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Goonhammer Interviews the Top 3 Players from Nacional de Valencia in Spain!

We check in on the recent Spanish Kill Team Major and interview the top 3 finishers from the event.

Goonhammer Interviews the Top 4 Players from The Purge in Australia!

We talk to the top 4 players from Australia's Purge Kill Team event.

Playing Pathfinders at the Las Vegas Open 2024: An Event Report

Travis recaps his experiences at LVO 2024 playing Pathfinders, hoping to take the newly-buffed team to the finals. Follow along with his journey.

Goonhammer Interviews the Top 3 Kill Team Players from the Las Vegas Open

We look at the meta from this year's Kill Team championships at LVO and talk to the top players from the event, including ITC Champion Adrian Bonvento.

Goonhammer Interviews the Top 2.5 Kill Team Players from the UTC Open

Hi everyone! This week we’re catching up with the killteam players of this weekend’s UTC Open. We put up $1000 of cash prizes to pull some of the best and brightest from the North East region to duke it...

Kill Team Salvation – Scouts Kill Team Review

We look at the new Space Marine Scouts Kill Team in KT Salvation - their rules, how they stack up to other teams, and how they're likely to fit into the current meta.

Ringing at the Kill Team World Championships: An Event Report

Salutations readers, welcome to my recap of the 2023 World Championships of Warhammer, in which I played as a ringer! I was both very lucky to be covering the event for Goonhammer and also to be allowed to play in...

Goonhammer Interviews the Top 4 Players from the 2023 Kill Team World Championships

Welcome back to our nearly complete coverage the 2023 World Championships of Warhammer. Yesterday we took a look at the meta of the top 8 bracket at the event and spoke with the players who finished fifth through eighth. Today we're...

Goonhammer Interviews the 2023 WCW Kill Team Top 8, Part 1: Players 5-8

This year’s World Championship of Warhammer has come and gone, bringing with it reports that the Ork Kommando meta has fallen short of  the finish line. It seems Feel No Pains, Tentacles, and Mouths in odd places were the...

Kill Team World Championship Player Profiles: The US Players (All 16 of Them!)

The World Championships of Warhammer are next week and we’re prepping by talking to some of the key competitors at this year’s event - many of whom are also competing for top honors in the ITC. We sat down...