Model Review: Necromunda Servitor Ogryns

Perhaps the problem was my own failure to manage my expectations, but the main feeling I got when cracking open the not-exactly-new Servitor Ogryn box for Necromunda was.. disappointment.

For the price, you get two Servitor Ogryns complete with two 40mm Necromunda bases. Somewhere along the road I had lead myself to believe that these big beautiful boys would be a lot more.. customisable. Various loadouts, perhaps? I had my heart set on creating a pair armed with those glorious augmetic fists but alas you only get the loadouts you see on the box. You can make one with fists and one with a big welding machine thingy and a giant man-sized spanner. If you’re feeling particularly creative you can forego the welding device and have your guy with a single arm, which is pretty nifty and characterful, but it does feel like a bit of a cheat since all you do is stop building the welding arm part way through.

A Bullgryn from the Underhive?

Those fists really are cool, and the generator backpack is perfectly designed.

One point in this kit’s favour is that with a little care, some knifework, and a little putty, parts from the regular Ogryn/Bullgryn kit can be made to work, opening up a larger world of customisation to anyone who happens to have the remnants of that kit lying around (lucky me!) Since I had the leftovers lying around I cobbled together something a little different, unused Ogryn shoulder pads became a handy bit of PPE, for example. I even repurposed some of the pieces of the Storm Welder to make a mechanical arm holding a slabshield made from an old tank door. Now that’s creativity!

The heads and faces you get are a decent mix of characterful big brutes, one at ease, one roaring, one with frankenstein-esque lobotomy stitches across his forehead, and an option for a quasi-robotic head with a big cycloptic lens. For my second guy I eschewed these and went with one of those intimidating Bullgryn gas masks with the menacing bionic eyes. It didn’t fit, of course, but a blob of Milliput sorted that right out.

All in all, these models are very detailed and quite charming. An experienced hobbyist can work around the aforementioned limitations quite easily, but people who want something to just put together without cutting and converting might find the lack of options frustrating and disheartening.

Not a face you want to meet in the Underhive. Credit: Keewa

And that’s it! The Ogryn gang is still missing a number of weapon options not present in this kit; we hold out some small glimmer of hope that the Corpse Grinders getting an upgrade means that the big boys will too. Got some cool Ogryn conversions you want to share with us? Drop us a line at