Content We Liked: 3rd December, 2023

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Tabletop digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed.


On the Internet at Large

Lets start this week off by squinting really really hard, a real workout for your eyes. This teeny tiny Lion El’Jonson is a hell of a feat, a perfect translation of the Heresy incarnation of the Dark Angel to such a ittsy bittsy scale.


Want to get on CWL? Paint skeletons. Some Bone Boys, some Dusty Daniels. We can’t get enough of our rattling friends, especially when they’re rendered as gorgeously decrepitly as here. 10 out of 10 doots.



No dumb caption for this one. Just… goddamn. Good gosh. What could we say to add that just beholding the Cat Armour wouldn’t?


This Week on Goonhammer

Goonhammer Reviews

It’s the Holiday season, so what better way to kick it off than… hideously delusional cannibals. Huh. Anyway we’ve got a review of the brand new Flesh-Eater Courts armybook and limited edition box for Age of Sigmar, as well as reviews for the heavy metal hellwars of Magnagothica Maleghast, whimsical madness of Disney’s Lorcana, spacebound sabotage of Star Wars Shatterpoint and much more!

Battletome: Flesh-Eater Courts – The Goonhammer Review

Goonhammer Reviews- Magnagothica: Maleghast

Mikey Mouse Club #3 – Is Lorcana Worth It? (A Review)

Star Wars Shatterpoint: Sabotage Showdown Mission Pack Review

Goonhammer Historicals: Review of the Great Escape Games General Purpose Wagon

I Like Big Bolts and I Cannot Lie: Goonhammer Reviews the Elegoo Saturn 12K

Goonhammer Historicals: Campaign : Case Blue – A Bolt Action Review


Preview Pagoda

The Goonhammer Open UK March 2024 Edition!

Games Industry News Roundup- November 28th, 2023

Is ASOIAF Dying? – Neutral Heroes 3 Rules Revealed


Competitive Play

All your weekly recaps of the 40k, AoS, and Kill Team scenes and more. This week: Blood Bowl Hot Takes, a whole bunch of trip reports and Wizards of the Coast’s terrible terrible naming choices.

Competitive Innovations in 10th: After the Storm pt.1

Competitive Innovations in 10th: After the Storm pt.2

Competitive Innovations in the Mortal Realms – Blood and Destruction

General’s Pocketbook: Staying in the Game

Goonhammer Hot Take: The November 2023 Blood Bowl FAQ

Unstable Mutation: Veloci-Ramp-Tor Upgrade (Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander)

Battletech Mech Overview: Nightstar

Star Wars Shatterpoint: How to Build Your List

Hammer of Math: Dice Mechanics in Burrows & Badgers


Event Reports

Goonhammer Interviews the Top 4 Players from the 2023 Kill Team World Championships

Goonhammer Interviews the 2023 WCW Kill Team Top 8, Part 1: Players 5-8

TheChirurgeon’s Road Through 2023, Part 25: The Grand Narrative Recap, Part 1

TheChirurgeon’s Road Through 2023, Part 26: The Grand Narrative Recap, Part 2

The Hemocan Chronicles: Gunum Dolmen Gates to the Grand Narrative

Dadhammering At The World Championships of Warhammer

An Interview with Stephen Devenish; the Australian Kings of War Masters Champion


Painting and Modelling 

A twofer of technical articles for this week’s Painting and Modelling content, with a look at how to use Oils to paint Napoleonic era Brits and how to build the resin albatross that is the Legion Thunderhawk Gunship.

How To Paint Everything: Napoleonic British – Oils

How to Build Everything: Forge World Legion Thunderhawk Gunship


The Fluff Corner

Beep Boop season continues as we take a look at the Crusade sections of the new Necron and Adeptus Mechanicus codexes.

Codex Necrons – 10th Edition: Crusade Review

Codex Adeptus Mechanicus – 10th Edition: Crusade Review


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