Leagues of Votann – The Hernkyn Yaegirs Hot Take

Ahead of the release of Kill Team: Termination – which goes up for Pre-order this Saturday – Games Workshop have released an updated datasheet for the new Hernkyn Yaegirs unit for Warhammer 40,000. In this Hot Take we’re talking about the new unit, its rules, and how it fits into the Leagues of Votann army. If you’re looking for the new datasheets, you can find them in the updated Leagues of Votann Index, here.

The Hernkyn are the vanguard of the Leagues of Votann, rugged survivalists who scout ahead of the rest of their kin, exploring new worlds and staking claims. They’ve previously shown up in Votann armies as mounted units – the Hernkyn Pioneers. The Yaegirs give our first look at an on-foot version of these explorers. And it’s an interesting look – Yaegirs are the Votann’s first INFILTRATOR unit, and can take either melee-and-pistol weapon options or bolt shotguns, and have the option for two heavy/special weapons, the anti-vehicle/monster APM launcher and a sniper rifle.

Shane: Hoo boy, this new datasheet has Infiltrators, I have no need to say more. Hah. There is some cool new tech on this unit and I am here for it. They can take an anti 3+ vehicle/monster D6 damage gun and a cheeky 2D sniper rifle, but the real sauce is the plasma knives. Each dude with a knife is swinging 2 attacks at AP-2 (-4 vs 2 token unit with strat). Which is pretty damn good. Combine that with the fact that their datasheet ability is a D6” reactive move, and this unit shapes up pretty damn good. 

I’d say from the sheer tech this adds to the army, this is an auto-include unit. Infiltrate is such a powerful ability, the fact it gives the army the ability to slow down enemy transports or scout move based lists, is huge. Can you imagine how sad your local WE player is gonna be, when a bunch of dudes in trench coats show up and waggle a finger at those scout moves?

Points wise I hope this 10 model unit is no more than 120 points, if it is I’ll be sad, but even then I still think you take this unit in a list.

Jeremy: Oh hey, we finally have a (potential) answer to people blocking our entire scout move with a unit that has Infiltrators! The melee is solid, shooting isn’t horrible, but the real shine here is the deployment ability. If it’s 120 points or less, I’d expect every good Oathband army to start with one of these.

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