Administratum: The Dark Angels Update

Psst, hey buddy. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You look like you can keep a secret, so I’m going to let you in on one. But we need an understanding, you see. This is just between you and me. I know I’m good for it, my lips are sealed over here.

But if word were to get out, then I know it’ll be from a certain someone. And then I know a certain something is going to happen to that particular someone, and wouldn’t that be unfortunate. That’s right. We’re on the same page here, and as long as we’ve got an understanding, then I’ll clue you in. You see, Administratum has a certain update going live, and you might be interested …

Codex: Dark Angels

That’s right, this secretive supplement to Codex: Space Marines took off and has finally arrived at Administratum.

Secrets within secrets. Add-ons within add-ons.

In addition to datasheets and other goodies, Codex: Dark Angels also brings with it new Oathsworn Campaigns, requisitions, and other mechanics for Crusade. All our excellent Official Patrons can get started right away by installing the Codex: Space Marines add-on in their roster’s Settings.

Once installed, click the hamburger menu on your roster dashboard’s Codex: Space Marines section. Then click Codex Supplements.

Mmm, secretive hamburger.

Toggle on the Codex: Dark Angels supplement by checking the box and clicking submit. With just that, you’ve unlocked the full range of Dark Angels goodies. New Oathsworn Campaigns, new Requisitions, and a brand new way to spend those honorable Honour Points on unit promotions: Inner Circle Advancement.

So many Oathsworn Campaign options!

I’m not going to dilly where I needn’t dally, so today’s update is short and to the point. Want Dark Angels? Go get ’em! Want to support Goonhammer? Check out our Patreon. Want to see the next total solar eclipse in the continental United States? Buckle up and wait until 2044. And while you wait, that’s a perfect time to get a couple games in and check out these patch notes!

Patch Notes: 2023-04-09

  • Added
    • Add-on – Space Marines – Codex Supplement: Dark Angels
      • Codex Supplements can be toggled on from the hamburger menu in your add-on’s section of your roster Dashboard
      • Codex Supplements can be toggled on at any time – before, after, or during any Oathsworn Campaign
      • Enhances your Codex: Space Marines with new Requisitions, Oathsworn Campaigns, and Inner Circle Advancements
      • Requisition – Secret Quest
      • Requisition – Exemplars of Stoicism
      • Requisition – Rite of Honour
      • Requisition – Penitent’s Hope
      • Requisition – Veteran Initiates
      • Oathsworn Campaign – Secrets of the Unforgiven
      • Oathsworn Campaign – For the Lion!
      • Oathsworn Campaign – Hunt the Fallen
      • Honour Points – Inner Circle Advancement
    • Add-On – Codex: Space Marines – You can now delete Oathsworn Campaigns
  • Fixed
    • Fixed an issue in Add-on – Codex: Space Marines where the prompt for creating an Oathsworn Campaign didn’t go away after clicking Submit.
    • Fixed an issue in Add-on – Codex: Space Marines where, after using certain requisitions, the Campaign Log contained links that were not properly colored.
    • Fixed various typos in Add-on – Codex: Space Marines.

Unrelated to Dark Angels, but I just picked up tickets for the Narrative event at Games Workshop’s US Open in Tacoma, Washington. I’ll be there in full Adeptus Mechanicus splendor, assuming the alluring lure of Skaven doesn’t pull me into Age of Sigmar, yes-yes. In either case, keep an eye out for me. I’ll be the guy who looks like me. You know the one.