Objective Ctrl Returns for a Second Kickstarter

This article is part of a paid promotion for Objective Ctrl.

Last year we did a review of Objective Ctrl’s game aids, a series of measuring tools, terrain mats, objective markers, and unit markers and enjoyed them thoroughly – you can find our initial review here.

We originally ran into the Objective Ctrl team at NOVA last year and we were pleasantly surprised to find that, after a successful initial run, they were doing a second Kickstarter for a new round of game aids and precision magnets. This new set have anti-glare material and different themes to pick from, so if you’re not a fan of “fully transparent terrain mats,” these may be more your speed. There are also new 3D-printed bases, STL files, Magnets, and unit markers, so there’s plenty to add to your order.

With Pariah Nexus and a new edition of Age of Sigmar around the corner, it’s a good time to look at new terrain mats and objective markers.

The Kickstarter just launched today, and you can find it here.

The Objective Control team are based out of Rochester, NY. We’re still working on a review of the new terrain mats, objectives, and bases, so look for that review to drop next week.