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Codex: Chaos Space Marines 10th Edition – The Goonhammer Review

Are you ready for the summer of Chaos 2024? We’re two weeks away from the release of the 10th edition version of Codex: Chaos Space Marines and with it, some fire rules that add a ton of depth and...

Detachment Focus: Renegade Raiders

We take a deep look at the Renegade Raiders Detachment from Codex: Chaos Space Marines, and look at what may be the strongest Detachment in the game.

Unit Focus: Chaos Space Marine Leaders

In this article series we’re taking a look at the leader options available to each faction, looking at what units they pair with, and talking about the combos available to those units as well as tips for running them...

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A First Look At Magic the Gathering: Bloomburrow

The world of Bloomburrow is a unique one; there are no Humans on the plane at all. No Elves,...
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