Knights in Warhammer 40,000 – a history of chivalry

In A History of Miniature Violence, we look at the history of wargames, examining different factions, games, and concepts over the years. Today we're looking at the history of Knights in Warhammer 40,000, colossal war machines piloted by members...

The Squats – The Story of Thicness

With GW’s announcement that Squats are returning, it felt like a good time to have a detailed look at the history of Squats, or Space Dwarves, in 40k. The Squats are a faction with a very weird and spotty...

The Laughter of the Dark Gods – Legionaries in Kill Team

So we finally get a power armour only faction for Kill Team, and it is a thing of beauty. With six operatives, it is on the smaller side compared to teams like Veteran Guard or Pathfinders, but thoughtful play will...

Aeronautica Imperialis Companion – Your Trusty Expansion

This week Thundercloud is reviewing the Aeronautica Imperialis Companion, which contains rules for Eldar Space Marine, and Necron flyers. What's in the book? I’ve finally received my copy of the AI Companion. It’s a 64 page paperback book containing the Eldar,...

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Editorial: Transphobic Language and the Horus Heresy

Goonhammer is unusual in the modern content ecosystem for focusing hard on written content, often long form and detailed,...
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