Getting Started with Legions Imperialis – Solar Auxilia Tactics

We dive into the basics of the Solar Auxilia - what makes them work and what you need to know about playing them.

An Epic Tale – The History of Small Scale Wargaming in the Grim Darkness

We take a look at the history of Epic and how Games Workshop got from a standalone game to sell marines on both sides to the modern release of Legions Imperialis.

Legions Imperialis: The Great Slaughter – The Goonhammer Review: Solar Auxilia

The Solar Auxilia get three new Formations and seven new Detachments in this supplement, and the formations range from decent to incredibly good and the detachments cover the full spread from terrible to "Achilles Leaves His Tent." So let's...

The First Legions Imperialis FAQ – The Goonhammer Hot Take

An FAQ has hit unexpectedly early for Legions Imperialis (though a lot of what's here is intended to cover misprints in the cards that are not in the rulebook), and we're here to lovingly shovel discourse into your mouth...

Burn Baby Burn – Vulkyn Flameseekers in Warcry

Fyreslayers come to Warcry with the Vulkyn Flameseekers, which also added a 4th unit to the army in AoS (though that has not gone down well given their abilities and points cost). In this article we're looking at the...

Bring It Down – Kruleboyz Monsta-Killaz for Warcry

Many thanks to Games Workshop for providing us with an early copy for review. Kruleboyz come to Warcry with the Monsta-Killaz, a unit that plays into their fluff about capturing and training monsters of various kinds. Kruleboyz are new...

Mmmm Hungwy – The Gorger Mawpack in Warcry

Many thanks to Games Workshop for providing an advanced copy of Hunter & Hunted for us to review. While Ogres have been well served with Underworlds warbands, they've been lacking in Warcry (not that the Underworlds bands aren't great...

Can I pet them? – Wildercorps Hunters in Warcry

Many thanks to Games Workshop for providing us an advanced copy of Warcry: Hunter & Hunter for review. Cities of Sigmar returned to AoS with a new range created for AoS, rather than repurposed Warhammer Fantasy figures, and part...

Into the Crypt of Blood – New Warcry Starter Box Review

Crypt of Blood is the new Warcry starter set, and is firmly targeted at introducing new players to the game. The box contains everything you need to start playing! The Set In terms of product design this is an interesting set....

End of the Edition Painting Challenge – The Results are In

Here we are, clutching a shiny new edition starter box for us to fail to paint before 11th Edition comes out in 2026. Let's look at what people got done in the last burst before 10th Edition hit. Everyone who...

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