Necromunday: House of Faith Tactics Card Update

Welcome back, Scummers! Today we’ve updated our ever-expanding Necromunda Tactics Cards article to include the House of Faith Cawdor Gang Tactics pack. This pack is no longer available online, but have no fear! We’ve got the details for you in the article! Click the link below and see how the ever-faithful trash bois made out!

Tactics Cards

  • Oh come, all ye faithful, and check out our coverage of the new House Cawdor tactics cards! Interestingly, House Cawdor seems to have made out like bandits with this new batch of tactics. Perhaps their faith in the Emperor is being rewarded? Or maybe it’s because they have the absolute best gang ability and all of their good tactics excellently synergize with it? Who’s to say?! Our list of tactics cards is now up to an astonishing 358, but don’t worry! We break down what you need to know about and what you can ignore with our tier system. You can find our ratings of every card ever released for Nedcromunda at the link below. Enjoy!
  • As of the publication date of this article, the Tactics Card article is now 2 years old! What the hell am I doing with my life?!

Necromunday: Tactics Cards – Which Ones Are Good and How To Use Them