Model Review: The Proteus Pattern Land Raider


Among the wave of new plastic kits for the Horus Heresy is an all-plastic version of the Proteus Pattern Land Raider, formerly an all-resin kit from Forgeworld. Games Workshop sent us one to review; let’s check it out.

Credit – Instagram: bair_paints

Most of the kit is actually the same sprues as the plastic Spartan Assault tank, which isn’t really much of a surprise. One of the sprues is different though and that has parts to let you build this as Land Raider Proteus Carrier or the Land Raider Proteus Explorator with or without a hull mounted weapon. The basic one most players will be building however is the carrier variant with assault ramp.
It comes with all of the weapon options too, so if you want to build a hull mounted heavy bolter, heavy flamer, or twin-linked lascannon (probably the best way to go) you’re able to. It comes with the same vehicle sprue that every Heresy vehicle is coming with for any of the pintle weapons etc as well as its own dozer blade that’s more appropriately sized (if you don’t build it with an assault ramp).
The front most and rear most portions of the sides are the same pieces as the Spartan, with a different middle piece so that it’s not nearly as long/big. Gravis lascannon sponsons are made from the same sprue as the Spartan lascannon sponsons, you just use slightly different bits and, obviously, less of them. The sponsons have plenty of friction to not have to glue as well, making painting and transport so much easier (just don’t lose them!). As for the doors, these are normal land raider sized so if you wanted to use legion specific ones that’d be fine.
Overall the tank goes together really nicely, there’s no real tricky parts by any means though I’d recommend having some rubber bands to hand to help minimise gaps in the hull. If you don’t build the assault ramp variant you get some support-like pieces that go down on the front so there’s not just a massive empty spot. I kept the tracks off so I could spray them separately and the way they go on is incredibly easy to do this and super glue down later. It really is exactly what you expect: a land raider.
One question players might have is if they can build the Proteus without an assault ramp but still use it as the carrier variant, for preference of aesthetic/wanting a classic look. This will be down to your local group for the most part; from those I’ve spoken to and for the upcoming Goonhammer Open Horus Heresy event it’s perfectly fine to do so long as your opponent knows what’s happening.
You get exactly what you expect to get with this kit: a Land Raider Proteus. With all of the parts you’d want or need.