Warhammer: The Old World Legacy Armies

Alongside the nine core factions making a fully fledged return to The Old World are the Legacy Armies. Games Workshop have released free PDFs which encompass the full rules and army list for each of these seven factions. In...

Arcane Journal: Kingdom of Bretonnia Review

Liam takes a look at the Arcane Journal supplement for the Kingdom of Bretonnia and what it has to offer players.

Warhammer The Old World – Expanding on the Tomb Kings Starter Box

Liam Jordan looks at how to expand your shiny new Tomb King starter set up to 2000 point games.

Warhammer The Old World – Expanding on the Bretonnian Starter Box

Liam looks at how you can expand from the new Bretonnian starter set up to a 2000 point army for grand battles.

Warhammer – Return to The Old World

Liam Jordan takes a thorough look through the rules for the Old World and shares what it has to offer players both old and new

Star Wars Shatterpoint: How to Build Your List

So you’ve played a few games using the contents of the Core Set and are looking to take your Star Wars Shatterpoint experience to the next level? Want to build some of the cool combos you’ve got in your...

Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Witches of Dathomir Squad Pack Review

Prior to the recent Ahsoka Series on Disney+ you'd have been forgiven for wondering what on earth Dathomir was if you'd never watched the Clone Wars. You can see hits of Maul in Savage, they've brothers after all, but...

Star Wars: Shatterpoint – This Party’s Over Squad Pack Review

  Welcome back to our series of Squad Pack Reviews and we're jumping right back into them with one of the most powerful characters in the Star Wars Universe with Mace Windu. Second to only Yoda in power at the...

Star Wars: Shatterpoint – You Can Not Run Duel Pack

  Based off the iconic scene in Kenobi where Obi-wan and Vader (Spoilers - Anakin) come face to face for the first time in a decade we find ourselves looking at the You Can Not Run Duel Pack for this...

Star Wars: Shatterpoint | “Always Two There Are” Event Report

  Star Wars Shatterpoint has been out for approaching two months and events have started to spring up around the world for it. Boards and Swords Hobbies in Derby, UK were running one and with that being my local FLGS...

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