Goonhammer Affiliate Links Statement

One of the things we pride ourselves on over at Goonhammer HQ is that our readers are not bombarded with advertisements when they come to the site. Over the course of our operation we have looked at various funding models numerous times and made the choice to avoid ads. For one, we know as well as anyone how frustrating ads can be to the internet experience. Additionally, we are acutely aware of the potential warping effect that ads can have on content itself. You can rest assured that our obsession with metrics and numbers is not driven by finances; it is purely egotistical.

However, running Goonhammer is not free. As the site grows, so do these costs. We are proudly Patreon supported and are hugely appreciative of our Patrons. The direct operating costs of Goonhammer are currently covered by our Patreons and this is something we hope will never change. We also have a list of exciting expansions and ventures we hope to soon bring to you—physically, in some cases. To that end, we are launching an Affiliate Program with certain partner retailers. Goonhammer believes in the importance of “paying where you play” and supporting local stores, however we also recognize that many people don’t have local game stores. We have been asked by readers and retailers to launch an Affiliate program, so here we are.

In keeping with our commitment to maintaining a positive reader experience, we are establishing internal policies to govern Affiliate Links. Here are the highlights.

  1. Goonhammer Contributing Authors will not be directed or instructed to write articles—reviews or otherwise—for the purpose of generating links.
  2. All Affiliate Links will be added by the editing team—not the Author—after the article is complete and submitted. Authors will not be made aware of links prior to writing.
  3. All articles containing Affiliate Links will carry a disclosure that links back to this page.
  4. We will not fill articles with links to every product. Typically what you’ll see is links at the beginning and/or end of the article, and one to “Starter Sets” or other similar “entry points”.
  5. We will monitor our partners to ensure that we aren’t recommending partners at odds with Goonhammer core values, and we welcome feedback.

Our current Affiliate Partners are:

  • Warlord Games