Kill Team UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: March 12-18, 2024

Welcome back, Kill Teamers, to our look at the weekly metagame as a whole. We’ve got some extremely unexpected win rates but a mostly-healthy looking metagame. Unfortunately for elites, it seems that Imperial Marines continue their week to week struggles.

Warp Coven, Inquisition Agents, and Farstalker Kingbands all saw incredible weekly performances, with Warp Coven performing well in Spain, no less. As one of the most competitive Kill Team scenes around, we’ll be attempting to reach out to the players to see if we can bring back their starts at a later date!

Meanwhile, the rest of the standard overperformers continue their win streaks unabated. Kommandos had three undefeated performances, while continuing to be at 9% of the meta. The melee onslaught seems ever-present with strong win rates across both melee hordes. Kell Team’s Jeshua took a 4-0 tournament with Nurgles chosen, and Fellgor continued their dominance world wide!

This week’s Heirotek dominance was discussed in part on Just Another Killteam Podcast with Shane. We talked about playing Security, and some crazy Despotek bombs, that I suspect will be a nice counter to the melee swarm meta. Catch it below!

We’ve got a smaller Kill Team UTC event, clocking in at only a single three-round event!

Kill Team Open 2024: March of Madness (BCP Link)

In St. Louis we’ve got 10-people slugging it out, with an unsurprising team making it to the top of the pile.

  1. Zano K, Gateway Gamers – Veteran Guard
  2. Clayton S – Phobos Strike Team
  3. Dylan G, Fish and Fungus – Hearthkyn Salvagers

Zano did make it through a strong gauntlet of teams, against Compendium Guard, Gellerpox, and Phobos in that order. It seems that Octarius continues to have a stranglehold in all regions of Killteam play!

Upcoming Events

March 23

  • Kill Team Jawn’s ADEPTICAN’T: Too Busy, Too Broke, Too Far (Pheonixville, PA)

Notably, we are still looking to get more Kill Team events up on the UTC calendar. If you’d like to be featured, reach out and we’ll get you set up ASAP!

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