Necromunday: 2020 Van Saar Tactics Card pack Update

Welcome, Scummers, to yet another updated to our ever-growing tactics card article! This time, we’ve added the Van Saar Gang Tactics Cards Pack that was released alongside the House of Artifice. Surprisingly the pack is still available on the GW webstore, but we’ve got it chronicled for everyone here. Click on the link below and see what’s new!

Credit: Warhammer Community

Tactics Cards

  • Shooters everywhere, rejoice! The rich have once again gotten richer, with the addition of a spicy new pack of tactics cards to pull from. This brings us to 340 distinct tactics cards in the game of Necromunda. That’s a lot, and most of them are bad. But do not despair! We’ve been working tirelessly for years now to keep a log of what’s good and what’s not when it comes to tactics cards. You can find our ratings of the new cards at the link below, as well as every card released for Necromunda so far. Enjoy!

Necromunday: Tactics Cards – Which Ones Are Good and How To Use Them