Letters From LVO, Day 1

In this series, the Goonhammer authors currently attending LVO write about their experiences at the event, cataloging each day’s games: The trials, the tribulations, the defeats, and the victories. Join us as we take the journey with them.

One day in and so far LVO has been a mixed bag for our Goonhammer crew! Let’s look at the records and standings:

  • Scott Horras “Heresy”: 3-0 (WWW)
  • Shane Watts: 2-1 (WLW)
  • Cyle “Naramyth” Thompson: 2-1 (WWL)
  • Liam “Corrode” Royle: 2-1 (WWL)
  • James “Boon” Kelling: 2-1 (WLW)
  • James “One_Wing” Grover: 2-1 (LWW)
  • Chase “Gunum” Garber: 1-2 (LLW)
  • Novembermike 3-0 (WWW, Kill Team)

After a number of delays leading to a round 3 game that finished past 11pm, only Scott Horras “Heresy” of the Goonhammer authors is still keeping the undefeated dream alive, but moving into day two every author has won at least one game. Send your thoughts and prayers to Chase, whose pre-Ritual of the Damned Dark Angels have performed well strategically, but whose Lascannons and Multi-metas have consistently failed to roll above 2 damage, even when within melta range.

The Current Top 8

I am pleased to see that the current top 8 is not just 8 marines armies! I am not sure how that will hold, but at the very least it bodes well for now.

  1. Anthony Birdsong – Orks
  2. Sean Nayden – Aeldari
  3. Aaron Aleong – Adeptus Astartes
  4. Mark Cromblehome – Aeldari
  5. Simon Gojkovic – Aeldari
  6. Sascha Edelkraut – Imperial Fists
  7. Mark Hertel – Adeptus Mechanicus
  8. Raymond Ahumada – Asuryani

But how does this stack up to the broader standings? Currently there are 77 players with a 3-0 record after day 1.


Well, that’s not ideal, and note that Imperial Fists (2%) are in that orange “Other” wedge. Still, this suggests that the chances of a Marines list winning this whole thing are about 40%.


The Letters Home

Chase “Gunum” Garber

Dear Autumn,

I write you in this dreary moment of respite that I am taking after a day long of battle. My forces met the strangest looking skinny men you’d have ever seen, as well as a mighty tank line of men who wore silver gauntlets like badges of pride. We ended the day by taking a moment to rally, and launching a surprise attack on an armored company of men an horseback, they looked like knights.

I regret to inform you that my flintlock had a misfire in my hand, so I may be returning to you as less of a man then you may have hoped. My left hand is mangled and I fear won’t be able to return to the fields to continue the harvest of Soy Beans those potatoes you so love.

I will be leading my men in another grouping of charges tomorrow. Prey that the Great Goon doesn’t deem it necessary to take my shooting hand.

With Love,



Dear family,

I have escaped the plague-ridden wastes of Seattle and made it to the land of honey and hams. In Kill Team we suffered mildly from the BCP app troubles that broke the 40k tournament, but we had fewer people to pair and were able to carry on. I was able to 3-0 my 8-man pod with a moderate amount of luck and look forward to failing miserably tomorrow at the big kill team tournament.



Cyle “Naramyth” Thompson

Dearest Greg,

After an evening of repairing my forces from the damage received during their long travel from the frozen lands, us commanders returned to the traditional place of breaking fast. After a hearty meal we journeyed to the halls of battle for our first round of engagement.

My first engagement was with House Raven Lance Knight Lord Leigh from the western forest providence of Washington with supporting auxiliary elements from the Raven Guard marine chapter. His titanic machines of war were quite imposing! However, the detachment of Mechanicus troops I have mustered have great experience combating such threats and were able to dispatch Leigh’s Knights in short order. Nigh, our engagement was so brief to allow myself to check on the other commanders field reports and still allow myself a peaceful respite in my quarters for midday rations.

After battle being delayed by the people from the alleged “Best Coast” for one half of a regulation engagement time the powers that be returned to the traditional pen and paper and we were able to have combat resume. The opposing general on the field was Darren, commanding the forces of the Ministorum. During our tense engagement I had several messengers relating information from our various commanders in the field, including a tale of a legendary general who somehow lost despite completely destroying the opposing army! After some crafty maneuvering I was able to be victorious. Now we wait, as the scribes work to see how our forces will pair up.

Another 90 minute wait as the scribes worked furiously. We finally marshaled on the field of battle. This time I faced the legendary Nicholas from House Rose commanding two battalions of the White Scar space marines. We had a hard fought battle that brought many spectators but Alas! My forces were narrowly defeated in a late stage gambit executed flawlessly by Nicholas. I now return to my quarters unable to enjoy the marvelous night life that is this city in the desert offers as the “Best Coast” scribes were not up to the task of handling such a complex set of conflicts as we must join the battle in the morn.



Scott Horras “Heresy”

Dearest Goons,

I write you this morning after a frightful wakening. I had dreamed that our party was due to depart two hours ago, and our wagon train departed without me. The journey out West has been difficult on me and my betrothed. We arrived later than the others in our party, but have none the less arrived enthusiastic.

Our first day saw us successfully fend of the raids from 3 separate parties of natives. I have heard the tales the of enchanted buildings of Las Vegas, but seeing them in person and put to us by the savage war bands fills me with indignation; even as I write this letter. I used to be a firm disbeliever in the arcane, but seeing shoddy wooden structures weather the fire of our heaviest guns multiple times and emerge completely unscathed has me convinced that dark magics do exist in our world and they’ve turned their eye towards non-interactive blessings towards seemingly random structures… an odd way to dispose of such power…

Thus far, every raiding party has consisted of heavily armored warriors, similar to our own. They have all effectively utilized these enchanted ruins to minimize the devastating potential of the batteries mounted on our wagons. However, given patience and effective use of our zooming machines, we have managed to draw the raiding parties out of their enchanted refuges and defeat them with firepower from our wagon-mounted batteries.

I cannot say whether or not I will ever return home, It seems that Las Vegas is rife with savage raiding parties intend on standing where I want to stand and destroying our three wagons. Thus far, we’ve sustained very minimal damage to our wagon train. I pray our luck holds for tomorrow.

Your’s as always,

Scott Horras “Heresy”


James “One Wing” Grover

Dear General Jones,

Early optimism was quickly dashed by the realities of the campaign. I faced down an artillery heavy force of Imperial Fists across a wide, open plain, but was at least able to launch a surprising rapid assault via the trickery of my Aeldari affiliates. Tragically, my Farseer had clearly suffered some form of malady in the transit, and failed to call eldritch energies onto a vital enemy war machine. Thus hampered, my forces were unable to deal sufficient damage in the early stages of the engagement, and was forced to retreat under heavy barrage.

There seemed to be some confusion after the early skirmishes had been completed, leaving our heroic band to variously celebrate victories and lick our wounds after defeat. Eventually, however, the call to war was issued once more, and i took to the field against Imperial forces.

This engagement fared better. The foe were not prepared for the speed with which we fell upon them, leaving their response scattered. Their mechanised elements were gradually destroyed by our noble lancers, and we were able to form a convincing foothold in this region. Further logistical confusion arose, and hunger and thirst began to beset our forces, but my heroic spouse took the initiative to bring me some refreshments, preventing me from expiring through this long, long night.

Finally, another opposing force presented itself, a horde of strange flying saucers clustered around a terrible war machine the strode the battlefield at great height. However, whilst the weaponry of this behemoth was sore terrible, feinting guerrilla attacks from our brave soldiers (many of whom paid for their courage with their lives) were able to sever its support structures and allow us to claim a logistical victory,

After the initial setbacks we have successfully established a beachhead in this strange city. We pray tomorrow will bring more success.


General Wings


James “Boon” Kelling

My Dearest Goons,

Time is ever short and I am most weary, but I write to let you know that I am well though not unscathed. We have engaged the enemy on this day in January, breaking camp at dawn. We drove our enemy from the field in an early engagement. O did our guns thunder terrifically! We sought to press our advantage but a most unfortunate and passing case of BCPox broke out amongst our ranks delaying any closing action by three hours. Losing the light, we opened up on the enemy positions with artillery fire late in the afternoon, but their Iron Handed men of dread proved impossible for our guns to mark and we were forced to fall back. Forgive me dear goons, for I have given my all but it was not enough – we were unable to attain a commanding position and I fear I have betrayed your trust.

Astonishingly, a second outbreak of the BCPox struck our lines – we feared an assault in our most weakened state, but it did not come. Perhaps our enemy had also been struck by a most vile affliction? We managed to recover after an hour and half, in time to meet a third enemy advance. I admit that morale was low, dear goons, I wished only to be in your arms and breathe in the salt of our Minnesotan roads, but cacophony of battle called. Fortunately, in the dying light, we stole the initiative and an early flanking assault from our esteemed and ever shining spears regiment broke the will of the enemy to carry the fight deep into the night. They gave the field and victory was ours. We retire, for the night, but I suspect battle is to rejoin tomorrow – no decisive action was taken today.

I shall dream of you tonight, please write me back, I long to hear your sweet words.

Your Ever-Faithful,



Shane Watts


We infiltrated the enemy lines in the dark and early morning, the enemy entirely unaware. At dawn the battle began, the evil giant steam engines roaring around, looking for prey, but we were to well hidden. Our artillery rained death upon the measly infantry swarming around the feet of the giants, little more than rabble themselves. Once the giants broke into the kill box we sprang the trap. Our machine guns and rockets blowing them into pieces. Soon little more than scraps remained of the engines and the battle was won. The commander gave the order to make a hasty camp, tomorrow more enemies were incoming.

I woke to artillery fire, most of our sentries were killed. I don’t see where our machine gunners and heavy weapon are no where to be seen, I fear the worst. We were almost routed before the heavies showed up, guns blazing, yelling into the face of death. It was too late, were weren’t able to break the lines and stop the artillery, we were forced to retreat. The troops are demoralised.

After regrouping, we fell upon them, vengeance in our hearts. Our heavies and artillery laid waste to all their artillery, and taking out their hasty weapon emplacements. We had them on the run, but the enemy commander rallied them. They hit us with a heavy counter punch, but it wasn’t enough to stop our momentum. Without the ability to resupply, we were already low on ammo. My rifle went dry as we charged the enemy line, I had nothing left to do but close the distance. My only remaining weapon, my trusty entrenchment tool, I knew it was desperate…..

It turns out the a shovel does the job, the sergeant had to pull me back to my senses, so lost was I in the moment. 4 enemies lay at my feet, I was drenched in their blood, my E tool caked in it. The commander told us to dig in and get some extra rest, hopefully I’ll sleep without waking up to shelling again…



Liam “Corrode” Royle

Dearest Goons,

I have endured a long day of battles Two victorious clashes were followed by a merciless defeat, but interspersed were long periods of boredom, indeed nothingness. Some say that these intermittent spans of doing nothing are just part of the rhythm of war, but it seemed that we were at the mercy of a broken-down logistics chain – with no information on where to go or whom to battle, we were simply required to wait.

I hope for rest, and to wake refreshed. The final battle approaches.




Tomorrow: The Long March Continues

After a Day 1 frought with controversy and hardship, Day 2 promises to be a grueling affair as our intrepid band attempts to either press onward to championship glory in Scott’s case, or salvage whatever dignity they can by eking out a 5-1 or 4-2 showing. Day 2 is also usually a lot more telling about results and the meta, as factions can no longer count on having a string of favorable matchups propelling them to an undefeated spot. I expect we’ll see a lot less diversity as we move into day 3. Either way, stay with us, readers – there’s more to come. And as always, if you have feedback or questions, drop us a comment below or shoot us an email at contact@goonhammer.com.