Start Competing: Malign Sorcery & Forbidden Power

This week we’re doing something a bit different with Start Competing. Rather than focus on a singular army we’re going to focus on two game expansions which granted more power and versatility to your army, no matter what army you have. This has been long overdue since often they serve to accent many armies who lack certain options, like new spells to cast, including universal endless spells and new relics to take alongside your current ones. As such, this guide is like a supplement to any Start Competing article regardless of army.

What is Malign Sorcery?

Malign Sorcery was a “Battle Magic Expansion” that was released day and date with the Soul Wars expansion in 2018. Although technically an expansion, due to its simultaneous release with the “2.0” version of Age of Sigmar it’s widely considered a part of the core game. The box set included 13 models for endless spells and warscrolls for each one. There was also a 14th warscroll for the “Balewind Vortex” which was a terrain piece in Warhammer Fantasy Battles and has since been repurposed for the expansion. I’ll be including it here for the sake of completeness.

In addition the book contained rules for new spells and new relics. The spells you have access to are determined by the realm of battle you’re playing in, which is determined by mutual player decision or, if playing in a tournament, are decided for you ahead of the battle. When playing in a realm of battle all wizards on the field automatically know all 6 spells from malign sorcery, plus the spell included in the core rulebook, for a total of 7. Combine this makes for a total of 42 spells. Since it’s not really a list building choice, I’m not going to cover them here as there are a lot. I’d like to look at them down the road however as there are some neat ones!

Artefacts work differently. They’re each labeled by realm, much like spells. However, rather than be affected by the realm you’re playing in, these relics are determined by where your warband is from. You determine this during the list building phase, and theres no penalty for picking a realm and the relics are options alongside your army’s baked in ones, which gives a ton more flexibility. There are 12 total (6 weapons and 6 artefacts) for each realm for a total of 84. If you want, you can use this as an exercise to paint your army in such a way as to look from a certain realm. An army from Shyish might be adorned with skulls and bones, or one from Ghyran might have leaves and other foliage on them. This isn’t necessary, but is certainly a great idea for inspiration.

Whether or not you need to buy the Malign Sorcery set is questionable. The box is a bit expensive, as most of the cost is Endless Spells which you may not use. To date, it’s the only way to get these endless spells so if you want the complete set then go for it. The Artefacts and Realm Spells are included in the Gaming Book which functions as a combo Core Rulebook and General’s Handbook so if you just want those, then take that route.

What is Forbidden Power?

Released in 2019, Forbidden Power was a follow up of sorts to Malign Sorcery. It’s much more of a narrative expansion pack, as the storyline included within is rather involved. It follows Lady Olynder, Mortarch of the Legion of Grief on her mission to unlock a Stormvault, one of many prisons where Sigmar keeps important relics and souls he does not want to be tampered with. The book doesnt see as much widespread use but due to its nature as an expansion for Endless Spells it felt worth including here. Included are 4 universal endless spells, 2 new allegiances and 2 new mercenaries.

The two new legions are the Lethisian Defenders and the Legion of Grief. The Lethisian Defenders are a combination of Stormcast Eternals, Idoneth Deepkin, Kharadron Overlords and Fyreslayers on a sort of more specific take on a Grand Alliance Order army. Legion of Grief is a sort of subfaction for Legions of Nagash (although rules as written it is not that) which reflect Lady Olynder and her Nighthaunt army. In general the Lethisian Defenders are not great. Legion of Grief is actually very good but I’d like to discuss it more in-depth down the road when we cover Start Competing: Nighthaunts.

Mercenary bands are an experimented with mechanic in Age of Sigmar, theyre an allied unit you can take that lets you hire specific units for a benefit, regardless of your army’s allegiance. Mercs are basically never taken at the competitive level, they cost too much and act as more of a fluff role.

Gaunt Sorcerer. Credit: Sulecrist

Endless Spells

Endless spells in Malign Sorcery and Forbidden Power are generic, in that any army can use them. If you add it to your list, all wizards in your army know them and can cast them. Most of them have a perk if your battle happens in a specific realm but are not required to cast it.

This is more of a commentary on Endless Spells in general but predatory Endless Spells aren’t super popular in the competitive scene. Predatory Endless Spells are moved each turn at the top of the battle round, with the player going second getting first pick. It doesn’t need to be their endless spell, the enemy can move yours…and you see the problem here. As a result, people dont want to load up on too many of them, most lists will skip predatory spells, or only bring one. In general, utility is better than damage but it’s not all bad. The ability to drop more mortal wounds on foes has its upsides, just be careful how you use it.

Malign Sorcery

  • Aethervoid Pendulum – Casting Value 6. Moves 8″ and deal D6 mortal wounds over every unit it passes over. This is one of the few predatory spells which might have some use because of how its movement works. It can only move in one direction, which you determine upon casting. The downside to this is its movement becomes predictable and your opponent can simply move their stuff out of the way before it hits. Still the fact it cant be turned around back on you has its advantages. B-
  • Balewind Vortex – Casting Value 6. Can only be cast by Wizards in a unit of 1, and with 8 or fewer wounds. Does a few things, you have to plant your wizard on top of it, and while they can’t move it does give them +6″ to all spell ranges and a +1 to their save so if you have a Wizard you’re ok with sticking in the back, it’s a very high value choice. Be cautious though, if the vortex is dispelled, you have to put the wizard on the ground within 6″ of the vortex but out of combat. If you can’t, you wizard dies. So don’t get too cocky with that +1 save, if they get boxed in and the vortex is dispelled, they’re done for. A-
  • Burning Head – Casting Value 7. Move the model 9″, any units it passes over, deal D3 Mortal wounds (D3+1) in Aqshy. After it’s moved, each unit wholly within 9″ gain the ability to reroll 1s to hit. A nice attack and debuff spell,with some clever positioning you can deal some mortal wounds and then buff your guys. Just don’t drop it too close. B-
  • Chronomantic Cogs – Casting Value 7. Every turn a wizard within 3″ can manipulate the cogs (including when it’s first set up). You can either choose to speed up time (+2″ to move and +2 to charges for everyone) or slow down time (+1 spell for the wizard manipulating it). The reason people buy endless spells, its useful to almost everyone. +2 to movement/charges is decent if you really need to get up there. Extra spell casts are always welcome, and for the point cost it can be invaluable. A
  • Emerald Lifeswarm – Casting Value 6. Move it 10″ and if it lands next to a unit, heal D3 wounds. Or if no wounds are allocated, you can revive models with D3 wounds. If the battle is in Ghyran, heal D6 wounds instead. A solid filler if you have leftover points and lack healing in your army. B+
  • Geminds of Uhl-Gyish – Casting Value 7. This one does…a lot. It’s actually 2 models, one of shadow one of light. You move one 8″ and then can move the other 8″ (but it has to end within 6″ of the other). If one passes over units it deals D3 mortal wounds and has one additional effect. The Shadow ball will cause the unit to suffer -1 attacks and the Light ball will cause -1 to hit. If in Ulgu the shaow ball gets to reroll damage dealt, and in Hysh the light ball does the same. It’s an ok choice, which can stack a lot of debuffs. The short movement option means it could get turned back on your own guys rather easily next turn. C
  • Malevolent Maelstrom – Casting Value 7. Anytime a wizard within 12″ tries to cast a spell it can attempt to unbind the spell. If it succeeds, it stores one energy point. At the end of each battle round roll a die, and add the accumulated energy points. On a 7+ it explodes, dealing D3 Mortal wounds to all models within 3D6″. If fighting in Shyish add an extra energy point each round. I want to like this one because it’s a very fun idea that just doesn’t get the chance to breathe due to it’s convoluted setup. An ability to mess with your opponent’s spells by sucking up with spells when youre too far away to do it yourself sounds great but the wizard can just as easily unbind it themselves and wash their hands of the whole thing. It requires too much setup to explode and its likely due to the randomness of the range, it won’t hit all that much. The only real perk is at 10 pts, it can fill in those leftover points.  D
  • Prismatic Palisade – Casting Value 5. If a model ends its turn within 6″ of this model, roll a die and on a 5+ (4+ if battle is in Hysh) that unit is blinded. It also function as Line of Sight blocking terrain which is the real draw. Use it to cover your guys on the way up, and lift it before charging in. B
  • Purple Sun of Shyish – Casting Value 8. Another predatory endless spell that deals mortal wounds. Move it 8″ (12″ in Shyish) and any units it crosses over, roll a die for each model in the unit. On a 6+ a model is slain. If you fly over a model with more than 6 wounds, then deal 2D6 Mortal wounds on a 6 instead. It also has a -1 Bravery aura within 6″. It used to be far too expensive but now at 60 pts it’s an ok buy, but its really only going to shine against big groups and the casting value is a bit high. C+
  • Quicksilver Swords – Casting Value 6. Move it 8″ and when it lands within 6″ of a unit, roll 12 dice (15 if fighting in Chamon) for each 6+ (5+ against Chaos), deal a mortal wound. It’s another mortal wound dealing predatory spell. This one has pretty low damage outfit, about 2-3 mortal wounds per turn on average. A bit better odds against Chaos, but you might not know that going in. C
  • Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws – Casting Value 8. Move 12″ (D6″+12″ if fighting in Ghur). Every unit you move over, deal D3 Mortal wounds and cause -1 Bravery. Yet another mortal wound Predatory spell. One of the worse ones, too. The damage output is potentially decent if you have a huge clump of units to fly over but the casting value can make it difficult to set up (but also difficult to dispel). C
  • Soulsnare Shackles – Casting Value 5. Set up one shackle within 12″, then the other 2 shackles in 6″ (9″ in Shyish) of it. Any unit within 6″ of a shackle has to roll a die and on a 3+ its movement speed is halved. On a 6, deal D3 mortal wounds. Decent crowd control, though unreliable with the required 3+ roll. B-
  • Suffocating Gravetide – Casting Value 6. Move the model 8″ (12″ in Shyish) and deal D3 Mortal wounds and -1 Bravery to any models it washes over. Another Mortal Wounds dealing predatory spell. This one at least has a boon where if a unit tries to fire ranged attacks, and the gravetide is closer to them than their target, they take a -1 to hit. It’s a decent way to fill in a list at only 20 pts. B-
  • Umbral Spellportal Casting Value 5. Set up one portal within 12″ of the caster, and then the second within 18″ of that (Though fighting in Ulgu you can place the second anywhere instead). If a wizard casts a spell within 1″ of a portal, it can “pass through” the portal and come out the other side, being measured from the second portal instead. This is a pretty solid spell with a TON of utility, but where it really shines is for the really strong attack spell with short range. Hand of Dust, Nagash’s exclusive spell can potentially murder a Hero in one go, but requires a 3″ range. With Umbral spellportal you can cast it, stick Nagash’s hand in and hit them from up to 22″ away instead! If you have a spell like this, definitely bring this spell along with you. A-

Forbidden Power

Forbidden power comes with 4 new endless spells and a universal terrain piece for all armies. None of them are particularly great mind you but for completeness:

  • Horrorghast – Casting Value 6. Very straightforward, -1 Bravery within 12″, -2 within 6″. Potentially useful with tactical planning but bravery bonuses are a dime a dozen B
  • Lauchon the Soulseeker – Casting Value 6. Basically a transport, you can load your army up, move it 12″ (18″ if fighting in Shyish) and then drop them off. But the driver requires a price to be paid, one model must die. This is potentially good if you have a huge mob, as losing one model isnt a huge loss. Someting like say, Stormcast can’t afford to sacrifice a unit quite so easily. B-
  • Shards Of Valagharr – Casting Value 5. Creates a tripwire of sorts, any units trapped “between” the two halve their movement speed and -1 to hit. Not a bad little trap, and the control you have over it’s location help it from backfiring. B
    Soulscream Bridge – Casting Value 6. Basically a teleporter, set one side of the bridge down within 6″ of the caster, and then the second 12″ from that. Any unit within 6″ of a piece can “jump” to the other side, as long as they end more than 9″ from an enemy, like deep striking. The teleportation isn’t a bad idea but the “more than 9″ from the enemy” is a huge limitation that can be surprisingly restricting on the field. C
  • Penumbral Engine (Terrain Piece) – The only universal terrain piece in the game. You roll for the terrain feature at the beginning of the game. On a 1-3 all units within 12″ reroll save rolls of 1 (Not bad) on a 4-6 you get a CP if a Hero is within 12″ that turn (Nice!). Every turn you have to roll to see if the feature “flips” to the other and on a 5-6 it does so. The randomness of the terrain piece makes it not really worth taking, not to mention the need to babysit it with a hero to get the CP effect. At 100 pts it’s just too damned expensive. Stick with your army’s terrain piece if you have one. D

Arkhan the Black
Credit: Silks

Artefacts of Power

Couple of notes before going into these:

  1. A reminder to as stated during the intro, these artefacts are chosen when building your list, not where your battle takes place which means you have complete control over it. Once you’ve chosen a realm, all 12 artefacts from that realm are yours for the taking and you can take them instead of one in your army’s battletome, or any combination thereof whenever youd be allowed to choose an artefact.
  2. There’s a lot of redundancies, lots of “Add one to rend” weapons and such, which means just because you see a relic you really like, dont get hasty. It might get repeated further down in a realm you like better.
  3. If you’re looking for the quick answer as to “which realm do i pick”, Ulgu is the winner in most viable relics although Shyish and Ghur have some really good ones. If you only need one artefact, there’s no reason not to pick a realm just to get that one artefact.
  4. Check with your TO if these are allowedEvery tourney I’ve attended permits the use of a Malign Sorcery artefacts but I gather it’s regional and some may not allow it. Have a backup plan in case they’re not permitted.



  • Ruby Ring- Pick an enemy unit within 18″. On a 5+ deal D3 mortal wounds. The 5+ isn’t bad but since it isn’t once a game, the re-usability makes it useful. B
  • Magma-forged Blade – Pick a melee weapon, on 6s to hit with that weapon, deal an extra mortal wound. Slap it on something with as many attacks as possible. B
  • Magmadroth Blood Vial – A shooting attack of 8″ that deals a mortal wound on a 4+. 8″ isn’t a bad distance and can give you a ranged attack if you already dont already have one B
  • Purefire Brazier – A ranged attack that lets you hit every Enemy unit within 9″. On a 5+ deal a mortal wound. Definitely nice for weeding out big groups of units B+
  • Onyx Blade – Pick a weapon, +1 to wound. Boring, but reliable. B
  • Exile Torch – Pick an enemy Hero within 3″ and roll a die. On a 6+, the enemy Hero takes a mortal wound, cannot attack or be targeted. A 6+ is too unreliable and while it puts the enemy hero in stasis, it also means you cant kill that turn. Pass. C-


  • Essence of Vulcatrix – Once per game, pop this vial. On a 2+, add +1 to hit and wound rolls for the next turn. On a 1+ take D3 Mortal wounds. Once per battle relics have to do a lot to justify the bonus and this isn’t really there, especially when you could potentially get burned. D
  • Thermalrider Cloark – +4″ to movement and can fly. Decent utility but not much more. C+
  • Smouldering Helm – On an 6+ save, deal a mortal wound to the attacker. Nice way to give an opponent pause but not super reliable. B-
  • Ignax’s Scales – 4+ Feel no pain save for Mortal wounds only. Could be worse, and the proliferation of mortal wounds on AOS means it’ll see some use. B-
  • Crown of Flames – +1 bravery to all friendly units within 9″. Bravery boosts are a dime a dozen, don’t waste a relic slot. C
  • Cleansing Brooch – Once per game, heal D3 wounds. Not bad if you don’t have ton of of healing, but it might be wasted if you roll a 1. C



  • Aiban’s Hidden Blade – Pick a melee weapon, on 6s to hit with that weapon, add one to damage. Slap it on something with as many attacks as possible to proc more 6s, but not as good as one which does a mortal wound C
  • Flowstone Blade – Pick a melee weapon, on 6s to hit with that weapon, gain +1 to wound. There’s plenty of weapons that give +1 without the qualifier. C
  • Rune Blade- Pick a melee weapon, it gains -3 to rend. I don’t need to explain why this hurts so good. B+
  • Crucible of Molten Silver – Once per game, draw a line from the bearer 9″ away. Every unit it crosses takes d3 Wounds. On a mobile hero you can line this up for maximum damage, but being only once per game can limit its use. C+
  • Chamonite Darts – Gives Hero a ranged attack of 8″. You roll 6 dice and on each 6+  deal a mortal wound. On average you’ll get a mortal wound each term, not bad B
  • Argentine’s Tooth – Reroll hit rolls of 1 on one weapon. Boring and not as good as +1 to hit in most cases but still good. B-


  • Gildenbane – Shuts down enemy artefacts within 3″. This requires your opponent has a good enough artefact to suppress and a hero who can get into melee with them but can be useful in the right scenario B-
  • Argent Armour – -1 to hit the bearer with melee attacks. Not exciting but nice for more delicate heroes. B
  • Hydroxskin Cloak – Bearer can fly and any unit it passes over takes D3 Mortal wounds on a 3+. Decent source of mortal wounds if given to a hero on a mount with high movement B+
  • Godwrought Helm – 6+ FNP save. Alright choice if a hero already has a good save. B
  • Bejewelled Gauntlet – At the end of the combat phase, roll a die. Deal a mortal wound on a 3+. Can help finish off a weakened enemy, but you get far better sources of mortal wounds C
  • Alchemical Chain – Unbind an additional spell. Decent choice if you dont have a ton of wizards or mechanic for dealing with spells like Khorne does. B-



  • Stonehorn Blade – At the end of the combat phase, roll a die. Deal d3 mortal wounds on a 5+. 5+ isn’t great but it does decent damage if something is still alive with you in combat B
  • Anrahier’s Claws – Pick a melee weapon, on 6s to hit with that weapon, add two to damage. Two damage isn’t shabby if you get a few attacks to proc this B-
  • Amberglaive – Add 1″ to a weapon of your choice and also gain +1 to hit. The extra range can help keep your hero behind the troops, and +1 to hit is definitely an appreciated perk B
  • Blade of Carving – Pick a melee weapon, on a 6+ to hit, automatically pass the wound check. Nice for weapons with a high wound roll. B-
  • Rageblade – Pick a melee weapon, add an additional attack. Very nice. B+
  • Rockjaws – Gain a ranged attack that does d3 Mortal Wounds on a 3+. Rare to see one that does this much damage this reliably. A-


  • Beastcaller Bones – Roll a die for a Monster within 3″. On a 5+ it is stunned. I’m not a huge fan of anti-Monster items, and this requires you to get too close and might not even work. D
  • Drakeforged Plate – Reroll save rolls of 1 for attacks with a random damage characteristic. Too hyperspecific to be useful. D
  • Gryph-feather Charm – One of the best relics available period. Grants fly and -1 to hit the Hero. Put it on a mounted character and make them basically impossible to catch. A
  • Gargant Bone Dice – Once per battle, roll 3 dice. For each 5 deal d3 mortal wounds. A bit too random for my taste, you might get 3d3 mortal wounds or you’ll get nothing. And you only get one shot. C-
  • Shardfist pelt – On an 6+ save, deal a mortal wound to the attacker. Nice way to give an opponent pause but not super reliable. B-
  • Tuskhelm – After a charge roll a die for each enemy unit within 1″. Deal a mortal wound on a 4+. The damage output isnt really good enough to take this. C



  • Entangling Blade – Pick a melee weapon, if a Hero or Monster is struck with the weapon, they take -1 to hit until the next turn. Solid pick if you’re going for a hero killer. B
  • Jadewound Thorn – Pick a melee weapon, on 6s to hit with that weapon, deal an extra mortal wound. Slap it on something with as many attacks as possible. B
  • Blade of Hammerhal Ghyra – Pick a melee weapon, add an additional attack. Very nice. B+
  • The Sunder Blade – Gives Hero a ranged attack of 9″. Roll a die for each enemy within 9″ and on a 6+ deal d3 mortal wounds. Won’t proc often but more mortal wounds at range is nice. B-
  • Ghyrstrike – Pick a melee weapon, +1 to hit and wound. It’s rare to get both with no qualifiers. B+
  • Aboreal Staff – At the start of the combat phase, pick an enemy Hero within 3″. On a 5+, they can’t pile in. It requires some very specific scenarios to set up that really dont make this worth it C-


  • Hypersnare Seeds – At the end of your opponent’s shooting phase, if a unit is within 8″ roll a die. On a 5+ they cant charge that turn. Good way to ward off those that get too close, though a 5+ is a little high to be reliable B-
  • Verdant Mantle – Unbind an additional spell. Decent choice if you dont have a ton of wizards or mechanic for dealing with spells like Khorne does. B-
  • Jade Diadem – On a save of 6+, gain a wound back. In general not as useful as a bonus to your save unless youre really strapped for healing options. C+
  • Greenglade Flask – Once per battle, heal D6 wounds. Once per battle stuff is kinda eh but the fact it can heal so many wounds can help in a pinch. B+
  • Ghyrropian Gauntlets – Move an extra 3″ when piling in. Only useful in hyperspecific scenarios as you have to be within 3″ of an enemy and have to move to the closest model. C
  • Wand of Restoration – Heals one wound a turn but you can target anyone within 6″. Nice way of keeping Heroes or multi-wound models topped off. B+



  • Book of Symmetry – Pick a weapon, add one to the damage characteristic. Straightforward. B+
  • Gleaming Blade – Pick a weapon and if you do damage with it, heal a wound (this doesnt stack multiple times). If you slap it on a reliable weapon, its not bad for keeping people alive. B
  • Luminary Blade – Once per game, draw a line from the bearer 9″ away. Every unit it crosses takes d3 Wounds. On a mobile hero you can line this up for maximum damage, but being only once per game can limit its use. C+
  • Sunblade – Pick a melee weapon, if a Hero or Monster is struck with the weapon, they take -1 to hit until the next turn. Solid pick if you’re going for a hero killer. B
  • Crystalline Blade – Pick a weapon, +1 to wound. Boring, but reliable. B
  • Prism Amytnok –  Gives Hero a ranged attack of 8″. You roll 4 dice and on each 6+  deal a mortal wound. Less reliable than similar variants since its only 4 dice.


  • Aetherquartz Brooch – When you spend a command point, roll a die. On a 5+ get it back. Most armies already have one of these relics and arent really worth it. C
  • Lens of Refraction – If the bearer (or a unit within 6″) is hit with a spell (or endless spell) that deals mortal wounds, reduce the damage by d3. Given the proliferation of magic in AoS, this likely wouldnt go unused B+
  • Mirrored Cuirass – 5+ Feel no Pain for mortal wounds. Even better, on a 6+ it deflects it to an enemy unit within 6+. Again, given how prolific mortal wound s are it will definitely see use. B+
  • Lightshard – When the bearer dies, roll a die for each enemy unit within 6″. On a 3+, deal a mortal wound. You really dont want a relic that requires the hero to die to be useful, and theres other relics with better damage output that dont require you to fall on your sword. D
  • Guardians Coronet – Once per battle give the bearer a 4+ Feel No Pain for a turn. 4+ is pretty great and worth popping right before a dangerous combat phase. B
  • Sash of Ten Paradises – +2″ to move characteristic. Short and sweet, not too shabby. B-



  • Blade of Endings – On a hit roll of 6+, add 2 to the damage characteristic. As usual put this on something with a lot of attacks to fish for 6s. B+
  • Banshee Blade – Each time you roll a 6+, roll 2D6. If it beats the target’s bravery, deal an extra D3 mortal wounds. That’s a lot of variables but if you get that 6 breaking bravery usually isn’t that hard. B+
  • Lifebane – Pick a weapon, +1 to wound. Boring, but reliable. B
  • Sliver of Decrepitude- Pick a melee weapon, if it successfully damages a Hero or Monster, reduce its movement by 2″. Can help it from running away but if youre already in its face better to give yourself something to finish the job. D+
  • Wraithbow – Gives Hero a ranged attack of 8″. You roll 6 dice and on each 6+  deal a mortal wound. On average you’ll get a mortal wound each term, not bad B
  • Splintertooth – Ranged attack of 8″. Roll 3 dice, if two dice match (About 47%) then deal D3 wounds. If all 3 match (3%), deal D6 Mortal wounds. The odds aren’t great, you have better sources of mortal wounds. C-


  • Cronehair Fetish – You can add or subtract 1 from the realmscape feature of Shyish. In a casual game…maybe because you do technically decide relics after setup. But in a tourney it’s just not allowed. F
  • Ethereal Amulet – Ignore all modifiers, positive or negative to save rolls. One of my favorite relics and if you have a Hero with a 2+ or 3+ save you can slap it on with little guilt. Especially if it’s a monster, your opponent will need to carve through so many wounds it will leave them frustrated. A
  • Sepulchal Plate – 6+ FNP save. Boring but reliable. B
  • Amethyst Blindmask – When the bearer dies, roll a die for each enemy unit within 6″. On a 3+, deal a mortal wound. You really dont want a relic that requires the hero to die to be useful, and theres other relics with better damage output that dont require you to fall on your sword. D
  • The Ragged Cloak – Another really good relic. Once per battle you can decide the Hero cannot be targetted by attacks for that phase. Proc this when already engaged in combat and leave the enemy unable to do anything. A-
  • Goblet of Draining – If the bearer does one or more wounds to an enemy Hero, roll a die. On a 5+, deal d3 mortal wounds to that Hero. Good way to finishing off a hero that just refused to go down the first time. B-



  • Miasmatic Blade – Minus one for hit rolls against the bearer. Nice survivability boost. B
  • Blade of the Thirteen Dominions – Pick a melee weapon, if a unit is struck with the weapon, they take -1 to hit until the next turn. Much better than similar weapons that only target Heroes or Monsters. B+
  • Blade of Folded Shadows – Pick a weapon, +1 to hit with it. Reliable. B
  • Blade of Secrets- Pick a weapon, if you strike a Wizard with this weapon and wound them, they forget a spell of your choosing. Very good if you can put it on a high mobility hero that can get to the wizard B+
  • Dimensional Blade- Pick a melee weapon, it gains -3 to rend. I don’t need to explain why this hurts so good. B+
  • Sword of Judgement – Pick a weapon, if you target a Hero or Monster and hit with a 6+, deal D6 Mortal wounds. Holy crap this hurts, Great for making any Heroes question challenging you. As usual, put it on something with a lot of attacks. A-


  • Spellmirror – If the bearer or a unit within 6″ is affected by a spell you may use this. On a 5+ roll, negate the spell. On a 1, the mirror breaks and cant be used. Not sure why the second effect exists as it doesn’t seem good enough to justify a drawback. C-
  • Tricksters Helm – Reroll successful casting rolls for enemy Wizards within 8″. Like an unlimited unbind, but much shorter range. Also be cautious because if they reroll and actually roll better, it can be harder to unbind. B-
  • Wristband of Illusion –  6+ FNP save. Alright choice if a hero already has a good save. B
  • Doppleganger’s Cloak – An extremely popular one. Once per battle the bearer can put on the cloak and cannot be attacked unless they’ve already acted. So simply maneuver it so they’re the last one to attack. A
  • Betrayer’s Crown – Once per battle pick a unit within 3″ and roll a die for each model in the unit. For each 5+ deal a mortal wound. Not bad if you fight a big horde, but many spells duplicate the same effect. C
  • Talisman of the Watcher – As long as the bearer is not in combat, they can pick a friendly unit within 9″ and grant them the ability to reroll all saves of 1. Solid choice for a Hero who remains out of combat anyway. B+

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones


That’s all the Endless Spells and Relics included in Malign Sorcery (and Forbidden Power) plus the additional artefacts of power you can get. They add unparalleled versatility to your army you might not otherwise get and are absolutely worth considering when building a list, particularly for magic heavy lists. The relics also help those less magically inclined and if you feel like the relics in your Battletome don’t quite do it, look beyond that and look into these relics from the realms themselves. Do you have a favorite Relic or Endless Spell you can’t leave at home? Let us know at or on social media.