Malifaux Burns Part 6: The Bayou

Gremlins don’t care much for human business.  Humans are always up to some sort of foolishness.  Fiery hombre fluttering around in the sky?  Sounds like a human to me.  The Bayou is cool and wet, so you’d think that it would be the safest place to hide from thecddc Burning Man, but his reach extends everywhere.  There’s strange doins’ afoot, even in the depths of the Bayou, and the Gremlins have their hands full dealing with them.

Som’er Teeth Jones, Loot Monger

couldn’t steal himself some shoes? Credit: Wyrd Games

Som’er’s approach is refreshingly straightforward.  Burning dude in the sky?  Well, that means everyone is lookin’ up, right?  Perfect time to steal their shit.  There’s bad doin’s afoot, but at least the Joneses will get rich.  And isn’t that all a Gremlin can ask for?

Som’er has put away his Boomer and let his family off the hook.  He can’t bring the whole clan on every raiding gig.  Instead, he has a heavy focus on Scheme Markers.  The first time each activation that any Big Hat model removes one, for any reason, they may discard a card to summon a Bayou Gremlin… get a little cousin to carry the loot, I guess.  That’s all Som’er can summon, but that’s a lot of summoning with very little AP investment.  To help generate those Scheme Markers, Som’er can spot the loot; when an enemy within 10″ cheats with an 8 or higher, you can drop a Scheme Marker next to them.  And while Bayou Gremlins are terrible at everything, they can do more than just annoy the enemy; any Big Hat model declaring an attack action can ask a nearby Big Hat model for help, giving the little buddy Slow in exchange for a +twist on the attack.  Trading one Bayou Gremlin AP for a positive twist is a good bargain, especially since you didn’t spend stones on that Bayou Gremlin to begin with.

He’s traded his Boomer for the Hodgepodge Emissary’s Throw Junk attack, complete with built-in Delay trigger, as well as the Draw Out Secrets trigger to drop more Scheme markers.  Mostly what you’ll be doing with him is supporting his crew, though.  The Gremlin Raid action pushes a friendly towards a Scheme Marker and lets them take a shot if they’re a Big Hat model, and it has two useful triggers: one lets you eat a Scheme to become Focused, and one turns off a model’s Insignificant, potentially letting Bayou Gremlins contribute towards the mission.  And his bonus action, Pillage, removes up to two Scheme Markers near a target to heal and shield them and, potentially, earn you a Soulstone.

The flavor’s there, but this Som’er is a bit disjointed.  He has a million ways to remove Scheme Markers, but the rest of his Keyword really doesn’t, outside of taking the Interact action.  Because the summon is once per activation, you can’t have Som’er do all of your marker removal.  Bayou Gremlins are not impressive unless they’re free, and the hoops you have to jump through to get them – especially when they’re your only summon – are pretty rough.

Captain Zipp, Dread Pirate

“you’re the worst Master I’ve ever heard of!” “ah, but you have heard of me.” Credit: Wyrd Games

For a Gremlin who thrives on DASHING TALES OF ADVENTURE!!!, the coming of the Burning Man is a blessing.  The streets are in chaos!  The people cry out for help!  They look up and see… a mighty airship, blotting out the sun!  Zipp’s a bit sad about Parker, but he doesn’t have too much time to worry about it – feats of derring-do await!  It’s not really clear if he’s a heroic Dread Pirate or if he’s just sort of sailing over people’s heads and cackling as they panic, but hey, we can work that out in post.

Dread Pirate Zipp has taken matters into his own hands.  He’s lost his pianos and his Up We Go attack, and swinging on a rope is apparently a bit slower than blasting someone with a jetpack (though at least he still Flies).  However, he’s starting swinging around a nasty Cutthroat Cutlass, and he can catch targets in his ship’s rigging to push them around or blast them with a shockwave from his cannons.  And the biggest draw on his back of card is Booty and Plunder, a ranged marker removal bonus action that can draw up to three cards and either reposition Zipp or heal him and clear conditions.

The biggest change, though, is how Zipp uses his most dangerous weapon: his fearsome blabbermouth.  With the Monologuing ability, whenever any Infamous model draws a card (say, from Showboating) they may discard that card to give a nearby enemy Distracted +1.  And whenever Zipp damages an enemy, a friendly Infamous model may discard a card to take the Interact action, ignoring the engagement range of Distracted models.  Both abilities are once per activation, but combined they let you burden the opposing crew with Distracted and start racking up points.  Plus, once someone is Distracted, they suffer a -twist to resist Zipp’s Cutlass… and it has a built-in trigger to give all enemies except the target a -twist to hit Zipp.  That’s pretty nice defensive tech.

He’s lost Blasting Off Again but gained a similar trigger in Walk the Plank that pushes the enemy away and Distracts them.  Combined with the loss of Sputtering Exhaust, he’s a lot more fragile at range but actually reasonably hard to kill in melee.  Still, the Distraction gameplay seems a bit cute.  Zipp’s crew relied on their master’s multiple overlapping disruption abilities and surprisingly serious damage output, and the new Zipp has neither.  He has a lot of card draw, and he generates a fairly significant amount of Distracted all by himself, but it remains to be seen if that’s enough to make up for what he’s lost.

Ophelia LaCroix, Overloaded

take the gun, leave the piglet. Credit: Wyrd Games

Ophelia can’t do everything herself.  She’s just one Gremlin!  With the Red Cage spewing forth an endless tide of monsters, the LaCroixs are stretched real thin.  This burnin’ fella in the sky is just one problem too many.  Ophelia may be the most competent Gremlin ever to live, but there are times when even she has to rely on her idiot family to do things.

Enter Overloaded.  Rather than the one-Gremlin-army she used to be, this Ophelia is more of a general.  She supports and directs her crew, rather than doing it all herself, and the number one way she does that is “Hold These For Me.”  As long as she’s alive, her and all her Young LaCroix serve as gun racks – any nearby model can take a bonus action while within 2″ of Ophelia or the kids to equip one of her Arsenal upgrades on any friendly Kin within 2″.

This is huge.  For one thing, the 2″ radius to interact plus 2″ radius to hand out the gun means that you don’t have to cluster as much as you might think- and the fact that you have four platforms for this ability in play means your crew can form discrete fireteams.  For another thing, many Kin models have bad or situational bonus actions, and now they all have a good one.  And finally… those guns just weren’t balanced around being on other models.  In particular, LaCroix Raiders really shine with them… their biggest weakness is their terrible Refurbished Shotguns, but once you give them Clean-Up Duty or the Hooch Igniter, their native +twist on all attacks against targets without Concealment or Cover becomes frankly scary.  Rami can also use Sniper to fling glass from 22″ away, or spray flame from 18″.  And any model can benefit from Plink!, keeping them safe alongside Flinch.

Now, they can’t keep the guns forever – “Gimme That Back!” says that when a Kin other than Ophelia uses a gun, they discard it after, but whenever they discard a gun for any reason, they may also discard a card to gain Focused.  This is also enormous; Kin’s ranged attacks are terrifying, and handing out tons of Focus without spending AP on it is pretty significant.  And Ophelia herself can keep the cards flowing: her bonus action, Gremlin Raid, lets up to three Kin with guns in her LOS pitch the guns to resolve an effect, either drawing a card, summoning a Young LaCroix, healing 2 or dropping a Scheme Marker.  For the record: yes, you can discard three guns, discard three bad cards, draw three new cards and gain three focus, all for a single bonus action.  Ophelia’s also got Trick Shot, which pushes around friendlies or pushes and stuns enemies, with the Good for a Laugh trigger to top off her hand.

This Ophelia is great.  I had enormous success with her in the months after Malifaux Burns.  The hefty nerfs to Rami and Francois hurt her quite a bit more than her predecessor, since she relies on her crew more to do the heavy lifting, but I think she still has some mojo… and with a new Gaining Grounds, anything’s possible!  Trick Shot seems very good in the current meta.

Ulix Turner, Porkbelly Protector

how does he stay on? well, there’s at least one spine you can’t see. Credit: Wyrd Games

The story of Malifaux is a story of struggle and intrigue between world-shaking powers, but the Gremlins don’t normally get much of a look-in on this.  They are, I suppose, apolitical.  And of the Gremlins, Ulix is even less involved than most; he feeds and protects his pigs, day in, day out.  So how is it that, of all the Bayou masters, Ulix is the one feeling the coming of the Burning Man most directly?

It’s the pigs.  He’s just following their lead.

The Burning Man’s arrival heralded a messy day at the Turner ranch.  Pig after pig exploded, overloaded by Burning Man energy (?).  These were, for the most part, the damp and messy kind of explosion, but one pig stood apart.  Honey, a solid gold piglet born from a mishap with Zoraida’s root cellar, had grown into a solid gold sow, and her unique physiology meant that when the Burning Man came, she didn’t blow up.  She just got big and mean.  And combustible.

Ulix1 is a gentle, soothing hand, protecting his pigs, healing them, and helping them grow up strong.  Ulix2 is a shitkicker.  His front of card is larded up with special rules; Honey’s flaming aura apparently spreads to the others, as any time any Pig moves into or through an enemy model, that model gains Burning +1.  That means your Stampede charges are stacking burning, on top of everything else.  And when a Pig damages a model with Adversary (Beast), it gains Shielded +1. He’s pretty weak defensively, but his Wp is good, and with Hard to Wound and 14 health he’ll stick around long enough to benefit from all the healing the crew has.

So how do you hand out Adversary?  Ulix’s bow, of course- a 12″ range 2/4/5 that ignores Friendly Fire and that he can fire while engaged.  Anyone hit must discard a card or gain Adversary (and the way Malifaux rules work, if you already have Adversary you must discard).  He’s no slouch in melee, either; like many pigs, he has a 0″ engage, but a stat 6 3/4/6 with Shove Aside and Tear Off a Bite is pretty scary, and more importantly, he can reduce the target’s burning by 1 to get a +twist to the attack action.

Probably the most important line of text on his card, though, is his keyword.  He’s still Sooey, but now he’s also a Pig.  This is gigantic, because Pigs have access to some of the most busted buffs in the game, held back only by mediocre model quality.  Ulix can benefit from Old Major’s aura giving him a +twist to all damage flips (yes, including his bow), he can get +1 mv from Penelope and +1″ to melee from Hog Whisperers, and he can be forced to fire again with Stick ’em.  And Slop Haulers heal him for 1/2/3 instead of 1.  He can even still grow up pigs with his bonus action, which pushes a pig Mv+2 and, on a crow trigger, upgrades it by one Sz per model with Burning it moved through.  So yes, move a Piglet through two models with Burning and it becomes a War Pig.

The Brewmaster, Moonshiner

if do right, no can defense. Credit: Wyrd Games

Brewie is loving his new life.  Working for the Ten Thunders always felt a bit off, especially since they were trying to weaponize his people.  And poisoning enemies with shine is, in one Gremlin’s opinion, a waste of good hooch.  Why not share the white lightning with trusted friends and followers, and then have them drunkenly beat the tar out of the bad guys?  Now you’re talkin’!

Moonshiner has decided that liquor is too important – too holy – to be wasted on enemies.  This version wants you to load that Poison Condition up on friends instead.  There are three key front-of-card abilities that make this work: Lasting Liquor means that enemies can’t reduce or end the Poison condition on friendly models within 8″.  This is necessary to make the crew work.  Bar Room Brawl says that when a friendly ends a move, it may reduce its Poison condition by 1 to ping out one damage on a nearby enemy (once per target per activation or end phase).  And Tipsy Slide means that when a model within 8″ would suffer poison damage, even if they reduce or otherwise alter that damage, they get pushed a number of inches equal to the damage they would suffer.

This last ability is bananas.  Moonshiner has been hit with a mini-nerf as the February errata capped poison damage at 5, but even with that cap, that’s a lot of free pushes.  More to the point, it pushes enemies; back when Corrupted Ley Lines was in the pool, you could (without too much difficulty) lock your opponent out of it entirely by just using one of the many ways to spread Poison unresisted and then just Tipsy Sliding them off the Ley Line markers before they could score.  Brewie’s also got Butterfly Jump and Drunken Kung-Fu, just to make him harder to pin down and surprisingly nastier in melee.

His back of card is all about reinforcing that “open bar” feel.  Open the Gourd, his bonus action, gives a friendly construct (like, say, a Whiskey Golem) or a marker a 2″ aura of Hazardous (Poison 1).  And Another Round is a 2″ shockwave that forces a Wp 14 duel or gives the target poison +2.  Tri-Chi models can choose to fail this duel, and the first time any model fails the duel – by choice or not – each turn, they resolve the poison condition as though it were the End Phase.

Moonshiner plus Fermented River Monks is an unholy combination; those things were simply not balanced around having 20+ poison on them, and with everyone in the crew Have a Drinking each other in the hazardous aura it’s not that unusual to end Turn 1 with more than a hundred poison spread out cumulatively among your crew.  He doesn’t love facing Pandora with her Opportunist (Any Condition), but outside of that he’s a true terror and probably the best Master in Bayou right now.

Mah Tucket, Mecha-Meemaw

well, thank god she’s still got her spoon. Credit: Wyrd Games

So that’s what Mah has been up to.  All this raiding of Arcanist junk heaps wasn’t out of boredom (or at least, not just out of boredom).  A visit to Hollow Point Pumping Station provided the last ingredients she needed, and now behold: a Mecharachnid that would make Kenneth Branagh himself proud.  With all these doodads and doohickeys to play with, Mah has her hands full, but at least her spoon has come along for moral support.

This version of Mah Tucket leans hard into one aspect of the Tricksy keyword: scrap!  It’s always been a secondary theme with her, between Sparks and the Survivors, but now she also has the same Scrapyard Mines ability Sparks has – an aura treating pit traps and scrap as each other.  To help her crew stay safe, her Heaps of Trash ability allows friendly Tricksy models within 12″ to ignore Hazardous Terrain, and she herself has Calypso’s All-Terrain rule, ensuring that she never gets bogged down.

In combat she makes use of a variety of techno-wizardly tools, including an Over-Sized Drill that ignores Armor and Resistance Triggers and a Harpoon Gun with a couple of very nasty triggers of its own: one that pulses out condition removal in an AOE and one that drops a Scrap Marker (so, a pit trap) in base contact with the target and staggers them.  She can also target scrap markers and cause nearby enemies to take a TN 13 Df duel or gain Staggered or Stunned (dealer’s choice).  She can even still drop pit traps!

A lot of her utility comes from mobility; a mask trigger on her Create Trap allows you to teleport a model (via secret tunnel) from one pit trap to another, while another mask trigger on her attack lets her do something similar to enemies.  Her 2/4/5 damage track looks a lot nastier when it becomes a 3/5/6 +injured (i.e. when you volleyball spike the target into a pit trap).

Mah is a bit fragile at Df 4 11 wounds; she has Armor +2, and Sparks can both heal and shield her, but things that ignore Armor will kill her very quickly.  She lacks the intense card draw and buffing utility of the original, but the model is amazing and if your opponent isn’t set up to deal with hazardous/doesn’t have anything that ignores armor, you can cause a lot of damage very quickly.

Wong, the Enchanter

i feel like we’re moving backwards in terms of depictions here. Credit: Wyrd Games

Ah, Wong.  You were doing so well, Wyrd.  There are issues with this model.  The story’s fine: Wong has gotten himself out of a rut by looking to the Burning Man for inspiration, and he’s taken his show on the road again.  I just wish they could maybe, I dunno, not give him a giant Green Peril beard and fingernails.  The horns suggest something weird is going on here.  Maybe he’s Oni-fying?

How does he play?  Well, he’s still all about aoe damage, but now via blasts rather than shockwaves.  His signature ability, Pyrotechnics, allows you to place Blast Markers within 2″ of the target or each other rather than in base to base, which means you can cover an enormous area with them.  To make use of this ability, he’s replaced his Fzzzzap! with Explosive Solutions, a 12″ 2B/3B/5BB attack that ignores all -twists to hit when targeting a model engaged by any friendly model with Glowy Tokens.  It’s not hard to see where this is going, especially with his Cursed Warnings bonus action, which marks a target so that it takes +1 damage from all blasts, pulses and shockwaves.

Rounding out his kit is Enchanting “Magics,” a 1/2/3 heal that lets the target pitch a Glowy token to heal +1, with a trigger to place the target (as long as it’s a friendly Wizz-Bang) within 4″; and Switcheroo, a marker removal action that can hilariously swap the marker for a Stuffed Piglet.

Wong’s lost a lot of his Glowy support on the back of his card, but has two very interesting Glowy related abilities on the front.  Wise Words of Wisdom says that if a model he controls with Fast would gain Fast (so, if a model you’ve already bonked for Hard Knock Life gets bonked again), that model may discard a Glowy token to heal 2.  Effectively this means that, as long as you’re pinging your models for 1 point of damage at a time, the second ping does nothing but heal off the first one.  It’s once per activation per model, so you can’t just spam it out, but it does mean that aoe pulses of one damage are very effective.

The second ability, Siphon Power, is simple but amazingly effective.  Every action Wong takes… that includes Walks and Charges… lets him ping a nearby model for a suit.  He’s got some real spice on his triggers, including a trigger that makes his attack damage irreducible to the primary target, so baking them in helps a lot.  But it’s also just an incredibly reliable pinpoint way to hand out Glowy to your crew and trigger HKL without spending any AP just hitting yourself.

Wong still suffers from a subpar keyword, and this version really feels incredibly safe… from the fact that Wise Words causes you to lose your second Glowy to heal, to the Moderate 3 on his gun, to the fact that he only has one trigger on his primary attack (and that trigger requires him to discard two Glowy Tokens from his crew).  Still, if your opponent bubbles up – and doesn’t have a turn of armor, Evasive, or other anti-blast abilities – Wong will absolutely ruin their day.  I dealt 16 damage with a single Explosive Solutions before.  It felt nice.

Beau Fishbocker

Good ol’ Beau.  Best navigator in the Bayou.  The boy doesn’t get lost, which is a useful skill to have in a trackless waste like the Bayou.  Captain Zipp has made good use of him, since none of the Skeeters can navigate worth a damn (well, maybe the First Mate could, but he’s not a good communicator).  But that bunch of strange humans with the fancy boat have set up shop down where the Bayou slopes into the sea, and Beau’s been entertaining offers from Captain Agassiz as well.

Turns out that a clever gremlin with a map and some fishin’ gear can do a lot of good in the right place.  Beau’s got all the abilities from both keywords that you might expect: Deep Discovery lets him discard a card to cheat with the top card of his opponent’s discard pile, and Reconfigure (Rams) lets him treat any Ram he cheats with as having a value of 9 (if it’s less than 9).  He also has Showboating, allowing him to draw a card at the end of his activation if he cheated, though that only triggers if you cheat from hand.  He’s also got a trick all his own: Lost in the Bayou, a 6″ aura that lets him push any nearby model that cheats fate 1″.  This ability is bananas versatile, even at once per activation; allow nearby friendlies to push an extra 1″, push enemies away so they’re no longer engaging him, push models through hazardous pit traps or similar… not to mention what it does for Test Subjects.

His back of card is also a nice little array of support abilities; he can heal with Plenty of Wares and push models around with Lead the Way (though it should be noted – both of his Lead the Way triggers are only effective against enemies, but you will most often be using it to give friends an additional 4″ of out of activation movement).  He can even make his own Hazardous terrain around a nearby marker so he has something to ping people with.  His melee attack, Fishin’ Gear, isn’t really meant to do damage, but it has a blast on weak and double blasts on moderate and severe and it staggers everyone it damages, so he can gunk up enemy movement… just be careful, as he has to be close.

I love this guy.  He doesn’t really do damage but he does everything else and should see plenty of in- and out-of-keyword play.  Try him with Mah Tucket for some real fun.

Rock Hopper

Or if you want to play Mah in keyword, you can use Rock Hoppington, Esquire, an abandoned Guild mining robot that the gremlins have lovingly fixed up.  Mr. Hopulon synergizes with the scrap marker half of Mah’s kit; he can create Scrap, jump to it with Ride the Rails, and he has a very neat Salvage Site bonus action that targets a scrap marker and gives it a 4″ aura in which friendly models can only take damage from Attack Actions and Hazardous Terrain.  That seems like most sources of damage, but you’d be surprised at how many tactical actions and front-of-card abilities can ping out damage, and Mah’s armor-heavy and low-health keyword appreciates protection from pings.  Because his kit is dependent on scrap, he has a neat little way to protect it as well: scrap markers within 4″ of him cannot be removed by enemy effects.

And if all else fails, he’s an Armor +2 robot with a big Armor-ignoring, resistance-trigger-ignoring drill.

The Hopper is pretty solid, but there’s not too much creativity in list building with him; if you’re playing Sparks and the Scrap Brigade, you take him 100% of the time, and if you’re not… well, you might actually take him sometimes, because that Salvage Site aura can be a big deal.  If your opponent is playing Reva2 or Nekima or some other keyword that pings out lots of damage from tactical or front-of-card effects, you can just say No.  Sometimes that’s enough.

Backup Assistant

It’s hard to get good help these days.  Wong’s assistants tend to vanish, or “vanish” (i.e. explode), or transform into pigs.  Still, there’s always someone looking to break into showbiz.  Some gremlins are just nigh-on indestructible.  Life in the Bayou tends to select pretty strongly for thick skin and quick reflexes.  And no morals, either – some of these enterprising gremlins are happy to help Professor Albus von Schtook.

Sadly, their help doesn’t amount to much.  The Backup Assistant is a very weird model – a collection of abilities that add up to less than the sum of their parts.  The draw in Wong crews is Horrible Luck, which causes nearby enemies to passively take +1 damage from blasts and shockwaves.  That’s pretty cool.  But the ability is very short ranged, and the assistant dies to a stiff breeze.  It has an interesting ability to let nearby models who draw a card discard it and redraw… but it has to take damage to let them do so.  It can end conditions and deal 1 point of damage at a time with its melee attack… but it has a TN, so it’s not even guaranteed to work on friendlies!  And it has Mold of the Other, letting it grow up to replace a dead model, but at a Stat 5 with no built-in suit you’re harshly limited in what you can grow into, and it takes a very good card to do so.

He’s even Insignificant!  Pass, in my opinion.  Poor Wong.  He deserved better, maybe.

Bo Peep

i don’t think those wings are particularly functional, guys. Credit: Wyrd Games\

Now we’re talking.  The Bayou starter is a crossover of sorts with Wyrd’s board game, Bayou Bash, a wacky racing game for all ages featuring Mario-Kart-in-the-swamp shenanigans.  The four models share the Jockey keyword and the Ramming Speed ability, which lets them add a suit of their choice and a +1 to their attack flips generated by the Charge action.  They’re all Versatile, and each has one keyword as well; Bo Peep’s is Sooey, as you might expect.

Of the four, Bo Peep is probably the best.  She’s a Henchman, with all that entails, and her melee attack is fairly low damage (2/2/3) but with a 2″ range and the excellent Hogwash Slosh trigger to place the target anywhere within 2″ of her – that’s a huge displacement, and remember she can build in the trigger.  She’s also got The Race Is On!, a 3″ pulse that lets all nearby models push 3″ and has two excellent and built-in triggers – one to push Jockeys an extra 2″ and let them damage any model they move through, and one to let all Beasts who end their move touching a Scheme Marker eat it and heal 1.

She’s got Trample (letting her move freely through other models) and Stampede, the pigs’ “ping you when I charge” ability, but the real meat on the front of her card is …And The Crowd Goes Wild!, which lets any Bayou model that ends its activation within 8″ heal 1 per other model it damaged that activation (friendly or enemy), to a maximum of 2.  Bayou models like to hit themselves and each other, and Bo Peep provides a ton of incidental healing over the course of the game.  The whole package is eminently affordable at 7 stones and she’s already seeing a ton of play.


“your arm’s off!” “no it isn’t!” Credit: Wyrd Games

Stumpy is, unfortunately, the red-headed stepchild of the Jockeys.  The Swampfiend member of the team, she’s quite slow at Mv 4, though she oddly has the same Ramming Speed, Stampede and Trample abilities as the others… I guess it’s a very slow ram.  As a Waldgeist (of sorts) she has Planted Roots, and a neat little bonus action to make a hefty 3″ radius around her count as Severe Terrain to enemies (though she has to take a point to use it).  It’s hard to get into position to benefit from that, though.  She’s got Toss in the Mud for condition removal and a 2/4/5 Axe, though at Stat 5 it won’t do too much when she’s not charging.


deeply uncomfortable to look at. Credit: Wyrd Games

Ruffles is… interesting.  He’s a Tricksy model, basically a down-gunned Rooster Rider with some weird utility.  His Beak can print pass tokens on a mask (enemy only, though, and with a 0″ range it’s a bit awkward to engage, even with Mv 7).  He’s also got a Stolen Starter Gun, a fairly underwhelming 1/3/4 gun that pushes the target 4″… though on a mask he can shoot a friendly Beast or Jockey and push them up to 6″, through models, pinging every model they touch for 1 point, which is very good and probably worth a shot.  His bonus action, Crazed Chicken, pings him for 1 but pushes all nearby models 2″ in any direction, which is very strong in the new GG and may by itself help him make the grade.


you, uh, you think you got enough booze there, chief? Credit: Wyrd Games

And at last we come to Fluffernutter, my personal favorite Jockey.  He’s got the Wizz-Bang keyword, and is one of the best ways to hand out Glowy in an aoe – his Carrot Cake Quake bonus action deals 1 point of damage to everything within 3″, even himself.  He’s got a bog-standard 2/3/5 melee attack that, again, is really only fearsome on the charge, but the Pulled From a Hat trigger lets him shuffle his Discard Pile face down and then draw its top card, which is both card advantage and kind of oddly good if you activate him early enough… a gamblin’ man or woman can cheat a good initiative card, activate him first, cheat a high card to hit and then have a decent chance of redrawing it.  He also has a 14″ gun, which is long enough range that you’ll get some decent potshots with it; it’s only Stat 5 1/3/5 but sometimes you’ll spike that severe, and the Magic Act trigger lets him pick up a marker within 2″ of the target, then place it anywhere within 2″ of the target and ping out 1 point of damage in a 1″ pulse.  That effectively makes his gun a 2/4/6, which is pretty respectable, and if you’re dropping a Pit Trap on someone’s head that’ll make them sit up and take notice.

The Bayou made out like bandits in Malifaux Burns, I’d say, with Brewmaster and Ophelia being true standouts.  Just two factions left – next time we’ll see how everyone’s favorite crime syndicate is surfing the Burning Man’s wave.

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