Conquest Tactics: Faction Focus 100 Kingdoms Updated

Friends, when I first wrote this article I listed ‘ranged’ as a weakness of the Hundred Kingdoms. What a way we’ve come.

The new Faction Focus is ready, so get it and appreciate it while it’s hot because I spent a lot of my weekend on this before being informed by Goonhammer’s international correspondent that a bunch of it is on the chopping block. Which is great to hear after I had to put my article on Reforms on the chopping block because it turns out nobody is quite clear on how it works now. We live in the beautiful liminal phase of being able to appreciate this moment of Conquest’s history for the time it takes Leo to recover from running himself ragged at Adepticon and fix things.

I joke, but it’s actually lovely; the vibe we have consistently gotten in our interaction with the Conquest design team is that they’re extremely dedicated to their game, interested in community opinion and determined to fix things when they go wrong. Conquest is clearly my favourite wargame right now and there’s never been a better time to get started.

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