Welcome to Age of Sigmar Fourth Edition: Faction Focus

The long march to the full release of Age of Sigmar fourth edition continues this week with the release of all 24 faction packs for the line’s initial launch, the Generals Handbook, and the Manifestations Lore. Along with the core materials in the GHB and Manifestations, we’ll be providing coverage of every single faction pack over the next few days, starting with these factions today:

And then these factions tomorrow, Sunday, June 30th:

On Monday, July 1st:

On Tuesday, July 2nd:

On Wednesday, July 3rd:

On Thursday, July 4th:

And on Friday, July 5th:

It’s a lot to get through, but our team of experts at Goonhammer have cooked up the best overviews and takeaways from all the new rules and models that Games Workshop is putting out as Age of Sigmar fourth edition gets closer and closer to going live. Thanks again to Games Workshop for providing us with the rules and boxset to put together these reviews.

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