Turn Order’s DM Tools & Tricks

  So, you’ve found your first group of players, you’ve decided on a system that works for everyone involved, and now your head is reeling with the manifold possibilities and responsibilities wrapped up in managing this experience for everyone. You...

Turn Order’s Your First System

Hey, you came back! That’s great! Maybe you didn’t, and the SEO gods are just really workin’ for this little article today, or you just like clicking links. Either way, welcome back to the third entry in a series...

Turn Order’s Building Your Table

So you’ve decided to dip your feet into the ttrpg hobby! That’s great! I’m certain you already have great ideas for systems you want to try, characters you want to build, and thrilling adventures you want to get lost...

Turn Order’s Introduction to Tabletop Role-Playing Games

We talk a lot about wargames here on Goonhammer dot com, but did you know that there's a whole other hobby that originated from wargames back in the 1960's? Emerging from the military simulation community, the first ever roleplaying...

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Petra Skelton is a nonbinary transfemme (she/they) that enjoys designing tabletop roleplaying games, performing in ttrpg actual plays, and writing pieces of weird fiction. She enjoys exploring body horror, mecha, and a whole host of other weird themes. She's written entertainment articles, comics for Iron Circus Comics, and short stories. Her most recent short story; "This dying beast that lies between us", has been published by Neon Hemlock in the Luminescent Machinations anthology.
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Battletech Mech Overview: Nightsky

What happens if we make a hatchetman that isn't bad? We explore this in this week's Mech Overview: the Nightsky.
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