UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: April 5, 2024

The Unified Tournament Circuit is a regional circuit for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar which covers the area between Virginia and Newfoundland. In case you missed our announcement, you can find it here.

You can find the full calendar of UTC events here.

Last Weekend’s Event

The UTC is back in full swing with a nice mix of 40k and AoS events this week. Let’s take a look.

HFX Games: Winter War

(Dartmouth, NS)

Credit: Greg Narro

Kicking us off in Canada we have a 40k RTT. Matthew Reeson won the event with their Adepta Sororitas with a very varied list. It features a whole mess of support characters, a couple tanks, a block of Arco-flagellants and a brick of Sacresants. Seems like a very durable list designed to score and outlast their opponents.

  •  Matthew Reeson (Halifax Privateers) – Adepta Sororitas
  • Keenan Elliot (Halifax Privateers) – Death Guard
  • Aaron Wall – Drukhari


Alternate Universes April Warhammer 40K Tournament

(East Norriton, PA)

Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-tank Annihilator by Crab-stuffed Mushrooms

Next up in Pennsylvania is another 40k RTT. The winning list was Brian Zhu’s Custodes. The list breaks away from what we’ve been seeing in the meta, bringing two Grav-tanks to deal with armor and a unit of Witchseekers for a cheap melee threat. Congrats Brian!

  • Brian Zhu (Cuddle Buddies) – Adeptus Custodes
  • Kenny Snider – T’au Empire
  • Jack Rosen (Cuddle Buddies) – Adeptus Custodes


Dice Boys – Tournament Circuit – Unfunstuff

(Pembroke Pines, FL)

Imotekh the Stormlord. Credit: Pendulin

Heading down to florida we have yet another 40k RTT. Necrons took this one, piloted by Christopher Herron. The list was a Hypercrypt list featuring much of what we’ve come to expect (Monolith, C’tans, Etc). I guess Imotekh the Stormlord was there which is neat but it’s really just more of the same.

  • Christopher Herron (Chaos Legion) – Necrons
  • Allan Yepez (Dice Boys) – World Eaters
  • Andrew Robinson (Dice, Death, and Robots) – Astra Militarum


YHP ALX Keeler Fever Spring RTT

(Alexandria, VA)

Insta: bair_paints

The last event we’re gonna go over here is an AoS RTT out of Virginia. Mikael Conrow won the event with their Fyreslayers. The list brings a whole mess of Vulkite Berzerkers backed up by Ionus Cryptborn for the undeniable prayer in order to easily score their grand strategty. Its neat to see the butt dwarves doing well at events, even if they’re held up by an ally.

  • Mikael Conrow (Mid Atlantic Mollywhoppers) – Fyreslayers
  • Bill Keeler (TILT) – Big Waaagh!
  • Matthew Soaper (Of Dice and Men) – Skaven

AoS RTT @Layton Gaming

(Altamonte Springs, FL)

Sons of Velmorn. Credit: Fowler

Unfortunately the winning list for this AoS RTT was not submitted, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

  • Jonathan Weretka (Layton Gaming Club) – Soulblight Gravelords
  • Zachary Shinn (Layton Gaming Club) – Flesh-eater Courts
  • Douglas Klem (Layton Gaming Club) – Hedonites of Slaanesh

Sector Cville’s 40k Tag Team Tournament Throwdown

(Charlottesville, VA)

This was a doubles tournament; my favorite kind. Unfortunately the placings are hidden so we can’t see the winning teams.


Iron Cage GT: Bedford Beatdown

(Bedford, TX)

For coverage on this event check out this week’s Competitive Innovations

Upcoming Events

April 13


April 13


And that’s all we got for this week. Join us next time when we change things up and talk about Warhammer tournaments maybe!

Have any questions or feedback? Are you a TO interested in joining the circuit? Drop us an email at contact@goonhammer.com.