Necromunday: Kevin Fowler’s Manwolfs Part 2

Howdy scummers! Another Monday means another round of Necromunday. Today on This Old Underhive we are going to take a look at the second set of the skateboard-shredding, motorcycle-riding Orlock gang The Manwolfs. This batch features brutes, a pet, a roadboss, and some heavy machinery.

Credit: Fowler

Who are the Manwolfs?

The Manwolfs are a feral gang of skateboarding miscreants – based on the crew of the same name from the film Machotaildrop (as well as a music video and a shoe commercial I took a bunch of visual cues from). Back in October I posted my first batch of Manwolfs. It probably would have made sense to stop at 20 models for a Necromunda gang, but why not go overboard? I’ve also had the idea of turning them into a Genestealer Cult Army. Maybe Ogryns for Abberants, and a Mad Max’ed out Orlock Chimera? Drop some ideas for me in the comments or email!

How’d you go about doing this project?

The Commander Cheapskate Anarchy Road campaign inspired me to make some of my own Necromunda vehicles. The Ridgerunner is straight out of the box, and the Atalan Jackal & Sentinel are largely torso and head swaps. You might notice that the Goliath Truck looks a bit different than the standard issue model. This is a collaboration with plasticard die-cutter supreme 40kHamslam. He cut up some conversion bits that let me remove the turret – my plan is to represent the hull weapon with a ganger model.

Olock Goliath
Credit: Fowler

Orlock Goliath
Credit: Fowler

Ninja Turtles Party Wagon Style. Credit: Fowler

The Ridgerunner and Goliath were weathered via hairspray chipping, enamel panel liner & streaking grime, and a rough edge highlight of silver.

Orlock Vehicle Weathering
The base layer for chipping! Credit: Fowler

There are no 120mm Zone Mortalis bases for sale, so I set about finding an Underhive-flavored option. My Orlock biker here has a base made from a Greenstuff World factory roller, but I had trouble getting the roller to cooperate with a larger base.

Necromunda Orlock Biker
“I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.” Orlock biker by Fowler

The solution was to take a pressmold of a Zone Mortalis tile and make my own base topper. I started with two part silicone putty. This size of mold will use a decent chunk of a box, but the mold should hold up for quite a while! Press the putty into the surface and wait about 90 minutes to demold something this size.

Credit: Fowler

I tried something new out here – this base topper is made with liquid sculpey. This was a bit more pricey than using standard sculpey, but it just needed to be baked at 275 for 15 minutes.

Credit: Fowler

Glue the topper on to the base, trim the edges, and gapfill anywhere that may have been damaged in the clipping process.

Credit: Fowler

The final base came out looking great. Ever so slightly wonky, but what isn’t down in the Underhive?

Credit: Fowler

Let’s meet the New Manwolfs!

Orlock Roadboss. Credit: Fowler

Orlock Cyber Mastiff pet
Hardcase Cyber-Mastiff. Credit: Fowler

Orlock Ambot
Orlock Ambot. Credit: Fowler

Orlock Ambot
Orlock Ambot. Credit: Fowler

Man (Wolf) of Iron. Credit: Fowler

Orlock Biker. Credit: Fowler

“I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.” Credit: Fowler

Manwolfs Sentinel. Credit: Fowler

Achilles Ridgerunner. Credit: Fowler

Achilles Ridgerunner. Credit: Fowler

Goliath Truck. Credit: Fowler

Goliath Truck. Credit: Fowler

Any plans for the future of the Manwolfs?

Aside from actually playing a game with them…

Yup. Credit: Fowler

  1. Wreckers
  2. More Puppers
  3. Arms Masters
  4. More Bikes

Between my pile of shame and other models in some semblance of progress, I could almost put a starting crusade GSC army on the table. After painting two converted Atalan Jackals, it is very tempting to just dive down that potential rabbit hole.

Much appreciation to my fellow Necromunday buds for letting me share my second set of Orlocks with you. Tune in next time, when my gang will probably be pushing 60 models even though I have yet to play a game with them.

Thanks for reading, scummers! If you have any questions for us, want to suggest a future article, or just want to show us pictures of your kickass gangs, drop us a line over at We’ll see you next week!