Yum Yum: Goonhammer Dice Now Available


The one thing that unites the majority of games we write about is dice. Whether you’re playing 40k, Age of Sigmar, Titanicus or any one of many other games, you’re going to need to use some 6-sided dice at some point. This is something that I wanted for myself so now you can buy them. 

I reached out to Baron of Dice a few weeks back about teaming up for some excellent Goonhammer dice. You can choose a standard and simple GH logo in blue/black OR you can be a real winner and roll Gregbot heads as 6’s to victory in a green/back instead. I mean you might still lose, they’re not weighted, they’re just cool.

Official Goonhammer Dice

The Goonhammer logo dice are available if you mash your clicker here.

Official Gregbot dice. “Yum yum…” – Gregbot, all the time

Cut Gregbot’s head off and put it on dice by smushing the go button on this part.

Don’t worry. Gregbot has spare heads. Or maybe do worry, that’s pretty terrifying.

GREGNOTE: Hi everyone, I’m the guy who got turned into a robot that got turned into dice, and I’m here to say that it’s completely friggin’ wild that these exist and you should buy them because I want to experience whatever it feels like when your opponent is rolling dice with your face on them – the utterly betrayal of seeing myself on a six that costs me the game. Looking into the mirror as I slit my own throat. So cool.

Also, full disclosure: Goonhammer does get some of the money when you purchase these – whether that makes you more or less likely to purchase them, I cannot say, legally.