese plastic soldiers would be awesome. Romanians would be great as well.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the army lists – as we know, they are fully changing up the army lists and will have all new stuff. Will we get Indexes like other companies do, where you have a basic but boring list and then buy a book later with spicier rules in it?

Leave your hot takes below and let us know what you think, then get that credit card ready to pre-order on Friday!

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