Malifaux Faction Focus: The Arcanists

Our biweekly coverage of Malifaux continues! In today's faction focus we're looking at the weird nad wonderful warriors of the Arcanists. Welcome to the second Malifaux Faction Focus article! Today we’ll be focusing on the working men and women of...

Malifaux Faction Focus: The Guild

Welcome to the first in a series of Faction Focus articles! My goal with this series is to introduce new players to Malifaux’s eight factions. I plan to go over the lore, the aesthetic, and the playstyle. I'll discuss...

Malifaux: An Introduction

Gunslinging shades battle it out with stitched horrors amid ancient catacombs… Winged demons descend on a Union picket line, only to be repulsed by waves of ice magic Saffon-clad monks venture into the Bayou, only to stumble on a drunken Gremlin...

About Me

Sam "Togepi" Barrows has been playing Warhammer on and off since 2004 and Malifaux on and off since 2011. With the demise of Warmachine/Hordes, mayitrestinpeace, he spends most of his time flipping cards rather than rolling dice, especially because smaller crew sizes appeal to those who paint approximately one new model every season. His preferred faction is Bayou, and he takes great pride in slaying robot tanks and winged demons alike with his army of drunken gremlin luchadores.
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Latest News

Fury of the Deep: Unit Updates

With the new box set on pre-order today from Games Workshop both the Fyreslayers and Idoneth have seen Warscroll...
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