The First Legions Imperialis FAQ – The Goonhammer Hot Take

An FAQ has hit unexpectedly early for Legions Imperialis (though a lot of what’s here is intended to cover misprints in the cards that are not in the rulebook), and we’re here to lovingly shovel discourse into your mouth and let you know what’s changed, and why it matters.

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Rules Changes

Engine Killer now affects multi wound vehicles, like Kratos and Malcadors. This is a common sense change as it means that a Malcador can’t shrug off Engine Killer hits that crumple Baneblades.

Warp changes so Warp Missiles can no longer one shot titans, because they roll one dice instead of a number of dice equal to their remaining wounds. Because Warp Missiles are Engine Killer 3 they one shot Baneblades and knights, because any hit kills them. Reavers and bigger can now survive, because instead of rolling 5 dice, doing 4 wounds on every 2+ rolled, it’s one dice. The only saves that work are Feel No Pain and Jink, and there aren’t a lot of those in the game.

Warp Missiles are still incredibly good after the change, one shot smaller Titans and any Knight, and murder Super Heavy detachments, but you can’t one shot a 750 point titan with a single shot weapon on a Reaver titan. You could with two though, so I don’t know if this will encourage people to take bigger titans instead of two Reavers with Warp Missiles given hitting a single super heavy detachment or big knight can virtually make your points back for the Reaver you’ve taken.

I think Warp Missiles still provide a hard ceiling on how big detachments can get as every model in a detachment targeted by a Warp Missile gets a dice rolled against it and on a 2+ it takes 4 wounds. This kills everything smaller than Reaver Titans in one hit. If you put 6 Kratos in a detachment and your opponent is reasonably lucky with dice rolls you lose 350 points of models in one go. Now imagine 4 Baneblades, or a Warhound Titan.

Without some sort of restriction on taking them two Reavers with Warp Missiles in a 3k army, perhaps in the ‘Friendmaker’ pattern with two Volcano Cannons, and sitting them on the backline, murdering any detachment costing more than 300 points in Turn 1 and spending the rest of the game blowing up tanks is still a no brainer.

I think restricting Warp Missiles to 1 per army, or just flat banning them at events, is likely to happen because of the effect they have on constructing your army. In second edition they scattered, making them a lot less reliable than rolling a dice for every model in a detachment and it’s toast on a 2+.


Storm Eagles lost Tempest Rockets, which are the missile pod weapons on Fire Raptors and were included in the Storm Eagle profile by accident.

World Eaters Contemptor Dreadnoughts. Credit: Fowler

Astartes Cards

Misprint on the cards of Vanguard for the Aerial Assault formation is corrected and this is replaced with Compulsory Core. This correction was made in the rulebook but not the cards prior to publication. Marines have no Vanguard units so far, and things you might think would be Vanguard (Terminators or Assault Marines) are Support instead.
This means the Aerial Assault Formation still ties you to taking 2 units of Tactical Marines for an air cavalry formation when frankly Support would be better in that slot, or allowing Assault Marines or Terminators to be taken as Core in the formation in the same way Storm Sections can be taken as Core instead of support in Solar Auxilia Pioneer Companies.
There is art from 1st edition of Assault Space Marines hot dropping out of a landing craft (this is prior to Thunderhawks being created) and it would have been great to be able to do the exact same thing without having to cart around piles of tactical marines, though the fact that getting 8 stands of assault marines to fill a Thunderhawk means getting 32 stands of Tactical Marines may have some bearing on this choice.
Tempest Rockets deleted on the Storm Eagle card as well to correct the editing error.

Solar Auxilia Cards

Pioneer Company corrects Rapier Battery in the Compulsory detachments to Bastion, to match the rulebook as it’s obviously a misprint.
Thunderbolts get the Wing Bombs profile, to match the rulebook as it’s obviously a misprint.


That wraps up our look at this first FAQ. As usual, if you have any questions or feedback, drop them in the comments below or email us at