Index: Emperor’s Children – the Goonhammer Hot Take

Games Workshop released the Index PDF for Emperor's Children and we look at what's in it and how the army will play with the upcoming Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

Hammer of Math: Knight Shields

This week's Hammer of Math looks at the calculus behind when to best utilize certain Stratagems and Enhancements to protect Imperial and Chaos Knights. If Knights have one thing going for them (and usually they have more than that), it's...

UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: May 17

  The Unified Tournament Circuit is a regional circuit for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar which covers the area between Virginia and Newfoundland. In case you missed our announcement, you can find it here. You can find the full calendar...

TheChirurgeon’s Road Through 2024, Part 11: The May Asgard RTT

TheChirurgeon's Road Through 2024 continues with his first RTT of the year - playing Death Guard at Asgard.

What’s New in Tabletop Battles, May 2024: Linked Games, Photos, Horus Heresy, Custom Game Types, and More!

We've been busy building new features and support for new games and mission modes in Tabletop Battles! Come check out all the cool new stuff we've added in the last few months.

Games Industry News Roundup- May 14th, 2024

Here at Goonhammer, we know that it’s hard to keep track of all the news happening all the time in the games industry. So much is always going on with games of all sorts, and their related media, it...

SRM’s Roundabout to Pendleton: Squig City Casino Royale

So What Is All This In order to break a three-year period of employment I would charitably call "inconsistent", I returned to school in February to study UI/UX design. This does not matter very much to you, but it does...

Hammer of Math: Green Tide Boyz Resiliency

This week's Hammer of Math gets stuck in with the Boyz and looks at how difficult it is to kill a unit of Ork Boyz in a Green Tide when they're led by a Painboy. Orks is best. That is...

That 6+++ Show Episode 87: Room 101 40k Units Edition.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD6zOeemohs?si=KU5_2o9CPl_aBpz8] Tom is joined by Ed, Jack and Rob to throw their worst offenders of 40k into Room 101, never to return! All our handy social links: https://linktr.ee/6plusplusgaming

Codex: Chaos Space Marines 10th Edition – The Goonhammer Review

Are you ready for the summer of Chaos 2024? We’re two weeks away from the release of the 10th edition version of Codex: Chaos Space Marines and with it, some fire rules that add a ton of depth and...