Organised Play Announcment for ASOIAF:TMG – Hits and Crits

For ASOIAF: The Miniatures Game, events and tournaments are one of the main drivers for growth in the community. Many are pulled to spend their weekends rolling dice for the fate for Westeros whilst sharing in on these moments with new and old friends in the community. At Hits and Crits, a new initiative is underway to better support organised play and the community of ASOIAF worldwide, and today they have announced their new team of legends from the community.

Meet the Team

Nachtalb – Thomas

Thomas’ main Faction is the Night’s Watch, with them being his first love of the game when he started playing five years ago and have always stayed true to the Black to this day. However, during times of the Night’s Watch being too potent, Thomas picked up the Two Player Set for Starks and Lannisters to form some casual play forces so that he doesn’t torture his friends with Night’s Watch all the time. He also has some other forces such as Martels, Targaryens, and Neutrals, with his favourite model coming from the latter in the Fat Zorse Rider model due to the cute but comical aesthetic.

TipsyTengu – Dominik

Dominik started playing ASOIAF through Tabletop Simulator which offered him the luxury of testing out several armies before building his first. Whilst Dominik was lured to Starks initially, he found a particular love for the Greyjoy playstyle, and his favourite model is the Euron Greyjoy model due to his pose of recklessly charging, axe and sword in hand, cloak flowing behind him, it is the perfect fearless avatar for House Greyjoy. WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE!

Backmobe – Florian

Florian has chosen to side with the Free Folk beyond The Wall and follows in Mance Rayder’s footsteps where he enjoys the synergies you can utilise with the Tactics Deck. Florian’s favourite model is far from the tactical genius of Mance with Mag the Mighty taking the crown as Florian loves to command colossal beasts in the game and none does this better than the untamed power of the Giants.

LArks – Daniel

Daniel plays all factions but finds himself playing some more than others, with his main faction for some time being Free Folk. Daniel enjoys Free Folk for being the alleged underdogs with their singular style of play; his favourite model is the Chosen of Styr with the Attachment Box version being the best sculpt out of the two. Again, it is an underrated Attachment but plays a significant role in a Styr list when dealing with Solos – something Free Folk have trouble against.

Xartanos – Alex

Alex only started playing A Song of Ice and Fire in September 2023 and it is also their first tabletop game. They mostly play the rulers of the Stormlands, House Baratheon, and the raiders of the Iron Islands, House Greyjoy. A popular pick for favourite model is the Rose Knights and Alex agrees with this, however the Blacktyde Chosen and the Hedge Knights are also some of his favourites.

Pascha – Paskal

Paskal is currently rotating between Night’s Watch, Baratheons, and Greyjoys but mostly has been leaning to the Night’s Watch in recent games. They couldn’t decide on their favourite model but reduced it down to between two models from the ASOIAF: Tactics game which is either the new on foot Robert Baratheon or the new Gren. Roberts model is cool looking with his detailed hammer and armour and I like the antler design of the Baratheons as a whole. His stance just screams “I’m ready for my next blow.” For Gren it is his grizzled look even though he kind of looks too old for his book version, but maybe the cold of the wall does make you age faster. But his whole pose says Aurochs, his hunched shoulders, and his big fur cloak.

Iceman – Martin

Martin started off with Greyjoys because of their Viking aesthetic, and even enjoys how they are represented in the book and the show for their ruthlessness. Although, the game design is not as fun as he would like, whereas he enjoys Martells since they are well written and don’t need many updates. So, everything is playable in their stealthy-ambush style of play. Martin’s favourite model is from the Rose Knights, specifically the come-at-me pose but all of them in their heavy plate armour look great.

AndOne – Chris

Chris plays all Factions but has a particular soft spot for the Night’s Watch and is now a dedicated Sworn Brother which fits nicely with Chris’ decision of his favourite model being one of the Sworn Brother models with the greatsword being brought down from overhead.

What Does Joining the Hits and Crits Team for ASOIAF: TMG mean to you?

Thomas: When I was asked if I wanted to join the team, I was surprised at first, because I don’t come from Northern Germany where the other members of the team were based, nor was I able to compete at Hits and Crits’ War of the North Tournament. Of course, I was following what Chris was doing with the brand and was interested in how he was building a new community via the Hits and Crits discord, organising their first events etc. It is very impressive what he and his crew in Hamburg were able to create in a relatively short time. Then he told me about the plans of making a team and asked me to join. I was on board from the get-go, and I am honoured to be a part of this. I think as a team we share a lot of passion for the game, and we all want to grow the game, grow the competitive scene and encourage and inspire other people to join in, create their own Teams, promote the game, and create an open and diverse community and competitive scene, where everybody can grow as a player and learn from each other. All under the flag of sportsmanship and fairness. And not the least we of course want to have fun with this awesome game.

Dominik: When Chris, Dennis, and Till, first started doing local tournaments and events in Hamburg you could feel that something special was coming. They always had a “Let’s do it, and let’s do it right” mentality. So, when Chris approached me with the idea of the team and what he wanted to achieve with it, I had to accept when he asked me if I wanted to join the group, I was super happy and excited. I think it’s a very cool idea and a different angle to promote the game this way with much more exposure for the community to help us grow, not only here in Germany but also internationally. Only by getting “out there” and interacting with the community can we achieve what Hits and Crits is all about: Having fun and building a safe, open, and welcoming group for all people that love to paint, roll some dice, and push plastic puppets across a table! Therefore, I try to do my part by being active in our team meetings and projects such as our online league. Also, locally I participate in gaming events and meetings and help with the organisation or as judge/mentor when my help is needed.

Daniel: When Chris approached me, I quickly thought: Yes, this is it. That’s what the game needs. Another level of organised play, teams people can cheer for, and so on. Hits and Crits does an awesome job at promoting the game we all love by drawing new people into the game and keeping them engaged with professional content, outstanding services and collaborations, bombastic events, and continuous community care work (for example on the Discord). So, for me it was clear from the first second that I wanted to be a part of the Hits and Crits mission and embark on this epic journey together with all the great people Chris rallied. I have been playing the game for quite some time now. During the years I got well connected with many of the ‘big names’ of the international scene and was able to collect a lot of experience in big tournaments. That’s something I want to contribute to the portfolio of the team.

Alex: I’ve been blown away by how many friendly and helpful people I’ve met in the hobby and especially in Hits and Crits, So I was very happy and honoured to be chosen for the team, especially since some of the best players in Germany are part of it. I don’t have the reach of a Lark or Martin/Iceman, but I try to do my bit. I’m currently in charge of the online league we started, and which is constantly growing, which is great fun. Of course, we have very different characters in the community, some people are done with their 5 games after a week, while others need 3 months. Both absolute beginners and veterans take part, and we are now trying to introduce some kind of ranking for the next league. It shows that it’s not the experience or the quality of the player that matters, but whether you want to be part of this team and enjoy contributing to the community.

Paskal: I Hope that being part of the Hits and Crits Team will help towards recognising Europe as an important market to invest in with ASOIAF: TMG still having a lot of growing potential. Before my invitation to the Team, there were some signs that Chris was planning something big because I had some acquaintances with other members who saw them sporting the Hits and Crits Tag which made it obvious. But still it felt amazing getting offered this place, because there are so many amazing players in Germany and getting a place in the spotlight is really cool. Hits and Crits seems to be the only ASOIAF Community that wants to be more than a place for people with the same interest in a tabletop game. We are already working on more content behind the scenes than what is already established. I know that other communities do analyses of new content, but we want to engage together with our Discord members. Each Faction channel already has a Faction mod as an established contact partner regarding questions to their Faction with more to come.

Martin: It is such an honour, as a player but as also just in general, to be offered a spot in the Team. I met Chris at Tourney, and we got talking about doing some stuff together. He spoke about seeing me as worthy of being an ambassador of the game, which was really nice since it costs him, Denis and Till a lot of time to do so much great stuff. I appreciate them taking the time to invite me. Won the first trophy for the team and it was cool to see all the cheering in the Discord channel, and just sharing the win with friends means so much more in the server because of the bond you build with them. It feels like a family business, and I won’t take it for granted. I started with no idea but because of other people I have gotten here, and I want to give back to the community.

Chris: At first, joining the team wasn’t on my radar. However, as I gathered with most of the players, they approached me with the invitation. It was an unexpected but deeply gratifying moment. They expressed that beyond my competitive skills, they saw in me the potential to embody the spirit of the team—a leader, a confidant, and a friend. Being asked to join wasn’t just about filling a spot; it was about becoming an integral part of a collective vision, a journey we were about to embark on together.

Why is the Focus on Organised Play Important for the Game?

Thomas: Organised competitive play is important for a game like this, because in my opinion, it in the end is what keeps a game like this running and “alive.” Although competitive players might only be a fraction of all the people who play this game sometimes, they are the ones really invested in the game, cooking the Meta-Lists, revealing balancing issues, trying to get in touch with developers and of course organizing tournaments and events.  A tabletop game always lives a little bit on the investment its community shows, not only financially. Playing tabletop games is a social thing in the end. ASOIAF:TMG in my opinion is a really great tabletop game, and I wish for it to live long and prosper, and I wish for the community to grow and for cool events. With CMON obviously not being in the position, to do a lot in this direction, it is on us, to build community structures and structures for competitive play and something like the Hits and Crits Team and all the other aspects of the Hits and Crits community are exactly what is needed for that.

A good event is a social happening, I can meet people who share the same interests, and we can have a good time together, playing our favourite game and chatting about it. It is just fun, like a good concert or a weekend trip. Being competitive and trying to win for me is something, I like to compete, try to get the best out of me, outplay my opponents – it is just fun. I don’t care so much for prices I can win, as I care for really good games against good opponents, with tense and exciting game moments and smart plays, that you remember for years after.

Dominik: It’s one of the biggest motors that keep the game moving forward and alive, in my opinion. For one, organising ourselves and offering interesting opportunities for everyone to play on a competitive level, to compete with players from all over Germany and even Europe is such an amazing and rewarding experience and helps to grow the community. Also, when we show that we are an active community that is invested in the game, we have a bigger chance that the game will be supported continuously with rules, regular balance updates and new models.

Daniel: For me, the best moments are when people from different places, nations and even continents come together in live events to share their love for the game. I love the positive tension when people compete for a title. I made so many friends through A Song of Ice and Fire and travelled to places I probably wouldn’t have without my passion for the game. The big events are where I do the most work and I’m training for them every week. I also see how these events unleash creativity in others (think of all the crazy armies and ideas you can look at occasions like the LGT for example). And now, with the Hits and Crits team in place, I hope that other groups of players with a similar mission come together and form teams, too. I think of my good Polish friends from Team Piwnica and others. To win a title on your own, I imagine, is not half as fulfilling as if you win it for a team that represents a good as gold mission.

Alex: Organised play allows new and old players to connect and find a friendly, open, and helpful community. Chris, Dennis, and Till have gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone who is part of the community is nice and respectful and this has already taken on a positive life of its own. Due to the strong growth, new channels are constantly being added, be it for buying and selling, your favourite Faction, to ask rules questions, to present your paintjobs or to simply look for relaxed/competitive games. Hits and Crits is extremely important, it allows new and old players to connect and share the hobby with. You can see just by looking at how many clubs and game clubs there are, where you have just realised during the Pandemic how important it is to get together with others and have a good time. Discord now makes it possible to connect these clubs and makes it easier for everyone who wasn’t previously in one of the small structures to find people nearby or online. At the end of the day, it’s a hobby and for me it’s about the fun of playing, competing with others and then tinkering with the lists together and improving. Of course, it would be nice if CMON could organise it on a large scale, but it’s an excellent game with mostly good balancing and it excites us all.

Paskal: Organised play helps keep the game alive together with a good base set for rules. I don’t really understand why CMON focusses so much on the USA with its local qualifiers even though many tournaments don’t have a high number of participants in comparison to Europe which have many above this number. Even the biggest recent tournament in the USA (Adepticon) only had around 47 participants. We already had national championships last year with high numbers of participants so there is proof that Europe has a lot of competitive potential. It’s not only highly competitive players but a good mix. The most rewarding part of playing competitively is getting to know so many people online through our online league and finally meeting them in real life. I can only recommend everyone to visit different cities and meet as many players as possible. This keeps the game fresh.

Martin: In Germany, we looked at how Tournaments are run and found our own way, but everyone works together and helps each other, and these events become very important for forming a community. The events are very important for building lists by coming up with interesting designs and giving an aim for hobbying towards. But also organised play allows for players to meet new people, and when we run events people stay longer to socialise, I’ve built a lot of friendships from this which makes calling it an event instead of a Tournament better.

Chris: Organised play is crucial for the game for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a structured platform for players to come together, compete, and showcase their skills. This organised environment not only fosters healthy competition but also facilitates learning and growth within the community. Additionally, organised play helps to standardise rules and formats, ensuring a consistent and fair playing experience for all participants. It also encourages community engagement and camaraderie, as players gather regularly to share their passion for the game. Moreover, organised events often attract new players, serving as a gateway for individuals to discover and immerse themselves in the hobby. Ultimately, by prioritising organised play, we can nurture a vibrant and thriving gaming community, where players of all skill levels can come together to enjoy the game they love and this is Hits and Crits` omni-present motivation and goal.

What Content Can You Expect?

Some of the team have already been appearing in some videos, the most recent one begins from the OnTarget series where some of the members break down how to utilise Deployment and Terrain with AndOne, LArks, and Iceman appearing. There are other features in the Season 4 in review series, and there have been episodes on list building and unboxing breakdowns.

Chris: Our channel plays a vital role in enriching the gaming community in several ways. We provide entertaining and informative content that educates and engages players of all levels, helping them improve their skills and deepen their enjoyment of the hobby. We actively foster a positive and inviting community through our community server, ensuring it remains a welcoming space where gamers can connect, share experiences, and support one another. Additionally, Hits and Crits is committed to making the hobby as accessible as possible for everyone, especially beginners. We offer beginner-friendly guides, tips, and resources to help newcomers feel confident and empowered to join the gaming community. Moreover, the Hits and Crits Team will serve as another step to motivate and enrich the current state of gaming in Europe, providing inspiration and opportunities for players to engage and excel. By providing valuable resources, fostering connections, and celebrating the joy of tabletop gaming, ‘Hits and Crits’ strives to uplift and support the gaming community worldwide.

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