Custodes We Liked: April 14, 2024

Rob: Welcome back to CWL, our weekly catalog of things we liked from the internet. Neon’s out this week, so it falls to me to fill in, which is FANTASTIC TIMING as I am absolutely ready to fill in this week. Now normally people think of me as “the Chaos Guy” here at Goonhammer and while that’s fair, today we are CHANGING THINGS UP! Today that “C” stands for “Custodes.”

So kick back and join us as we explore the top Custodes-related content on the internet this week, Goonhammer included.

Goonhammer’s Review of the 10th Edition Codex: Adeptus Custodes

Let’s start with the best Custodes content on the internet this week, Goonhammer’s review of the new Codex: Custodes. It’s our most-read article of the year, filled with deep insight and analysis of the new book. I’m very positive on this new codex and all the changes it brings to the faction, and I’m excited to see what players do with the book on the table. It’s the most positive I’ve been about a codex this edition.

Codex Adeptus Custodes 10th Edition: The Goonhammer Review

Terenn_Nash’s Incredibly Rad Custodes Army

Check out this army of da Emrah’s Finest Warriors, all clad in gold and ready to bring the pain. This is possibly my favorite Custodes army to-date, and I’m glad they posted it in the Reddit thread on the Codex review.

Da Empras Finest

While we’re here, you should check out the other review we published yesterday – although it’s much less important and interesting than our review of Codex: Custodes.

Codex Orks 10th Edition: The Goonhammer Review

Olthar’s Amazing Allarus Custodian

This guy is just great. Incredible work here on this incredibly loyal servant of the corpse-god. Olthar does some fantastic painting and conversion work and is worth a follow.

Infectedbrow’s Custodes Warboss

Look ooz stole ur arma
byu/Infectedbrow inorks

Another fine example of an imposing warrior of mighty stature, clad in gold and clothed in the Emperor’s righteousness. Glorious.

Morsla_Minis’ Custodes

Another incredibly solid Instagram follow, Morsla_minis’ has done an incredible job here with Valorkis and his trusty Vekzillus, ready to go out and do battle reclaiming worlds in the Emperor’s name.

Beneficial-Trust9624’s Outstanding Blade Champion

Master of Executions Conversion. Which sword? Custodes, AoS Chaos or AoS Ossiarch bonereapers?
byu/Beneficial-Trust9624 inChaos40k

Check out this sick Blade Champion, ready to just absolutely carve some people up with the ability to advance and charge once per game. Whatever sword option they ended up going with, I’m sure it looked rad.

There Have Always Been Female Custodians

One more big positive note before I end this – the new Codex has an incredibly rad passage about a female Custodian – we’re covering it in more detail in our review of the lore tomorrow, so check back then – but some screenshots of the story have been making the rounds, leading to some of the dumbest people on the planet losing their goddamn minds. We were very happy to see this confirmation of the lore today from the official Warhammer Twitter account, and so I leave you with this:


Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below. Want to scream and holler about female Custodes and how they don’t belong? Go fuck yourself.